Why Can't I Quit An App On My Mac

My last article is near to manage running frozen windows using Force Quit App on Mac running with MacOS Big Sur [macOS 11], Catalina,macOS Mojave,macOS Sierra, EI Capitan or Yosemite. First, we have to check why an app is a freeze? How many applications and processes running on our Mac in the background or on-screen? That you can see by View running all Apps on Mac. Also, learn alternate ways to fix your problem on close frozen windows from MacOS.

If I understand the difference that the shift key is supposed to make here, you should be able to add shift to the good 'ol Force Quit key combination to achieve an immediate Force Quit of the frontmost app. In fact, it even displays that key combination in the Apple Menu next to the modified 'Force Quit' entry. In my testing, it didn't work. Jun 02, 2017  My computer indicates that my microsoft excel is open, but I cannot quit, cannot open a new file, it won't even show that I am in the application when I click on it. I have tried to force quit.

A single app that can affect your Mac’s performance and other running Mac Programmes. So you will feel your Mac slow performance overall. Don’t be panic/ hesitate, First, follow my simple guide given below. The primary reason is the incompatible App version or lower MacOS Version. Check that in the App Store App > Update tab.

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Tricks to Force Quit App on Mac which is frozen, Hanged and Crashed Apps on Mac

First, I covered the simple method to Force Quit App on Mac then hard.

Method 1: Force Quit App Using Dock

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Open up an app icon that is shown in the dock with a white dot just below the app. It’s easy to identify if multiple browser or windows opened from the same app. do Right-click on an app icon in dock > Choose Quit or Force Quit.

Now, let’s look at alternative tricks to Force Quit App on macOS Mojave and earlier operating systems of Apple Mac Computer.

Method 2: Get all running Apps to Force Quit App on Mac

  • Go to the Apple icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Next, Force Quit. Get Force Quit Applications windows on screen then
  • Select App > Force Quit
  • (Force Quit App on Macos Mojave Shortcut keys: Command + ALT + ESCAPE) && Command + ALT + SHIFT + ESCAPE

Method 3: Force Quit App on Mac via Activity Monitor tool

Just like windows users (Command + Alt + Delete for Task manager), OS X Users also use Activity monitor and close running but the frozen app on-screen forcefully.

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  • Open Finder on Mac.
  • Find Applications folder from side panel > Utilities Folder.
  • Under the Utilities > Activity Monitor
  • Click on CPU tab to see all running applications with detailed technical information.

Find the app from name > Select it > Click on the cross close button at the top right side in the same windows > Click on Force Quit.

Also, Check App Process and Threads inside the process tab,

That’s it. You’re done!

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FonePaw - Solution - Eraser - Force Quit Not Working

I believe it has happened to you - force quit is not working on your Mac in any way, whether clicking Force quit or using the Command-Option-Escape shortcut. It has happened to many commonly-used apps, such as, Safari or iTunes won't force quit. This passage is going to offer you three ways to fix force quit not working problem on Mac. You can force quit Safari, iTunes, Photos, Mail or other apps that won't quit.

Way 1: Kill Mac Process

If you cannot quit an app with force quit or Command-Option-Escape, you can turn to Activity Monitor, which allows you to force quit any frozen apps.

Step 1 Open Activity Monitor in Application > Utilities.

Step 2 Find the app that won't quit in the process list and select it.

Step 3 Click the X button in the upper-left corner.

Step 4 Click Quit first. If the app still won't quit. CLick Force Quit.

Way 2: Use Terminal to Force Quit Apps that Won't Quit

If force quit in Activity Monitor is still not working, you can force quit the frozen app with a command line method, which means you can quit an unresponsive app through Terminal. Here are the steps:

Step 1 Open and run the Terminal.


Step 2 Type the command: killall [application name]. For instance, if iTunes isn't responding, type killall iTunes.

Step 3 When you are ready, click Enter. As soon as you click it, your application will be shut down in time.

You can also force quit an app on Terminal using the app's Process ID (PID)

  • Open a new Terminal window and enter the command: top -o cpu. Then a list of all running applications and processes will appear in Terminal with the app's process ID. Take down the PID of the app that cannot quit.

  • Then open a new Terminal session, type: kill [PID]. FOr example, if iTunes won't quit and its PID is 1234, type: kill 1234 to force quit.

Note: The PID of an app will will change each time the app is launched.

Way 3: Uninstall Apps That Won't Force Quit

Why Can't I Quit An App On My Mac Computer

If you can't make a third-party software to close by the above methods, then it is very likely that there is a problem with this software. In this post, it's better to uninstall the apps. You can use FonePaw MacMaster,an app uninstaller which can locate app files for you and completely remove the app as well as app files and delete its related data in one click. It's important to make sure related data is deleted. If you just delete the app, the wrong file may still be on your Mac.

Follow the instructions to learn more:

Step 1 Download and launch FonePaw MacMaster on your MacBook.

Step 2 Navigate to Uninstaller to click 'Scan'. Then you see all the applications on your Mac.

Step 3 Choose the app that won't force quit and simply click Clean to uninstall the app completely.

Step 4 When everything is done, you can see the interface below, which indicates your apps are removed successfully.

You can now reinstall the app so that the force quit not problem won't happen again.

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