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Removing watermark from a video can be a tedious process especially if you do not have the essential video watermark removal tools and software to do it. Luckily, we have several applications and online platforms these days which enable us to remove watermark from video.

This kind of tools can blur the watermark by using the mosaic tool or replace the old watermark with a new watermark or logo. At a time when watermarks are usually placed at the corner of the video, you can remove the watermark by just cropping the video. However, this method will also remove some parts of the video which might be important.

It helps you in making good soft motion animation. Stop motion capture software mac. Stop Motion StudioStop Motion Studio is interestingly an application available in the Microsoft app store. Another great feature that it possesses is that you can overlay your clip with some image with some amount of transparency to achieve a mesmerizing effect. Some other features of this software that make it stand out are time-lapse, sound waveform and screen capture among many others. The developers claim it to be the easiest app in the world to get you into stop-motion moviemaking.

Remove watermark From Video is a simple logo removal process and make your video without logo within minute with easy steps. Simply pick video from Gallery to remove watermark 2. Move and scale the marker area to remove the watermark 3. Click on Remove if you set 4. You can see the preview of your watermark removed video instantly 5. May 20, 2019  Top 1: Remove watermark by Apowersoft Online Watermark Remover. Apowersoft Online Watermark Remover is a completely free online tool that can remove watermark from video. With an intuitive user interface and self-explanatory features, people with any level of skills are able to get hold of it in a very short term. Be able to preview current frame after you add a watermark remover. Allow specify the start and end time of the watermark remover. Keep the original file format, quality and video/audio codec.

Now let us first look at these free video watermark removal tools that can help us get rid of annoying watermarks in videos.

#1 Video Watermark Remover Online

Video Watermark Remover Software Mac Pro

This is an online video editor that has been specially developed to remove watermark from video online. It involves a simple and uncomplicated process that can even be used by beginners who do not possess much video editing skills.


  • It is an effective watermark remover that erases the most rigid and strong watermarks in videos.
  • The user-friendly interface of this online portal allows you to remove the watermarks in a hassle-free and fast manner.
  • It is a fully automated watermark remover which means that you don’t have to put any special efforts and neither do you have to showcase your editing skills for erasing the watermarks.
  • It supports various file formats such as 3GP, HTML5, MKV, M4V, etc.


  • The premium plans of Video Watermark Remover Online are quite expensive.
  • The quality of the converted videos depends on the quality and speed of your internet connection.
  • The downloading processing can take much longer at times.


You can remove watermarks from 5 videos for free in one month and you will need to subscribe to a premium plan if you want to get more allocation. Users can choose between two premium plans viz. the standard plan which allows them to remove watermarks from 25 videos per month and the unlimited plan which allows them to remove watermarks from 95 videos per month. The standard plan will cost you $49.99 per month and the unlimited plan is priced at $79.99 per month.

Now, follow these steps to use this online watermark remover tool:

Step 1: Upload the video

Visit the website on your browser. After that, click on the “Choose File” option and upload the video which has a watermark.

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Step 2: Remove the watermark

Once the video is uploaded, you will have to click on the “Remove Watermark” button that is placed to the right of the “Choose File” option. After that, the video starts converting. Be patient, as videos with larger sizes can take time to get converted.

Step 3: Save the video

Once the conversion is complete, you can download the video on your computer. Now, open the video to check whether the watermark has been eliminated. You will find that the watermark has magically disappeared from the video.

#2 Video Converter Studio

Video Converter Studio is one of the best video converters and editors that can be used for a variety of purposes including removal of watermarks and logos. Video Converter Studio is not just a video watermark remover software and it can help you change the brightness, saturation, contrast, and other aspects of a video while removing the watermark from it. It is a premium software that supports different video formats such as mp4, MKV, AVI, WMV, etc.


  • It is a perfect tool for both professional video editors and non-professional individuals.
  • It detects the different watermarks of a video automatically and eliminates them one-by-one.
  • The conversion process can be completely controlled by the users.
  • Apart from the watermark removal, it provides many editing features like adding subtitles, cropping images, modifying the duration of the recording, capturing still frames, and a lot more editing options are integrated into it.
  • It can be installed and used in systems that use Windows and MAC operating systems.


  • Professional video editors might find a dearth of modern editing options in this software.
  • The free version does not allow users to access all its editing features.


A free trial is available. You can purchase the full license copy of this software at just $40.

#3 Remove Logo Now


Remove Logo Now is an exceptional video editing software that is specifically designed to remove logos and watermarks from the videos. It is packed with advanced algorithms that monitor the subtitles, watermarks, and logos and remove them effortlessly.


  • The user-interface is mess-free and easy-to-use.
  • Watermarks can be removed both manually and automatically.
  • It supports different video file formats such as MP2, MP4, FLV, MOV, etc.


Free Watermark Remover App

  • The pro version of this software is quite expensive.
  • The quality of the video gets slightly affected once you remove the logo/watermark from it.
  • It is only compatible with systems that are powered by the Windows OS.


It can be used as a free video watermark removal tool but you can also purchase the pro version at $139.99 to access all the editing features of this software.

Let us see how to remove watermark from videos by using this software:

Step 1: Open the Software

Open the the software on your computer and add the video files that you want to edit or customize.

Step 2: Explore the logo/watermark

Free Online Video Watermark Remover

Once the video is uploaded, you just have to click on the “Find Logo” option and the software will automatically detect all the watermarks and logos that are present in your video.

Video Watermark Remover Free

If it does not detect the watermark automatically, you can also use a manual process to eliminate the watermark effectively.

Step 3: Use the marker tool

An inbuilt marker tool can be used to highlight the region that contains the logo or watermark manually. Once you select that section/region of the video, use the “Clear Selection” option to eliminate the watermark/logo from your video.

Video Watermark Remover Software Mac Free


These are some software and online tools that can be used to remove watermarks from the videos. If you know about any other effective video watermark removal tool, please let us know in the comments section.

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