What Is Authmanager.app On Mac

There is a component called Auth in laravel. The auth component provides the authentication function of the whole framework. Here I want to trace its implementation logic briefly.

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  1. Date: 2020 - 02 - 08Author:Soler HOCONTENT: Linux环境下编程练习 由于自己一直以来使用的环境是:Mac OS,所使用的工具是:Virtual Studio Code。 所以这一次尝试使用Ubuntu Linux环.
  2. Sep 04, 2018  s3-signer. S3-signer is intended to be an aid in building secure cloud-based services with AWS. This library generates cryptographically secure URLs that expire at a user-defined interval.

First of all, fromphp artisan make:authBeginning

(Mac)Laravel開発するために、ローカルに手動でValet環境を作成する手順 この記事の概要、できること Laravel開発をするにあたって、仮想環境、Homestead等は使用せず、軽量なValetを採用した.

Generate filesresources/views/authresources/layoutsRouting file web.php, and controller under Http/Controllers/Auth

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Talk about csrf-token

Login Method of LoginController

AttemptLogin: Logon Authentication Method

ByAuth::guard()be homed toIlluminateAuthAuthManager
First look at service providers.AuthServiceProvider
AuthService Provider Registers Four Services

Generate an AuthManager instance
Trat Creates User Providers in AuthManager
This trait is used to bind an Eloqument service provider with user authentication

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What Is Authmanager.app On Mac Keyboard

Two methods of locating separately

So I got it.$this->guard($guard)The user () method
Let’s first see how to instantiate a TokenGuard class

The above are generic load boot invocation functions, while the following user service providers are specific functions that can modify custom authentication

What Is Authmanager.app On Mac Pro

Authenticated Binding User Data Provider