Corrupt File Repair Software For Mac

  1. At first, you have to install free “demo version” of any of the Remo Repair product and run it on your Windows or Mac OS X computer. By pressing “browse” tab, select corrupted / broken files which are needed to be fixed and then push “Repair” button to start repair process.
  2. Utilize Stellar Video Repair Stellar Video Repair app has the best features, super fast speed, and easiest GUI. It is the world's best software to repair and fix all kinds of broken, corrupt, inaccessible, damaged, and unplayable videos on Mac and Windows. It is compatible.
  3. Repairs Corrupt OLM File The OLM recovery software can repair any information in the Mac Outlook OLM file data that is in a corrupted state. The OLM recovery software restores Mac Outlook files and saves the recovered data items in IMAP, HTML, EML, MSG, MBOX, MHTML, DBX and RTF format.

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Mac Video Repair Software for Corrupt Videos. Stellar Repair for Video fixes corrupt, damaged, broken, crashed, out-of-sync, read/write video errors or other inaccessible videos on Mac. It supports QuickTime or iMovie video files that get corrupt while transferring, editing, or converting. Here are some fixes you can try to repair a corrupted VOB file: Fix #1: Clean Up Your Mac. Malicious software and junk files can corrupt files, such as VOB and other video files, on your computer. Make it a habit to clean up your system to prevent these unwanted elements from taking root in your computer and interfering with your processes.

If the files are corrupt and unreadable after data recovery, you can check how to repair corrupt files after recovery on Windows 10 or Mac in this tutorial. MiniTool software, provides easy and professional data recovery software for Windows and Mac users to restore deleted/lost files.

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Causes for Data Loss and File Corruption

Files are corrupt and can’t open after recovery. How to repair corrupt files after recovery?

Sometimes you may use a top free data recovery software to successfully recover the deleted/lost files on your devices, but find that some files get corrupted and are unreadable.

Virus attack, sudden system crash, file system error, disk bad sectors, wrong human operation, etc. can lead to file corruption or missing.

Sometimes even if you use the professional data recovery application to successfully recover the deleted or lost files, you may find that they are still corrupt and can’t open. This is because file recovery is different from file repair. Most data recovery programs can only recover files but not repair files.

Below you can learn how to recover and repair corrupt files, videos, photos, and more. Detailed guides are attached respectively for Windows and Mac users.

Part 1. How to Repair Corrupt Files after Recovery on Windows 10

This part includes guides for how to recover files and how to repair corrupt files on Windows 10 computer. Learn how to recover and repair corrupt video files, photos like JPEG files, Word/Excel documents, etc.

How to Recover Lost/Deleted Files on Windows 10

If you use a Windows PC or laptop, you can use the best data recovery software for Windows 10 to recover your lost or deleted files.

There are many Windows data recovery tools out there. You can find an easy-to-use one to do the job.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is recommended here. This data recovery software is compatible with Windows. It is 100% clean, delivers fast scan speed and high recovery rate, and recovers files with original information.

You can use this tool to recover any lost/deleted files from Windows 10 PC or laptop, as well as external drives like external HDD or SSD, USB flash drive, Android SD card, camera memory card, and more. It also lets you create a bootable USB drive to recover data when PC won’t boot.

Download and install this 100% clean file recovery software on your Windows 10 computer, and check the 3 simple steps below to recover files on Windows 10.

Step 1. Launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery to access its main UI. If you try to use it to recover files from USB drive or SD card, you should connect it to your computer beforehand.

Step 2. Next you can click the main device category in the left pane, and select the target drive or device in the right window. Click Scan button.

Tip: If you want to select type of files to scan and recover, you can click Settings button next to Scan button, and only select the preferred file types to recover. For instance, you can only choose MP4 video file, MOV video file, JPEG file, PNG file, Word docx file, Excel xls file, or other files.

Step 3. Wait a while to let the software finish the data scan. At last, you can check the scan result to find the files you want to recover. You can preview the file to verify it, check needed files and click Save button to choose a new destination to store the recovered files.

Note: You should not save the recovered files to the original location to avoid data overwriting. Still, in order to ensure intact file recovery, you should immediately stop using the device or drive that contains deleted/lost files. If you’ve stored new data into it, then the files may be corrupt after recovery or can’t be recovered anymore.

How to Repair Corrupt Files after Recovery on Windows 10

If you find the recovered files are corrupt and can’t be opened, you can try to use professional file repair software to repair corrupt files after recovery.

As for best tools to repair corrupted files on Windows 10, we list some for your reference. You can add the source file to the file repair application and select it, then the software will automatically repair the corrupt file for you with built-in technologies.

Stellar File Repair Toolkit – A collection of utilities to repair and restore corrupted/damaged files incl. Word documents, Excel files, PowerPoint files, PDF, ZIP files, etc.

File Repair – Repair corrupted documents, databases, media and picture files.


Hetman File Repair – Focus on repairing broken image files.

Digital Video Repair – Free tool to repair corrupt MP4, MOV, AVI videos, etc.

Yodot AVI Repair – Repair AVI, XVID, DIVX videos.

Kernel Video Repair – Repair damaged videos like MP4, MOV, MPEG, MTS, MKV, AVI, AVCHD, and more.

System File Checker (SFC) – Windows built-in free command-line tool to specifically repair corrupt system files. You can check the detailed guide later in this post.

Part 2. How to Repair Corrupt Files after Recovery on Mac

How to Recover Deleted/Lost Files on Mac

If you are a Mac user, below is an ultimate guide for how to recover files on Mac computer.

Stellar Data Recovery for Mac is a top Mac data recovery software with photo & video repair feature.

This powerful Mac file recovery software allows you to easily recover permanently deleted files, photos, videos, music files, emails, etc. from all Mac computers and external drives like HDD, SSD, SD card, USB, and more.

It also supports creating a bootable recovery USB to recover lost/deleted data from crashed and non-booting Mac.

Its Monitor Drive module helps you monitor disk status like temperature, performance and health, as well as scan disk’s bad sectors and clone disk.

Moreover, the premium edition of this application also helps you repair corrupt videos and photos.

Download and install this Mac data recovery software (Edition Comparison) on your Mac computer, and check the user guide below to recover files on Mac.

Step 1. Launch this Mac file recovery software to get into the main interface. Still, you should connect the external drive to your Mac computer first if you intend to recover data from external drives.

On the main UI, you can select the type of files you want to recover, and click Next button.

Step 2. Next you can select the location where you want to scan for lost/deleted files, and click Scan button.

Step 3. After the scan, you can check the scan result to find need files. You can click File List to view the recovered files by file type, and click Turn on Preview option to preview the file. You can also click Search box to search the target file. This can help you quickly find the object file.

Thus it includes almost all the features you find on the graphics designing application and even those features available on the simple paint application tool. Although there are lots of other design apps available on the store, Paint app is obviously the choice of millions of people as it suits for all type of users from the novice to experts. It is the best and most ideal too to go creative with your drawing skills. Mac paint software free download.

After you find the files, you can check them and click Recover button. Continue to select destination and click Save button to store the recovered files.

How to Repair Corrupt Files after Recovery on Mac

Data recovery software can only recover files with original information. If the files are corrupt after recovery, you can use the video repair or photo repair feature in Stellar Data Recovery Mac to further repair corrupt files in a few clicks. Check the simple operation below.

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Step 1. Open this Mac data recovery program again on your Mac computer. On its main UI, you can click More Tools icon at the upper-corner.

To repair corrupt video files after recovery, you should select Repair Video module. To repair corrupt photos, you should choose Repair Photo module.

Step 2. In the video repair or photo repair window, you can click Add File icon to load the source files that are corrupt. Click Repair to start the repair process.

Step 3. After it finishes file repairing, you can preview the repaired video or photo files. Select the desired files and click Save Repaired Files button to store them to a preferred location.

This Mac file recovery and file repair software can help you recover data and repair photos & video files after recovery on Mac with ease.

Part 3. How to Repair Corrupt System Files on Windows 10

As for how to repair corrupt system files on Windows 10 computer, you can use Windows built-in free tool – SFC Scannow – to easily accomplish this task.

  • Press Windows + R, type cmd, and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to open elevated Command Prompt.
  • Next you can type “sfc /scannow” command in Command Prompt window, and press Enter. This will run Windows SFC utility to automatically check and fix corrupt system files in your Windows 10 OS.

Part 4. Back up Files Regularly to Avoid File Corruption

Data loss and file corruption can sometimes unexpectedly occur. Instead of recovering files or repairing corrupt files after recovery, it’s advised you regularly back up important files to avoid data loss and corruption.

MiniTool ShadowMaker is a professional PC backup software that allows you to back up files or system.

You can freely select files, folders, or partitions on your Windows 10 computer, and back up them to external hard drive, USB drive, etc. It supports schedule automatic file backup and file sync.

You can use this tool to easily create backup system image for your Windows 10 computer, and restore Windows system from backup when needed.


If you are wondering how to repair corrupt files after recovery on Windows 10 or Mac, hope this tutorial gives you some help. If you have better ideas for file recovery and file repair, you can share with us. If you have problems with using MiniTool software, you can contact [email protected].

How to Repair Files after Recovery FAQ

It is possible to recover and fix the corrupted file by using professional corrupt file recovery software. You can try the file repair tools introduced in this tutorial.
You can utilize an easy-to-use image file repair tool to do this. Find a top JPEG file repair application from online and load your source corrupt JPEG file, repair it and save the file to a preferred location.
You can utilize a professional photo recovery and repair software like Stellar Data Recovery for Mac to repair corrupt photos with ease.
If you can’t open the file after recovery, this may be due to the corruption of the file. Part of the file cluster may be overwritten by new data and you can’t get back the original file. You may use the file repair tool to fix the corrupt files after recovery or seek for an expert data recovery service for help.
HomeYodot PPT RepairRepairing Damaged PowerPoint File On Macintosh

“I created a presentation file on MacBook for my class seminar. Everything was almost fair until I transferred file to my USB drive. Since transfer was interrupted due to sudden system termination. Later I started my system to view my PowerPoint but was creating problem to open. Since within two days, I have my seminar and I couldn’t take the risk of creating one more presentation. The worst part is I do not possess a backup. Anybody step forward to help me please.”

Users with this kind of issues are scattered in mass across the world. If you find any such problem, do not worry because the solution is here.

What makes PPT files to get damaged?

  • CRC error, logical errors and other software conflicts on system
  • PowerPoint version upgrading
  • OS re-installation
  • Sudden or indecent system shutdown while processing a PPT file can cause severe corruption
  • Suspended transfer of PowerPoint files between devices
  • Virus infection
  • Bad sectors on hard drive that stores presentation files

Whatever the reasons might be, it is possible to fix them. Try some of the prescribed troubleshooting methods to resolve them.

First method: Changing the location of Presentation to another

  • Go to the folder containing the PowerPoint file
  • Copy the file to some other storage media
  • Now open the file copied and try to run file from its recently saved location

Repair Corrupt Files Windows 10

Second method: Insert slides from corrupt file into a new Presentation file

  • Open the corrupt PowerPoint and try importing slides to a new PowerPoint.
  • Select on Blank Presentation option
  • Click New Slide option from Home tab
  • Now select Reuse Slides button
  • Go to Browse option, select Browse Files
  • Select damaged PowerPoint file and click on Open
  • Right click on any slide from preview and select Reuse All button
  • Finally view the slides that were imported by running the slides one-by-one

If nothing works, then your file might be damaged severely. Immediately fix them using a software. One such tool upon many user’s recommendation is mentioned below, check it out.

Third method: One complete solution to repair damaged Mac PowerPoint file

Corrupt File Repair Software For Mac Computer

Yodot PPT Repair application effectively fixes presentation files that are damaged badly. If you have a corrupt PPTX Mac file, get it repaired using this reliable utility. Because the tool is well built with advanced scanning technology that fixes file without altering the original file. Presentation files that are created using 2007 and above MS Office version can be repaired utilizing this software. Not just slides but even other attributes like images, chart, table, etc. can be brought back to form using this application.

Free Corrupt File Repair Software

Important: Before using this tool, make sure to transfer files to Windows system. Because repairing can be done on Windows alone.

Steps are just five, hurry up to see your presentation file fixed.

  • Download Yodot PPT Repair application and install it on PC
  • Launch the program and follow instructions provided
  • Select damaged file and click on “Repair” button
  • After completing repair process, use “Preview” option to view fixed file
  • Lastly save rescued files onto destination location

Methods to prevent PPT file damages

  • Do not terminate the program/eject external device from the system during file transfer
  • Keep a backup of vital files

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