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Borland C++ Compiler 5.5

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Borland C++ is a compiler that compiles and runs the programs built-in C and C++ language. The compiler is most compatible with the platform of the Windows operating system. The developers launched Borland C++ comes after Turbo ++ compiler and bears better feature than its predecessor. There are many features of Borland C ++that makes it highly suitable for C and C++ based program builders, among which some are explained below:

Graphics Interface:

C++ Programming software, free download For Mac

GUI of Borland C and C ++ has a vast library of tools and features to do a simple task and a 2 graphics fit to make the presentation in 2D style. Drivers are also included for the capability of generic EGA, CGA, and VGA with support for video modes in a limited number. However, more advanced drivers from third parties are also available.


Best mac diagnostic software 2016 reviews. Borland Power Pack for DOS:

The power pack is utilized in the compiler to built 16 and 32-bit DOS applications in protection mode which can make access to a limited scope of Windows API and can also call functions in any platform of Windows DLL.

Borland Code Guard: is when installing and then integrated within an integrated development environment (IDE), Borland Code Guard can induce instrumentation code in a final executable that can be utilized to monitor API calls, pointer usage, the times of function being called and many other features. In case of an error, a pop window appears, the debugger is stopped. In the second case the log is written to the disk. It is delivered for applications for 16- and 32-bit both.

All in all, if a user is keen to learn C and C++ language and use it in programs and applications then he or she must select Borland C++ because the Borland compiler is speedy, free, and bears best possible compliance to new (1998) ANSI C++ of any type of compiler in the market.

Borland C++ Compiler 5.5 Features

  • It is the lightweight, fast, and secure IDE.
  • The C++ developers develop their code in it and test that.
  • The Linux developers also write the code using the Borland C++ also.
  • You can include the libraries in it.
  • The libraries that follow all the standards of ANSI and ISO.
  • This is easy to use and user-friendly with nice and attractive user interface.