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Check Printing Software for small & medium sized business

Software for printing checks at home or office. Print checks within minutes using cheap blank check forms. No recurring or transaction fees. Pricing as low as $99.

Debt Collection Software that will not break the bank or your wallet

Start collecting payments faster by accepting checks by phone. Avoid credit card fees.

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Our primary concern for our customers are to provide you check printing software that is efficent, secure, reliable and cost-effective software solutions, such as CHAX® and MultiCHAX®, allowing you to easily print checks from home or office.


We, at CHAX Software, Inc. have been supplying check printing software and check by phone software products since 1992. Our patented technology ensures high quality and bank acceptable output, each any every time.


CHAX Software, Inc. is a software company based in Southern Nevada which specializes in check printing software and funds transfer systems. We are a Certified QuickBooks Gold Developer and a Microsoft Solutions Partner.

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Print MICR checks on blank check stock.

Blank Check Software For Mac Windows 10

MultiCHAX allows you to print your own MICR checks for accounts payable and payroll using low cost blank check stock. MultiCHAX is compatible with virtually any accounting program including QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, Sage 50 and many more.

CHAX Debt Collection Software

CHAX is a check by phone / fax / e-mail software that allows anyone to accept check by phone, fax or e-mail payments from customers, for deposit into any U.S. bank the same day with no fees.

CHAX is trusted by these Fortune 500 Companies

Your support is what sold me on your product. I demoed a different product that would have been less expensive but the support was very frustrating, always waiting for return calls and talking me through what to do. The fact that you answer the calls and hop on my machine and make everything effortless sold me on your product. I have talked to 3 different support people through this process and every one has given me stellar service. Kudos to your company, I would highly recommend to associates!

The agent was able to direct me to what needed to be fixed quickly and easily and had the program up and running with signature in just a few minutes! I use MultiCHAX to aid me in working remotely with several clients. It makes life immensely easier and less expensive than preprinted checks. Thank you.

Mac check software version

It was a wonderful time working with John. His technical [support] is perfect. I am confident with using MultiCHAX software now. With his enthusiastic support and this useful software, I will recommend my friends try and use it. Thank you.

Amazing experience as always with calling this company. Everyone is so very helpful and will walk through with me what needs to be done. The customer service with this company is beyond reproach and always available to assist with any situation.

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If you have any questions or concerns, please send us an e-mail. Our usual response time is within 1 business day.

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How to print checks for free on Mac
Check Printing: How to print checks for free on Mac

Free Office Software For Mac

Because of online payments, bill pay, credit cards, etc., few people write a lot of checksthese days. Considering how few checks you write, you cannot justify an expensive appor software package.
Instead, you want to know how to print checks for free on your Mac. Well, you have come to the right place. Here we will show you how to use Research Maniacs' template and Numbers for Mac to print checks.
We assume that you have Numbers installed on your Mac and that you have basic knowledge ofMac and Numbers. We assume you know how to do things like downloading files, processing downloaded files,saving, and printing files.

Download and Install
1) Download our template and font to make the checks by clicking on 'download now' below:
2) Install the font by clicking on the micrenc.ttf file that you just downloaded and then follow directionson the screen.
1) Open the CheckPrinting.numbers file you you just downloaded into Numbers for Mac. Make sure you are on the setup tab on top.
2) Fill in your personal information and bank information on the setup sheet which will appearon the checks you print. You need the following information:
Your Name:
Your Address:
Your City, State Zip:
Your Phone Number:
Bank Name:
Bank Phone Number:
Routing Number:
Account Number:
After all the information is entered, don't forget to save the file so you don't have to do it again.
Print Check
1) Fill in the following information on the setup tab:
Check Number:
2) Click on the 'Check' tab on top to see what your check will look like.
3) Make sure you have a blank check in the printer, then go File Print and then print again at bottom right of the screen to print your check.
PS. You can print one check at a time. Make sure to change the check number for each check toavoid confusion with your bank.

Comments from Research Maniacs' visitors:
This is exactly what I wanted. I write like 10 checks a year and this is perfect. It is super easy to set up and I can print checks for free. Thank you Research Maniacs!
Carmel, California
I wanted a simple way to print checks, but I did not want to buy Quicken or some other package justto write checks. Then I found this page. I only write one check per month (my landlord), and itworks like a charm.
Fort Collins, Colorado
I actually print quite a few checks every month and this is as good as any check printing programI have ever used. Although, I hope that when they update it I wish that the check number updateditself so I don't have to remember to change it for each check. But no big deal. Great way toprint checks.
Oshkosh, Wisconsin

NOTE: Our template is set up for VersaCheck Form #3000. If you do not have blank checks, you can Buy Blank Checks here.

Check Mac Software Updates

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