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  • Jun 18, 2019 15 Best Graphic Design Apps for Mac 18 June 2019; by: Cezar Popescu macOS is one of the most popular operating systems in the world. If you just bought a Mac, you may need some apps that are very easy to use to help you edit some photos or even create some great icons or logos on your Mac.
  • Make a book with BookSmart, Blurb's easy-to-use book making tool. Create custom photo books, notebooks and planners. Free download for Mac or PC.
  • Jul 04, 2020  It has sister apps for graphic design and desktop publishing too, both of which are superb alternatives to Adobe’s wares. If you want to invest in a high-end task management app for Mac.

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Jul 04, 2020 It has sister apps for graphic design and desktop publishing too, both of which are superb alternatives to Adobe’s wares. If you want to invest in a high-end task management app for Mac.

1. Live Interior 3D Pro

Features and functions

· Live Interior 3D Pro is free interior design software for Mac which helps you do both 2D and 3D interior designing.

· This software incorporates not only readymade ob_x_jects but also preset designs which are easy to set up and use.

· This software helps you create multi-story projects, exact ceiling height and also slab thickness.

Pros of Live Interior 3D Pro

· One of the best things about this software is that it is very powerful, intuitive and very detailed. This is something which helps beginners or hobbyists to do interior designing easily at home.

Click the icon labeled Click the lock to make changes.Enter your username and password into the prompt that appears and click Unlock.Under the section labeled Allow applications downloaded from:, select Anywhere. —this is the best method for users who do not want to change the global setting to allow all applications to run.For more information about this message, please visit Apple's KB article on the topic:.Open the System Preferences. Mac system preferences allow software. —the same steps as above, but for Mac's Sierra and High Sierra OS. On the prompt that appears, click Allow From Anywhere.Note: In Max OSX 10.12 Sierra and 10.13 High Sierra, the 'Anywhere' option does not appear. This can be done by either clicking on the System Preferences icon in the Dock or by going to Apple Menu System Preferences.Open the Security & Privacy pane by clicking Security & Privacy.Make sure that the General tab is selected.

· Another thing which really works about this free interior design software for Mac is that it is fairly easy to set up, use and become a pro at.

· Live interior 3D Pro lets you design according to your comfort and then view the designs in 3D. This too is one of the most impressive points about this software.

Cons of Live Interior 3D Pro

· Live Interior 3D Pro has some features like texture mapping which can prove to be very confusing and this is one of its negatives.

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· Another negative point about this platform is that its user imports and other such processes are not very user friendly.

· Live Interior 3D Pro doesn’t come with pre made types of doors, windows etc and this too acts as a limitation and drawback.

User reviews:

1. Quick and mostly intuitive good quality well featured.

2. For the most part, this program is very fast to learn and easy to use for any intermediate to expert level computer user

3. I'm particularly surprised by the ease with which I can customize lighting in lighting fixtures and view the room in different lightings

Interior Design Apps For Mac

If you are like most self-publishing authors, you want to tackle the task of designing your book on your own but you might be worried about formatting your book correctly.

You need a book formatting program that is easy to use and formats your text correctly. We have created our Book Design Wizard to help you properly format your book using Microsoft Word. Our book design software uses a template that gives you maximum control over your book while ensuring your content adheres to standardized formatting requirements.

To use this program, launch the Book Design Wizard add-on in Microsoft Word then:

  • Enter your information into the user-friendly form
  • Choose your formatting options and enter your chapter titles
  • Click on Create Book

Our Book Design Wizard book layout software creates a custom book template in Microsoft Word, the essential tool for almost all self-publishing writers. Our software then gives you all the additional tools you need to import your text, add drop caps, and more.

The settings used by the Book Design Wizard meet the requirements of most printers such as Ingram Spark, CreateSpace, Amazon KDP, and more so you know your book meets even the most stringent publishing guidelines.

Book Design Wizard makes formatting your book a breeze so you can concentrate on writing rather than worrying endlessly about format. This handy software can also save you the expense of hiring a professional book designer.

Stop worrying about formatting problems and start focusing on creating a captivating book that looks great. Try the Book Design Wizard today to gain control over your book design.

Simple to use

  • Launch the Book Design Wizard in Microsoft Word
  • Choose your style options
  • Enter your chapter titles
  • Click on ‘Create Book’
  • Import your chapter text
  • Done!

Software Requirements

  • A PC running Windows 8, or Windows 10. Both 32bit and 64bit computers are supported.
  • An English language copy of Microsoft Word 2010 or above (either the 32bit or 64bit) installed on your computer.
  • The Book Design Wizard is not compatible with a Mac.

Get your copy of the Book Design Wizard today for only $29.99.

Book Design Wizard features an easy-to-use form where you enter content and choose from your favorite fonts and styles. Use the built-in Font Previewer to see how a font will look. Book Design Wizard is versatile too, allowing you to print books of any size. You can move through the form quickly by choosing default and standard options and page sizes. You can change the default book margins or book size at any time after you create your book.

The Book Design Wizard gives you maximum control over the layout of your book. Enter the chapter titles in the initial form to create chapter sections or start with one and add chapters later. Select from a variety of chapter title styles such as alignment, spacing of the chapter title, the placement of lines beneath the chapter titles, and letter spacing. You can tell the book design software to start new chapters on the right-hand page of the book or to start them on the page immediately following the previous chapter.

This powerful book formatting program allows you full access to custom running heads, also called headers, to create short titles or other bits of information appearing at the top of every page of your book. Use your byline, book title, current chapter title, custom text or even leave it blank. Decide whether to place the running head on the left or right side pages.

This book design software allows you to decide if you want the page numbers to appear at the top or bottom of the page. You can also choose whether the page numbers will appear on the outside edges or centered on the bottom of the page.

Book Design Wizard gives you control over paragraph styles, including spacing and indentation. With Book Design Wizard, you can insert images into your document and even include a caption.

After the Book Design Wizard creates your book’s layout, you can work with the document in Microsoft Word just as you would any other document. Have you already started your book in another word processor? No problem! Book Design Wizard features an ‘Insert Text’ tool that allows you to paste text copied from another document in addition to typing text directly.

Give the Book Design Wizard a try today!

“I have read a whole book on MS Word and still could hardly figure out how to add a header. With the Book Design Wizard, I didn’t have to know anything except how to click and paste. This is easily worth twice as much as it costs, and I am surprised it doesn’t cost more… Truly a simple and extraordinarily easy way to create a book! Thank you, thank you, thank you…”

“I just purchased the Book Design Wizard and I can’t tell you how pleased I am! It only took a few minutes to download and configure and performed exactly as promised and then some. This was the best spent $ this year!”

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Screenshots of the Book Design Wizard Initial Forms