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The article below will provide some basic troubleshooting steps to improve your Wi-Fi connectivity. Click on the link to see the complete details, but I've highlighted some info for you:

Logitech solar app mac. Symptom: The Wi-Fi network seems slow

Confirm that your computer is using the fastest protocol available.

  1. Confirm that your computer is using the fastest protocol available. Hold the Option key while clicking the Wi-Fi menu.The PHY Mode line shows the protocol your computer is using to join the Wi-Fi network. If this does show the expected 802.11 protocol, you should check the settings of your Wi-Fi router.
  2. Disable other active network services. Active network services consume a portion of the available bandwidth. Examples of these include file servers, video streaming, online games, and so forth. When these are in use, they may cause other services to slow down. Try turning off unused network applications to increase the speed of other applications. Be aware that other computers or devices connected to your network may also contribute to poor performance. If you are not sure if a computer associated with your Wi-Fi network is causing poor performance, try turning it off or disconnecting it from the network.
  3. Use WPA2 Authentication, if available. The WPA2 authentication mode meets the highest standards for Wi-Fi compliance and should be used to provide the greatest speeds for modern Wi-Fi networks
  4. Try connecting to a different Wi-Fi network.
  5. Check your range to the Wi-Fi router and reduce the effect of interference. See Potential sources of wireless interference for more information about interference and solutions.

You may also want to speak with AT&T for ideas to extend the range of their router.

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