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You don’t have to painstaking address dozens of holiday cards or party invitation thanks to Word 2008 for Mac’s label-making features. Word even lets you use hundreds of different labels by Avery and several other manufacturers.

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1Open a new blank document and then choose Tools→Labels to open the Labels dialog.


You can open a new blank document by choosing File→New Blank Document or pressing Command+N.

2Type the name and address into the Address field.

Avery Design & Print Online is the best way to design and print your own custom labels and more, with no software needed. To get started, just create an account, choose the type of product you want to use — from address labels, to stickers, gift tags, and more, select a templated design or create your very own, customize it, upload.

If you use Microsoft Entourage and have entered the address of the person you want to print this address label for, click the little Rolodex card next to the Address field, choose the person’s name in the Office Address Book dialog that appears, and then click the Insert button.

3Click the Options button and, in the Label Options dialog that appears, select the type of label you want to print.

Although the Labels dialog offers only one field for the contents of your labels (named Address), you can create many other types of labels through the Label Options dialog. (Click the Label Products pop-up menu to see more manufacturers.) You can also create diskette, name badge, file folder, ID card, and many other types of labels with a single click. But, regardless of the kind of label you’re making, you still type the information into a field named Address in the Labels dialog.

4Click OK when you find the brand and style of label you need.

If you don’t find the brand and style of label you want in the Label Options dialog, click the New Label button to open the New Custom Label dialog.

5In the New Custom Label/Laser dialog, name your new label, fill in all the fields to set it up, and then click OK to save it.

Address Label Software For Mac

You return to the Label Options dialog.

6Click OK to dismiss the Label Options dialog. In the Number of Labels section of the Labels dialog, choose to print either a full page of the same label or a single label at the specified position.

If you want to print a single label, select the Single Label option and enter the row and column number where you want the single label printed.

7To print your labels immediately, click the Print button in the Labels dialog box.

Or click the OK button to see your labels on-screen. The document is editable, so if you want to change the font or any of the information in any of the labels, just select the appropriate text and go for it.

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Label Making Software For Mac Free

One app with multiple features Designed as a mailing/cardlist management tool offering a very fast and simple method to create and print address label sheets, including return address labels. Labels can be pure text, or decorated with an image. Images can be selected from within the app or from a file on disk giving great flexibility of choice. Compatible with the iOS CardLists app allowing you to transfer lists between Mac and iPhone/iPad (via a dropbox backup/restore). Need instructions – look through the numerous How To pages.

Create Address Labels

Easily create and print label sheets using names from Contacts or typed in manually.

Print to Envelopes

Print directly to a large range of envelope sizes (IAP).

Create Return Labels

Create return address labels selecting a name from Contacts or typing in manually.

Compatible with iOS AddressLabels App

Mailing lists and Cardlists created in the iOS AddressLabels app (formerly CardLists) can be imported to Address Labels, and vice versa.

Maintain History

Keep a record of previous lists including replies. Perhaps remove list entries where you have not received from them for a while.

Manage Mailing Lists

Create multiple mailing/card lists for later use – Christmas, Invitations, Mailing, Birthday, Wedding, Baby Showers etc. – use your imagination.

Christmas Cards Lists

Address Label Making Software For Mac

Ideal for creating and managing your Christmas card lists. Never forget to send a card again!

Add Images to Labels

Choose from a large selection of image icons. Alternatively, select an image from a file on your mac – icon or even a photo.

Custom Labels

By adding your own icon and text, it is possible to create simple custom labels with image on left and text to the right.

Create address mailing sheets is so quick and easy. Addresses can be selected from your Contacts or typed in manually just for use in AddressLabels. Supports a wide variety of label sheet formats – all of the expected Avery-style sheets.

Print directly to envelopes. A large number of envelope sizes are supported. The Return address can be included on the envelope, as well as an image which can be placed in various positions.

(Note: this option requires an In App Purchase)

AddressLabels will help you print off sheets of return labels very easily. You can type in the name and address exactly as you want it – or just select a name from your Contacts.
Images can be added to the labels, either by selecting from icons within the app, or from a jpg or png file on your computer. You can even select from your photos.