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Learn more about Bridge's pricing options so you can make a business-wise decision on the best software to use. Reviews Read Bridge reviews and discover how other eLearning Industry community members have experienced the software. Learn to Play Bridge software. Created by BBO’s founder Fred Gitelman, this software has been downloaded by thousands of players worldwide.Learn to Play Bridge I is for beginners; Learn to Play Bridge II is for those who know the basics but want to develop their playing, bidding and defense skills.

Bridge software and apps to help you learn to play bridge or perfect your game.

In this section we list play bridge software, shareware, freeware, bridge card game software and apps with links and information.

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Computer bridge programs, like everything else to do with computers, change fast enough to make your head spin. You can find many new bridge programs wherever you buy software online. Learn to Play Bridge with Audrey Grant. Learn to Play Bridge with Audrey Grant is for the absolute beginner.

Best Bridge Teaching Software For Mac


Is it or is it not AI? Great Bridge Links caught up with Rodney A. Ludwig, creator of Meadowlark, to dig into how the software works and what is in store for Meadowlark in the future. Read article here ->

Best bridge teaching software for mac 2017

Online Bridge Clubs. What’s behind the curtain? Have you ever wondered about the software powering your favorite online bridge club? Who are the robots? Great Bridge Links did some digging to find out what popular bridge software are running the online bridge clubs today. Read article here ->

Synrey Bridge and Micro Bridge met in the finals of the 2019 World Computer Bridge Championship but aren’t they the same robot? Alex interviews Erik Liu, creator of Synrey Bridge, a second time to find out. Read article here ->

How to play in the WBF Robot Bridge Tournaments – and what are they, anyhow? Read article here –>

Going Retro: Bridge for DOS Some historical DOS Bridge links in this article by Alex J. Coyne.

Computers That Gamble and Imagine – article by Alan Truscott, NY Times. Click here >

Simon Cochemé’s article “Bridge with a Twist” in the Feb ’14 edition of English Bridge Magazine talks about iBridgeBaron and iBridgePlus. Click here >

World Computer Bridge Championships

The annual World Computer Bridge Championships is now in its 25th year. You can find the official link below, and medalists are listed on our Play Bridge Software page (see menu at left).

World Computer Bridge Championships Official website here >>

For some reason finding bridge software on the internet is not easy – very few sites sell bridge software and those that do only seem to sell one or two of the top programs.

Software Reviews – The English Bridge Union (EBU) is a downloadable pdf by member Geoff Davies runs through some of the more popular bridge programs and how they stack up.

This page hosted by the Onslow Bridge Club includes info on various programs.

Bridge Playing & Simulation Software Review is hosted on MIT’s official website (May 23 , 2013) and the document lists reviews of the most popular bridge software and simulators.

Bridge App Reviews from the English Bridge Union discusses some portable bridge software options for android and Apple devices.

Bridge Software Reviews – if you’d like to send us a review of bridge software please use the form in the footer of every page.

Links and news in this section are posted in order of receipt. We like to leave the links in place for years as a kind of archive for digital archeologists and historians. Every now and then we’ll sweep, deleting links that no longer work. Last link check April 2020.

Bridge Software developers Group and Mailing List – A group for anyone interested in writing software for bridge, the card game. This could include software for playing, facilitating online play, scoring, analysis, training or education, player rating, storing results locally or in the cloud, or any of a multitude of things. There are no restrictions on membership, but the content will likely be of interest only to those who, at a minimum, are computer programmers who play bridge. [email protected]

.While many small businesses exist with a truly mobile workforce, there are many whose base of operation is their home office, kitchen, or even their garage. Grasshopper app for mac osx. In those cases, people may find that it’s inconvenient and uncomfortable to conduct business solely from their mobile device.Today, we’re excited to announce the official availability of the Grasshopper desktop app, including spam call detection, so all Grasshopper users can work seamlessly from their computer without missing a beat - or a call or text!With the Grasshopper desktop app, you can make and receive both calls and text messages using your LAN or Wi-Fi network.

aaBridge 4.0. A free play & study program. This edition of aaBridge includes active presentations of over 1,750 commented deals from the HondoBridge website and many other bridge tutorials by other authors. Install on a PC or Mac. [Software. Play. Learn. Free]

Computer Bridgeby Björn Hjalmarsson. This is a cool new site that focusses on computerized bridge – the software, the robots, the online places to play. The GUI of the site is a bit spare so make sure to hover over the menu in order to find the good stuff.

Bid72. The brand new bridge app to practice your bidding and work on your partnership. Coming soon! Click here for more ->

Best Bridge Teaching Software For Mac Pro

Personal Bridge Scorer – Sky Bridge Club offers a web-based bridge scorer that makes scoring a bridge hand easy! Use Bridge Scorer Calculator to check your scores.

Art Software For Mac

Bridge Doddle – This is a ‘flash card’ app that presents bridge problems and provides informative instructional answers. Available through iTunes and Google Play. You can choose from more than 250 different in-apps, each system, each skill – in seven different languages. It now includes the new sets for SAYC, Better Minor, ACOL (3 different styles), 2/1, Precision and Forum D 2012 – the most current five-card-major-system of the German Bridge Association. New card sets are produced on a regular basis.

Best Bridge Teaching Software For Mac Download

One Table Duplicate Bridge. One Table Duplicate Bridge (OTDB) is a free web app designed to enable 4 players (so, One Table) to play existing duplicate hands face to face, not online. Experienced duplicate players might think of OTDB as a free virtual dealing machine which deals hands previously played at tournaments. Players unfamiliar with duplicate bridge might think of OTDB as offering an opportunity to compare their bidding and play of a hand with that of others.

Best Bridge Teaching Software For Mac 2017

Bridge God– more than 300 interactive problems, dozens of articles a couple of interactive high level virtual tournaments and I keep adding stuff. All for free.