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Developer Rahul Matta, creator of Tempo for iPhone and Apple Watch is out with a slick new iPhone app that offers a look at the grand total of all-time Apple Watch Activity stats.


We’ve been trying out Activity Stats here at 9to5Mac and have loved the simple and useful app with a colorful design. It’s a great way to look back and celebrate all the healthy activity you’ve achieved over the years with Apple Watch and also motivate you for the future.

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Rahul shared how the idea came about for his latest app on his blog as well as on 9to5Mac’s recent episode of the Watch Time podcast:


Last Wednesday, April 29, 2020, Ian Blackburn tweeted a screenshot of his Total Apple Watch Activity numbers. He calculated the totals on a spreadsheet, by exporting the data from the Health app on his iPhone.

Ian’s data made me curious about my totals and it seemed really easy to put together an app for it. And so I started building Activity Stats. With all the work I have been doing with HealthKit in Tempo, it was really straightforward to get the data out of the Health app. My recent learning/playing with SwiftUI made it extremely fast and easy to put together a nice looking UI.

I shared the app with Ian and few other friends via TestFlight, and everyone found it interesting and thought it looked good. Even my 10 year old wanted it on her iPhone. That seemed adequate amount of validation for me to polish up and launch a quick v1.0 of the app. So today, 7 days after starting it as a brand new project in Xcode, I am excited to be releasing Activity Stats in the App Store! 🚀

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Here’s the data you’ll see with Activity Stats:

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  • Total active calories
  • Total exercise time
  • Total steps count
  • Total walking and running distance
  • Total walking and running distance
  • Total walking distance from workouts
  • Total swimming distance
  • Total cycling distance
  • Total indoor cycling time
  • Total elliptical time
  • Total workout time
  • Total workouts

At the top bottom of the app, you’ll see the first date your Apple Watch data was pulled.

Activity Stats for iPhone is a free download from the App Store. For more from Rahul on developing for Apple Watch, check out this previous episode of our Watch Time podcast.

For those interested, here is Rahul’s privacy policy for Activity Stats:

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My goal is to make amazing apps for you, not track you, or sell your private, personal information. All Indie apps are built and designed with utmost care to be as private as possible. Activity Stats does real-time calculations using your data that is stored in the Health app on your iPhone. Your data is only used within this app and never shared with any other apps, services, or network.

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