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We must be already aware of File Explorer, originally by Windows, that has been managing file attributes for a long time. Obviously, the basic management of the files becomes simpler without downloading any other file manager. But there are a few setbacks like lack of multiple tabs, batch renaming, or advanced features like language translation, portability, etc.if using File Explorer.

Once you face this case, this list below will take you through best file manager software for Windows 10/8/7 that not only provides simple alternatives but also pops up efficient updates, customization and added plug-ins.

Top 5 File Managers For Windows 10, 8, 7

1. XYplorer

Considered as an excellent file manager for Windows PC, XYplorer is one of the most convenient file managers. Best part, it’s absolutely portable! If you think how, just keep it loaded in your USB and rest will be done.

Why Such A Pro?

  • New features and bug fixing keep on adding with time and convenient downloading options appear side-by-side.
  • Customize this software, use simple toolbar buttons, and experience a faster process than Windows Explorer using XYplorer.

2. Directory Opus

This file manager software also ranks as one of the best because of the customizable user interface, batch viewing & editing and expandable array of plug-in options. It also keeps on updating with significant fixes and improvements for the users. Moreover, it remains stable while handling huge file sets.

Why Such A Pro?

  • Synchronises files and finds out duplicates.
  • Prevents you from deleting important files by keeping a check through dual tab layout.

PLEASE NOTE that you can also remove duplicate files using Duplicate Files Fixer which is a strong and powerful tool to sort a designated requirement. It is very accurate in findings where the scan area can also be set for better results. Moreover, before deleting anything, a backup will be created and there won’t be any fear of losing out precious files.

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3. Total Commander

Mac document management softwarePersonal

Mac Document Management Software

Consider downloading this file manager with abilities like supporting plug-ins for compression, file types, and file systems. This is also known as one of the fastest addition in your PC to make work simpler and replaces utility tools like syncing directory, multi-file renamer, etc. Enjoy a lifelong license once purchased, no renewal required!

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Personal File Management Software Mac Download

Why Such A Pro?

  • Options for changing color schemes, customizing menus and editing shortcuts are available.
  • Advanced choices like FTP connections, multiple language translation, dual pane layout make the tool efficiently interesting.

4. Far Manager

How about a file manager that is customizable where you can change the colors of every part of interface? Macos app show disg usage. Cool, right? Download a series of plug-ins or write them in any language, including Python with Far Manager.

Why Such A Pro?

  • Its offline help feature allows you to demand help by just pressing F1, whether you are connected to the internet or not.
  • Record your macros by just pressing Ctrl and assigning a key to it.
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5. Altap Salamander

Known for its stability with every new version, Altap Salamander is a very polished and neat file manager software for Windows. It also offers extensive keyboard shortcut support, multiple color themes for folders and automatic plug-ins.

Personal File Management Software Mac Update

Why Such A Pro?

  • Supports a variety of network protocols like FTP, FTPS, SCP, etc.
  • Built-in password manager comes along to encrypt personal information.

Personal File Management Software


Get your files managed on Windows 10/8/7 very easily by downloading a third-party tool on your PC. Be it XYplorer, Directory Opus or Altap Salamander, their exciting features, multiple tab interface, and stability makes them stand-out from hundreds. Download the one that perfectly suits your work-style and enjoy working on your managed PC.