Easy, connect it via USB , format it for Mac OSX extended journaled in DISK UTILITY

  1. How To Install Seagate Backup Plus

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then you can drag and drop files to it

or use it as a time machine backup

Go to menu bar on top

Finder > Go > Utilities > DISK UTILITY


Format (erase) it in 'mac osx Extended journaled'

see from mine below, HD on left selected, ....ERASE tab highlighted.. and middle right roughly, it says 'MAC OSX EXTENDED JOURNALED'

thats the format, but yours may be different of course

How To Install Seagate Backup Plus

bottom right ERASE tab lets you erase/ FORMAT your external as you like (remember this erases all data ON THE HD!)

highlighted in RED Erase....format (middle) ......erase ACTION to Erase/Format (bottom)



To show your new HD on desktop

go into FINDER at top then PREFERENCES then GENERAL tab

then check 'hard disks' and 'external disks'