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Aug 09, 2018  MAC spoofing is an effective technique by which users can change factory-assigned Media Access Control (MAC) address of any network interface on a networked device. Using this method you can read anybody’s chat messages easily and once the account is hacked you can send or receive messages of the hacked account from your device. Jun 29, 2020  Depending on your needs, you might need to change the default email address on your iPhone or iPad. This means you can set your most frequently used email id as the preferred one on the Mail app. You can easily set a Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, or any other email account as the default one on your iPhone and iPad. Let’s learn more. May 06, 2015  Warning: Do this at your own risk. I cannot be held liable for your actions. Write Down your original Mac address on a piece of paper and save it. 1st before starting, go to settings.

We Need Hack The Whatsapp of our Loved Ones to Track Them. At Internet Lots of Methods available. Get 100% Working Hack Whatsapp Messages & Chat History of any Account without Knowing them by the mac Address Spoofing.

Jun 03, 2020  Address changers include options to change MAC addresses and set certain rules for making the change random, making the change persistent, restoring original. May 07, 2020  To change from the default Apple Mail app on your Mac: Click the Menu bar at the top of the screen Mail Preferences General Default Email Reader. This opens a.

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  • 2 How Hack Whatsapp Messages , Chats Method Works ?

About Whatsapp

Whatsapp is the world’s most popular messenger app. This messenger app was launched on January 2010 and today this app has more than 5 billion users worldwide. There is absolutely no doubt that whatsapp has been an inherent part in our day-to-day life. The main reason behind the success of this app is its splendid features which includes cross-platform messaging service, voice and video calling, fast media sharing between users which is totally free. A new feature has been also introduced by the company which let users put a status which lasts for 24 hours, users can put up their photos, gif and videos as status. Whatsapp is used all over the world by iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, and Nokia users as it provides amazing service over all the platforms.

It doesn’t matter whether you use this app for business or for personal reasons, this is must have application for us. Now and again, a great number of us would like to get a sneak on our friends, family members or business enemy who use WhatsApp, just to fetch some information. But is it possible to get hack WhatsApp? Well, the answer to this question is YES! Want to know how? Just follow the easy steps of Mac address spoofing and Hack any WhatsApp account in seconds.

Note: This article is just for informative purpose. The site or the author will not be responsible for any misuse of information. Proceed with your own interest

How Hack Whatsapp Messages , Chats Method Works ?

MAC spoofing is an effective technique by which users can change factory-assigned Media Access Control (MAC) address of any network interface on a networked device. Using this method you can read anybody’s chat messages easily and once the account is hacked you can send or receive messages of the hacked account from your device. If you want more solutions related to social media you can use the Trooya Tool which substantially provides social media services to their customers.

Steps to Hack Whatsapp with Mac address

Below are the steps to hack any whatsapp account using Mac address spoofing. Follow them in right order and you can hack any account.

Do NOT start the j-wildfire.jar directly (will work, but important settings will be missing, so that it will not work good!). Free fractal generating software for mac. If you have problems or questions please read the supplied README-files ( README!!!txt, READMELAUNCH.txt and READMESUPPORT.txt). On Mac OS X: Just download the j-wildfire-x.xx.dmg-file from the link above and double-click it. Drag the JWildfire-symbol into the Apps-folder, then launch the app using the app-launcher. On Linux, either launch the j-wildfire-launcher.jar directly or use the

Step 1: Uninstall Whatsapp from your device

Firstly you’ll have to uninstall Whatsapp from your device for that, just go to play store > search Whatsapp messenger and click on uninstall Whatsapp. By this your whatsapp account will completely removed from your device.Don’t worry! You can easily reinstall your Whatsapp account back whenever you want.

Step 2: Get the Phone of the target (victim) which want to Hack Whatsapp

  • It is necessary to get the victim’s phone for just few minutes for the hacking process. Don’t worry this will not take much time and can be done in just a matter of time.
  • This is important because this will be used at two variant steps in the Hack Whatsapp process.
  • If you are acquiring the victim’s phone without their permission, then make sure to put the phone back at its place before they come back to get it.

Step 3: Find MAC (Media Access Control) address from the victim’s phone

  • A MAC address located in the device is basically a 12-character unique identifier given to your mobile device which acts as your mobile’s online identity.
  • Every Device has its own unique MAC address.
  • A MAC Address includes six pairs of digits which are separated by colons. For example: (07:21:38:87:28: bd)
  • The person you are hacking must be on any Operating System Platform and for that we have given the easy steps to locate the MAC Address of every OS Platform in order.
  • Android : Settings >> About Phone >> Status >> Wi- Fi MAC address
  • iPhone : Settings >> General >> About >> Wi-Fi Address.
  • BlackBerry: Options >> Device >> Device and Status Info >> WLAN MAC.
  • Windows Phone: Settings >> About >> More info >> MAC Address.

Step 4: Save the Victim’s MAC Address securely

After locating the victim’s MAC address, make sure you save it somewhere securely as you will need it throughout the hacking process.

Step 5: Find the MAC address of your own Mobile Phone

  • Now, just like you did to get the victim’s MAC Address, same you will do your here with your mobile device. Just save the address in a secure manner.
  • Again, this is important because this will be used at two variant steps in the hacking process.

Step 6: Spoof your MAC Address with the victim’s Address

Now, this is the main hacking step. In this you will have to spoof your mobile address with your victim’s mobile. This will let you persuade into victim’s whatsapp account and by this you can fetch the information that you need. By this you are simply logging in into the victim’s Whatsapp account.

Step 7: Installing Spoofing App

You’ll have to install the Spoofing app in order to fetch the Mac address of the victim with yours. Below are the Spoofing applications in accordance to their OS Platform:

  • Spoofing app for iPhone or iOS deviceMac Daddy X, Wifi Spoof
  • Spoofing app for androidBusyBox, Terminal Emulator (Both the apps can be downloaded from Google Playstore for free)
  • Now in the terminal, type “IP link show” and there will be a list of interfaces.
  • Identify the one with your MAC address.

Step 7: Re-Install and configure WhatsApp Messenger on your Mobile

Now that you have done Spoofing MAC address just Re-install Whatsapp on your mobile phone and then you can easily get the victim’s Whatsapp history of chats by following below given final steps.

  • After installation, open the Whatsapp messenger Application in your mobile and simply enter victim’s mobile number.
  • After you’ll need victim’s mobile as you will get an OTP containing the Confirmation code. Just take the Confirmation code and enter it. Remember to delete the confirmation message from the Victim’s mobile number.
  • After getting code fill it into Whatsapp on your phone and delete confirmation message from victim’s phone and you are done to view Messages & Group Chats.

Congrats! You have successfully hacked the victim’s whatsapp Messages , Chats , Groups in your phone. I hope you liked this article.

Finding MAC address on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is very simple and you can find it with few simple steps. The media access control address or MAC address is a 12 character long serial number assigned to networking devices like Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Hardware manufactures adds the MAC address and it is useful to identify networking devices uniquely.

If you need to add MAC filter to your router or block any device from accessing your network, then you need to find MAC address on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. As MAC address is unique for each networking interface, it is useful to block/allow network access to devices.

Find MAC Address on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

To find MAC address of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, follow these steps:

How To Find Mac On Iphone

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap on General.
  3. Select About.
  4. The Wi-Fi Address is your MAC address.

If you want to copy your MAC address on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch; long press on Wi-Fi address and tap Copy.

Change Mac Address On Iphone

MAC address is unique for each networking interface and you should not share it with everyone. Attackers can spoof the MAC address for something bad and they can misuse your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch MAC address. So, you should share your MAC address only to well-known network administrators. You should think twice before letting someone know your MAC address.

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Conclusion to find MAC Address on iPhone, iPad or iPod TouchApp on mac virtual desktop google chrome.

Change Mac Address On Ipad

By following above mentioned 4 simple steps, you can find MAC Address on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad very easily. These steps are common for all iOS versions including the latest iOS 11. You should remember, MAC Address is shown as Wi-Fi address in iOS devices. If you are having a problem connecting to a network even though you enter the correct password, then make sure you whitelisted your MAC address correctly.