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  1. Mortgage Quest is an automated email marketing and CRM system designed for the mortgage industry. The variety of industry-specific content and marketing strategies increase sales.
  2. Business Email with CRM packed inside, is a must have for your sales people who live in email. Zoho Mail is tightly integrated with the award winning Zoho CRM. Email Integrated With CRM Software - Zoho Mail.

CRM software for Mac is software designed to run natively on Mac OS that manages customer contact information as well as customer life cycles. CRM software for Mac systems should have all the functionality of CRM software for windows meaning you'll still be able to manage the customer-focused side of your business in order to maintain contact. Increase your volume of leads and customers without sacrificing customer service. Manage more leads with Daylite - CRM for Mac, iPhone & iPad. Made for small business. Find the best Mac CRM Software for your business. Compare product reviews and features to build your list. What is Mac CRM Software? Mac CRM software helps your team track leads and clients, schedule follow-ups, and usher customers through the sales funnel.

Does it seem as though there are no user-friendly Mac CRM software programs available? If you are feeling frustrated, you are not alone. Many business owners are faithful to Apple.

Most will agree that once you use Apple products, there is no alternative to even consider. For whatever reason though, software manufacturers prefer to cater to Window PCs. This is probably because one would speculate that creating programs for the Apple system is more expensive so there are fewer profit margins.

This is rather unfortunate considering Apple is becoming a preferred pick in the business world.

Best Mac CRM Software For Small Business:



Team Gro is founded by a dedicated team of Apple developers, ex-Apple employees, designers, IT system and security architects and CRM experts. We’re passionate about business on the mac.

We see things a bit differently. We believe a business app should be sexy; not dull and boring. We believe a business app should be simple yet, powerful. We believe a business app should be feature rich all the way down to the smallest device. We believe Apple users deserve a first-class CRM app built just for them.

Our mission is to disrupt the status quo, to challenge what the world once thought a CRM should be. Industry leaders beware: Team Gro is here changing the way a business app should be and we are only just getting started…

Crm For Mac Mail


Vipor CRM. Vipor CRM is the contact manager app for mobile business professionals to manage their contacts, calendar and customer interactions.



Azor is built on the rock solid fundament of FileMaker database software, trusted daily by millions of professionals.

Sales & CRM

Fully coordinated to your branch

All your client and contact information easy to understand. Azor supports you in assessing leads & prospects per branch, sector or sales channel. In combination with the to-do module you can schedule and check-off all sales processes.

• You can generate reports for your specific needs.
• Summary of your contact information.
• Send invoices, quotations, costs incurred.
• Generate clear sales forecasts directly.
• Make advanced selections for Direct Marketing campaigns.
• Easily send out paper or digital mails.


Daylite For Mac Daylite Consulting & Support CRM For Mac, iPhone & iPad. Daylite for Mac offers certified Daylite and Apple support for your business. We offer Daylite sales, installation, setup and support, both onsite and remote.



Elements CRM the #1 Mac CRM for Apple Business. Grow your Mac business on Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Mac CRM Solution To Grow Your Business.


Apple Crm Software

Real Estate CRM and Marketing Solution IXACT Contact. IXACT Contact offers real estate CRM and marketing all in one integrated solution. Explore our program for REALTORS® and sign up for a free 5-week trial.

Crm Software For Mac Mail



Free Crm Software

NCH Software – download free, software Programs Online. Download one of NCH Software’s many free software programs in the audio, video, business, graphics, computer utility and dictation space for Windows or Mac.


CRM software – Customer Relationship Management – SpinOffice CRM. Organize your business with SpinOffice CRM. The only CRM application that will save you time managing your relationships. Mobile, cloud based & encrypted.


Updated: Top Mac CRM Software:

REALTYJUGGLER.COM – While the selection of Mac Real Estate Software products is limited, the quality of the options available is excellent. The leading Mac CRM Software product is called RealtyJuggler Real Estate Software and is published by RealOrganized, Inc. RealtyJuggler has a loyal customer base and the developer has been around since 2004. The product is upgraded regularly and the technical support is excellent.

INSIGHTLY.COM – #1 Free CRM for Small Business: Online Customer Relationship Software. Insightly is the easy, powerful and affordable online Customer Relationship & Project Management Software used by over 400,000 small businesses world wide.

Nox is an android emulator for both windows PC and mac. Get the official download links of Nox app player for PC or mac OS. Download Nox for Mac. Download.DMG File (Minimum macOS Sierra 10.12) Open the app installer from Downloads Folder. Drag the Nox Player App icon to Apps Folder and begin the installation process. Sign in with your Gmail ID and the installation completes. Now download apps from play store on your Mac. Nox player for mac. Play apk on PC with best Android Emulator - free NoxPlayer. Be compatible with Windows, and faster and more stable than Bluestacks.

DOLIBARR.ORG – Open Source ERP CRM software – web business suite Dolibarr. Web based ERP and CRM Open Source software package to manage a professional or foundation activity (sme, freelancers, large companies): quotation or commercial proposals, invoices, products, contacts, agenda, orders, purchases, stocks, emailings,… Dolibarr suite works by modules addition like do SugarCRM, Odoo or OpenBravo but was designed to be more simple to use.

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Freeware CRM Software Download might not be rare thing nowadays, but getting free CRM service with all the perks of premium ones might be difficult. Most of these CRM Software free. download full version links come with fully preconfigured tools and installation support.


We have compiled a list of the top 11 CRM software links that are now available for free.

1. Reflect CRM Customer Software

This is one of the newest emerging CRM software for both Mac and windows which strengthens communication between customers and the authorities.

  • Management of multiple tasks at a time.
  • Reminders for events, phone calls and meetings can be set on calendars.
  • Multiple users and web access allows people to connect through web.
  • Export of reports in PDF format through print and fax.
  • You can manage multiple businesses with one version download that too for free.

Free Crm Software For Mac

2. SugarCRM 5.1.0

Manage all your business contacts and relations with just one software. The SugarCRM 5.1.0 comes with 24 hours support and cloud storage facilities. It has been designed keeping growing businesses in mind.

  • Support automation and unlimited customization support.
  • Marketing lead management.
  • Complete reporting and dashboard.
  • Designed for complete customer mobile support.
  • Integration of external and internal data sources.
  • Supported download for Mac, Linux and Windows
  • Complete features in free version as well.

3. CRM- Express Professional

This is a complete software to take care of all your marketing, sales and customers’ needs.

  • Includes SMSing and emailing features.
  • Integrates all events and notifications to calendars.
  • Also includes news feeds, meeting planners, company library, journal and form designers.
  • Can be used by many people in a big business with just one free download.
  • Ideal for windows 7 users as well as windows XP, windows vista and windows 8 users.

4. CRM Express Ultimate

The CRM Express Ultimate software is a freeware which comes with SMS alert facilities and news feeds. The web to lead option allows users to integrate data into database.

  • A new auto-reply option is also included in the new version.
  • Free calendar and notification options.
  • Regular free updates and 24X7 customer support.
  • List management option allows for contact email list management.
  • Form designer and My work day features also included in free, trial version.

5. vtiger CRM 5.21

An open source CRM software that has been designed to meet all your business needs and client relation strengthening.

  • The marketing automation feature comes with traditional email, social marketing campaigns, revenue and emailing.
  • You can convert calls, emails and other services into support cases and reroute them to reps.
  • Complete Database building of products and services to create quotes, sales orders and invoices.
  • A 360° view of contacts, sales and deals.

6. sales organizer 8.7

The free trial version of Sales Organizer comes with all the CRM features you can ask for and more; all you need to do is plug it into a scanner and start compiling.

  • All premium features are included in the trial version; purchase order, tax specific items, bar code scanning and printing.
  • You can add new items and update prices and quantities of the same regularly.
  • You can also gather and view customer’s invoices from time to time.

7. The Ant CRM 2

The Ant CRM is a software with micro-managing abilities. It is ideal for small businesses which are looking forward to building a strong customer relationship.

  • With the Ant CRM 2 you can record all the phone calls.
  • You can confirm appointments; enlist all events and appointments in the integrated calendar.
  • Auditing you leads becomes a child’s play along with generation of real-time reports.
  • You can manage your Contractors, Checks, Accounting and Invoices with a single CRM software.

8. ACE Contact Manager CRM 7.1.74

The ACE Contact Manager CRM software is the most effective contact management tool that has been designed recently. The flexibility allows it to be used by small businesses, doctors, lawyers and more or less anyone who has a wide array of contacts.

  • It has a simple and easy user friendly interface.
  • Does not require any administrator to run client server installation for any multi-user version.
  • Ideal for Sales Funnel Implementation Event, Task Management, Management Invoicing and Time Management purposes.

9. ZTP Free CRM 1.10

This is a well suited CRM Software for all Windows users who want premium service without having to spend a penny. This is ideal for small groups, individuals and shared networks to share addresses and plan activities as one unit.

  • Simple to operate and learn.
  • Updates every time a user logs in.
  • Multi-user based interface.
  • Helps in planning tasks, appointments; comes with integrated calendars and sharable journals.

10. SaasLight CRM 3.0.2501

This is a slightly big but feather-light CRM software which is now available for free downloads for all the Windows users. This is mostly web based and comes with complete customer support.

  • It has newly included a new sales management engine and a survey engine too.
  • Any customer can open and follow incidents, cases and solutions.
  • Threaded questioning and discussion forums for all users to post and discuss common problems.

11. CapsuleCRM

The CapsuleCRM is as tiny as it sounds and you do not have to pay a penny if you wish to share it with your business partner.

  • The trial version has an intuitive interface, well suited for mobile users as well.
  • The free version comes with 10 Mb of storage space and up to 250 contacts.
  • A minimal cost upgrade expands the storage to 2 Gb, 50,000 contacts and integrates Freshbooks and Mailchimp for free.

All CRM tools and software help boost your customer relations and caters to all your company requirements. All the open source CRMs are a bliss since they are free and extremely customizable.

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