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Pastors and church leaders everywhere would no doubt like to keep track of their church progress because so much is involved in the day to day administration and management of the church. The church administration software is the tool that comes in handy for any pastor or church to help them in this awesome job.

EasyWorship is a powerful, yet simple church presentation software. Build your entire service - song lyrics, Scriptures, announcements, videos and sermon notes - in one place, quickly and efficiently. Experience the software that is uniquely designed to meet the needs of churches, big and small, around the world. Learn more about EasyWorship. Jun 22, 2016  Effective church management is the appropriate administration of church resources. Some are resistant to labeling church management as a business function. However, whenever there are people and money involved, there needs to be structured business practices to ensure resources are managed appropriately. With Church Membership Online you will have the chance to do multiple things at once from a set of independent computers and you won’t have to periodically update the software to the newest version. Church Membership Online is compatible with both Apple Mac OS and Windows and three different browsers (Internet Explorer / Firefox / Safari). Church administration is a science, an art, and a gift. Church administration is a science because it involves procedures, processes, and techniques that provide the organizational structure for ministry. As an art it involves sensitivity to people gifts, needs, situations, and timing. Finally, the apostle Paul also defines administration as a. Large churches are not the only buyers of church administration software with the most extensive features sets (as the chart above indicates), but because costs tend to increase with greater functionality, it can be difficult for small churches to afford those packages.

The program is a flexible database management or administrative solution for the churches anywhere anytime. It helps to equip the pastors to effectively manage and grow their ministries. The programs are easy to use and convenient even to small churches. You can choose from a range of solutions that fit your specific church needs, for example: a network-based solution, a web-based solution, or a solution for the management of an entire community of churches.

This simple but powerful software has been used by hundreds of churches and has brought significant change and contribution to the way churches manage, organize and track their activities and programs. The solution helps in keeping records of church membership, attendance, follow-up, visitors, finances, meetings, ministries, library items and other events. Ministries going on in church can also be easily tracked i.e. baptism, class attendance, salvation, spiritual gifts, Bible studies, contributions etc.

With this in hand, the pastors are destined for an effective growth of their churches as well as the fulfillment of the vision and ministry God has given them. It helps equip the church leaders and all workers as well as keeping track of their spiritual growth. It allows the church staff to keep abreast with management issues as well as their own work and ministry in church. Church software allows you to keep sensitive information and only let your leaders or staff to access specific information.

Information can be gathered by church leaders and workers in every field of ministry. The number of these workers is unlimited and depends on the requirements of a particular church. These workers will help with communication, managing of schedules, tracking of attendance, posting of content to web pages etc.

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Let us look at examples of different databases that may be available with the software.

  1. Church membership database template
    • You will be able to track, maintain and organize all important information on your church membership including: names, addresses, e-mails, their family data, birthdays, spiritual growth, skills, member contributions, member pictures, etc
  2. Donations database template
    • Helps to easily keep and maintain records on your entire church member’s contribution including pledges, donations, and tithes among others.
  3. Contacts database template
    • This allows you to keep and track all your church business contacts and addresses in a very easy and simple way.
  4. Relationship database template
    • This will ensure all information on relationships among different members of your church is tracked and maintained.
  5. Log database template
    • This database helps you to tack all information on the church contact history.
  6. Request database template
    • A database that allows you to keep and maintain suggestions, feedbacks, complaints, requests, etc from your church.
  7. Inventory database template
    • Allows you to maintain a track of all your church fixed assets.

The following are some of the benefits that come with the use of the church administration software:

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  • You will be able to save time and improve the productivity of your staff
  • Better keeping of church records
  • Improved participation in church ministry
  • Day to day tasks and schedules made easy
  • Better and more disciples through enhanced outreach program
  • Effective budgeting and increased offerings
  • Secure online data backup
  • Unlimited data input

Top 11 Church Management and Administration Software:



Church management software from FellowshipOne powers dynamic churches with member management, check-in systems, small group management and more.


The world’s easiest web-based church management software for small and mid-sized churches.



The easy-to-use church software program for tracking members and membership, prospects and guests, groups and attendance, contributions and more.


Bitrix24 100% free ChMS. 35+ free church tools, social network, user groups, group chat, shared calendars, tasks, projects, collaboration. Cloud, open source (PHP), Android and iOS.



ChurchSuite is a cloud hosted, web-based church management system, ideal church database software for churches.


Experience all-inclusive, church management software that includes full worship planning. Manage services, child check-in and roster volunteers with ease.



Asoriba is a web based church management software or application designed to enable effective church administration for leaders, seamless engagement with members via content to a mobile app, easy communication via SMS and email, and providing an easy electronic/digital giving alternative for church members.

Free Church Accounting Software For Mac


Get a free trial & sales demo of our easy-to-use, advanced Church Management Software – no billing info. Membership, donations, fund accounting, check-in.




Track visitors and volunteers, store prayer requests and notes, and enjoy the member portal, where members view ministry calendars, give online, register for events, and more.


Shelby Systems is a church management software company that serves churches and non-profits with membership and financial tools.

Church Accounting Software For Mac



Church software for Catholic parishes and dioceses. ParishSOFT provides technology solutions that reduce workload and connect churches with communities.

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