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Jul 09, 2018  NOT with Finder: Be warned that exporting a picture from Photos or other apps to desktop, and then viewing its metadata in Finder by right-clicking and selecting Get Info, will show Date Created. The file creation date is modifiable using SetFile -d date from the command line (at least through Yosemite but I'd be surprised if that was removed in El Capitan), and duplicating a file in the Finder sets the creation date of the copy to the creation date of the original, so the creation date doesn't offer any actual evidence as to when you did your homework. – blm Nov 20 '15 at 18:30.

Is any one good with writing AppleScript? I've looked in the Help menu and I don't understand it.

I have a folder of over 1,000 pictures that has the incorrect 'Date Created.' The correct date is actually in the 'Date Modified' info for each picture. I have no idea how this came to be.


Given that there are so many files in the folder, using the 'Touch -t' command in Terminal for each one individually is. well. daunting.

If any one knows how to write a quick Script to copy the 'Date Modified' to the 'Date Created' information going through each file in a folder (automated), karma would look good on you. 😀

I've been going through page after page of web-search results of 'change date created mac app' with no such luck.

(OS 10.8.2)

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Change Date Created Mac App 2017

Thanks to any one that can help in any way.

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I like to write. Sometmes I create a new word document for a single thought, sometimes for a long piece of writing. Sometimes I go back and change what I have written after I first wrote it.
The way OSX is set up, I can only sort my files by Name, Size, Kind, and Date Modified.
I hate date modified. Date modified actually prevents me from going back and editing things, because then it will all fall out of chronological order.
Is there any solution to this, or am I overlooking a simple program or fix that people use for Journals and for writing?