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3D Architectural Rendering Software. Microspot Interiors Professional brings you the power of 3D architectural rendering software for Mac users at a cost-effective price. Design a kitchen with a fresh coat of paint or completely re-design an entire house. Interiors comes with all of the necessary tools and resources to turn your ideas into an. Exceptional Value in 2D/3D CAD. TurboCAD® Mac Pro delivers unparalleled value and productivity in a professional 2D/3D CAD package. Fully integrated 2D drafting tools, 3D surface and ACIS® solid modeling tools, assembly tools, advanced architectural tools, and powerful LightWorks photorealistic rendering are accompanied by thousands of symbols, materials, decals, and more. Other 3D rendering Software for different platforms Oddly, most of the 3D render tools are designed for Windows and Mac. However, due to the high demand for mobile solutions, there has been an increase in the development of 3D tools for other platforms including iOS, Android, Ubuntu amongst others. Aug 21, 2018  The Ranking: 3D Modeling Software for Mac Users The two most used 3D modeling software programs for Macintosh devices are freeware program Blender (score: 80) and freemium software SketchUp (75). Blender is known for its enormous design freedom and its endless number of tools and functions – however, it’s also known for its steep learning.

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Microspot's acclaimed 3D rendering programs for Mac, Interiors Professional and Interiors, provide the easiest way for both the first time home user and the professional to quickly and easily visualize interior home designs.

Microspot Interiors Professional brings the power of 3d rendering programs for Mac users at a cost-effective price.Whether you just want to see what your kitchen will look like with a fresh coat of paint or completely re-design an entire room, Interiors provides the tools and resources to turn your ideas into an interactive 3D design. Interiors provides hundreds of furniture items, textures and more. Drag and drop library items, it's as simple as that! Check out our gallery for some examples.

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Once you have created your design masterpiece, you are going to want to show it off right?! Interiors lets you do just that using our Animation tools, not only do they enable you to set a path for the camera to follow through your designs but you can also animate individual objects to create some great effects. Once your animation is ready you can export it as a Quicktime movie.

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Once you have finished laying out your room designs in Interiors Pro the final stage will be to render the room to show shadows and lighting ready for high resolution export. For this we provide the Microspot Renderer and now for reflections we have the new RayShade renderer. Once rendered you have the option to export your room as a high resolution image i.e. jpeg, gif, tiff etc

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For more information about our 3D rendering programs for Mac, have a look at at our Interiors Professional page.
We also offer Interiors, which offers many of the same features as the professional version.