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Need help catching those pesky grammatical foibles buried deep within your writing? Grammar checking software is just what the doctor ordered. Admit it.

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If you are looking for Best grammar checker tools In 2020 then you are on the right place. Online grammar checker software is essential for any write-ups to publish online content or for printing.

Try as you might, you just can’t catch all the typos in your writing. Something always slips through the cracks. The thing is, even the most experienced writers make mistakes. These little errors hide in the shadows and only show up after you’ve sent that important email, or after the book is printed. Sucks, right? You need a helping hand.

Here are the best five grammar checker tools which you can use for free to save your time whiling working upon a project work. No matter who you are: A middle school student or a self-published author, this list of software is worth checking. Top Free Grammar Checker Download – PC Software and Mobile Apps Grammarly: Your Free Writing Assistance. The grammar checker software’s features list does not end up with just as a grammar checker; there are loads of added benefits that some online grammar checker tools offer. As if you are willing to go for grammar checker software assistance then it is better to choose your best software that serves you in handling multiple tasks. Grammar Checker is an absolutely free online spell checker tool. It detects and corrects grammar errors, misused words, contextual mistakes for English, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Russian, and more than 28 other languages. It is specially optimized for French grammar, Spanish grammar, English grammar.

Now you’re asking… “what can I use to check my grammar?”

The good news is, grammar rules are largely unbreakable and programmable. So, they can be automated for the most part. Can I get an Amen? Today, we’re going to go over the 5 best grammar checker apps so you can worry less about your mistakes and focus more on your writing. Our list includes:

Read on for the detailed analysis of each service, compare them, review their pros and cons and choose the best one that fits your needs.

The 5 Best Grammar Checker Software of 2020

Here’s our collection of the best grammar checker apps in the market today.

1. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is a great option for professionals since it does more than check your grammar for structure. It checks for repetition, clichés, redundancies, and other writing mistakes. The software does more than just correct your grammar. It’s a fully-fledged writing coach. It gives suggestions on how to improve your writing in terms of the flow and ease of reading.

Some of the features of ProWritingAid include:

  • Grammar Checking
  • Word Explorer
  • Style Suggestions
  • Repeated Words
  • Detailed Explanations
  • Contextual Thesaurus Report

Just like WhiteSmoke, it integrates with almost every device you own. It has a desktop app for Mac and Windows, and browser extensions for Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. The software also integrates with the entire Microsoft Office Suite.

The premium version of the software is available for $63 a year. This is very affordable compared to the competition.


  • Accurate
  • In-depth reports
  • Easy to use
  • You can use it on any device

Free Grammar Checker And Proofreading

⛔️ CONS:

  • Limited features on the free version
  • Only available in English
  • No mobile apps

2. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the most popular grammar checking software. It’s available online and also comes with an add on for Firefox, Google Chrome, and MS Word. You can also install a desktop app for both Mac and Windows and a mobile app for iOS and Android.

The tool helps you check for several types of errors - grammar and punctuation, spell check, plagiarism, and writing style. It also comes with a very handy comma checker.

Grammarly is impressive. The real-time spelling and grammar check is accurate and can help improve your writing. You set writing goals based on your audience, style, intent, emotion, and domain. You’ll get real-time insights based on these goals. Grammarly is easy to use, and it only takes a few minutes to check your work.

The premium version starts at $29.95 a month, which is a bit steep compared to the competition.


  • Accurate and fast
  • Works across multiple platforms
  • Great set of premium add-ons

⛔️ CONS:

  • No offline editing mode
  • Doesn’t support Office on Mac

3. Ginger

Ginger is one of the oldest players in the grammar checking industry. The cross-platform compatibility of the software is excellent. It has a Windows software, an Android app, an iOS app, and browser extensions for both Chrome and Safari. Mac users can always use the browser extensions.

Ginger comes with a host of features that include:

  • Grammar checker
  • Spell check
  • Sentence rephraser
  • Personal trainer
  • Text reader
  • Translator

Ginger is not as accurate as Grammarly. It finds fewer errors and makes less than stellar correction recommendations. But if you have a good grasp of grammar and punctuation, this grammar checker is a good low-cost option. Premium plans start at $20.97 per month. This can go to as low as $6.66 per month if you prepay for two years.


  • East to install and use

⛔️ CONS:

  • Not as accurate as Grammarly

4. White Smoke

WhiteSmoke is a grammar checker that will work on practically any device as long as you have internet connectivity. It checks your work for grammar, spelling, and readability issues. It’s basically a more advanced version of the spelling and grammar checker in MS Word.

The software comes with the following features:

  • Grammar Checker
  • Spell Checker
  • Style Checker
  • Punctuation Checker
  • Translator & Dictionary

Other than corrections and suggestions for enriching text, WhiteSmoke also gives video tutorials and explanations so that you can better understand the mistakes you’ve made. This helps improve your writing with time.

Note: The trial version allows you to save up to 3 minutes of videos for free.Step 2. Set the Recording AreaOpen Minecraft on your computer and select the area or window that you want to record. If you are on Windows, the options will be 'Video Recorder', 'Audio Recorder', 'Screen Capture' and 'More'. To record your Minecraft gameplay, choose 'Video Recorder'. Music recording software for mac.


  • Has a ton of writing features
  • Available in 55 languages
  • Works with pretty much every device you own

⛔️ CONS:

  • 10,000-character limit on the desktop app
  • Slow customer service
  • Not as accurate as Grammarly

5. After The Deadline

Looking for an open-source solution for checking your grammar? You should give After The Deadline a shot. Also known as, it is a preferred choice for many. Especially those who want to do a free grammar check once in a while.

The tool is not as feature-rich as the paid grammar checker, but it does hold its own when put to the test. It accurately identifies grammar errors, spelling errors, and stylistic errors. The app is available as an add-on for OpenOffice, WordPress, Firefox, Chrome, and others.


  • Integrates with a variety of programs
  • Free

⛔️ CONS:

  • You must be online to use it

Best Grammar Checker For Mac

How To Choose The Best Grammar Checker Software

Ready to pony up the big bucks for a badass grammar checker? Hold your horses. You must weigh your options carefully. Here are some of the things to look out for when choosing a grammar checker.

  • Price
    Many apps allow you to perform an online grammar check for free. But the majority of online checkers follow a subscription model. If you want to use a grammar checker for professional work, it makes sense to pay for one. You get access to more features this way. Pick one that falls within your budget.
  • Accuracy
    You already have a firm grasp of grammar rules, but it does help to have a companion who can pick out the niggling issues that you might miss. Grammar correctors come with different levels of accuracy. Our list below features some of the most accurate in the market.
  • Ease of Use
    Go for a grammar checking software that’s easy to use. You want one that is customized for your use case. For example, you might want one that integrates with Microsoft Word if that’s what you use for your writing.
  • Premium Features
    Some grammar checkers come with a host of premium features. For example, you might want one that comes with an essay checker built-in to help you with academic writing. Evaluate your needs to decide what features you need. Choose a solution based off of these needs.
  • Support
    Does the grammar checker come with reliable customer service? This may not be important if you’re looking for a one-off free grammar check. But if you’re paying for it, you’ll want to know that help is there if you ever need it.

Best Grammar Checker Apps FAQs

How can I check my grammar mistakes?

Using one of the best grammar checker apps from our list, you can check grammar mistakes in an email, Word documents, and using a browser plugin, on forms you fill out online. Using one of these tools, you can upload a document or copy/paste in your raw text. The grammar checker will go through your document line-by-line and identify all the mistakes and issues. Some of these offerings check all your text on the fly as you type.

Best Grammar Checker Software For Mac Pro

Which grammar checker is the best?

Especially for writers, the best grammar check app is a personal choice. However, popularity-wise, ProWritingAid has a strong user base and great reviews. It’s continually evolving through updates adding new features, and it checks all the boxes for anyone who writes professionally.

Is Grammar Checker safe to use?

Before you purchase a grammar checker, be sure to read their privacy policy and check into their security protocols. Most of them, like Grammarly and ProWritingAid, vow to keep your information safe and private.

How can I correct my grammar?

Depending on which tool you use, the process may be different. However, with most of them, you will see an alert and highlighted or underlined text that needs correction. The grammar checker may suggest a fix that you can then accept or reject or change it yourself.

Best Grammar Checker Software For Mac

Is Grammarly better than Word?

Absolutely! Grammarly is much better than Word, although it is not perfect. Many writers use Grammarly to fix their commas and other more serious grammatical and spelling issues and then open the same document in Word to do a final check. Sometimes Word will find a couple of issues that even Grammarly missed. It’s best to use more than one to cover all your bases when writing professionally.

Is there any good free English grammar checker?

Yes. Grammarly has a free version you can use online. You can simply copy and paste in your text, and the program will examine it for you and present a list of corrections for you to review. Other programs also have free versions, but not many are as accurate as Grammarly.

What is the best grammar checker software for writers?

There is no one perfect grammar checker for writers. Good writers that strive to produce perfect content consistently use a combination of grammar checkers to be sure they catch every single error, missed comma, typo, and misspelled word.


If you’re looking for the best-in-class grammar checker, then you have to go with Grammarly . It’s a cut above the rest. However, Ginger, ProWritingAid, and WhiteSmoke are excellent alternatives, especially If you don’t want to pay the hefty fees charged by Grammarly. If you’re looking for a completely free version, go with After The Deadline.

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