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Jul 09, 2010  How to Run Windows Applications on a Mac or Linux - Duration: 5:07. TheDailyDairy 3,950 views. How to use EXE files on your MacBook - Duration: 3:05. TechForYou 144,467 views.

Vb.net Apps On Mac

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Being an outsider to most things programming and almost all things M$
the brief information I found while reading around Visual Basic, is that it
no longer has Microsoft support since 2008. While that may not be a big
issue for those still needing such a beast, there probably is a newer kind
of technology one could be investing time more wisely into the use thereof.
Earlier: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visual_Basic
Later: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VisualBasic.NET
Free Express Edition: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MicrosoftVisual_StudioExpress
+{Since you have a computer which can support a virtual machine (os) and+
+not need run Windows directly, some software can run without an XP, etc.+
+And there is an open-source virtual machine available, for Intel-based Mac.+
+This in addition to better known retail products, details found in a search.}+
Since the Express Edition above indicates certain tools it provides, one can see
what kinds of Mac OS X software tools are available to perform similar tasks;
then check into how compatible those are with the resulting product you seek to
be engaged in; and if the recipient of said project could use an all-Mac result. In
their PC; if this is the direction you are considering.
You can create content in Terminal, in a Mac, or in XCode, and there are a few
free-ware open source cross-platform programming tools that could be used to
create a more platform neutral product; from what I've briefly read. However,
since Microsoft is playing to their own field, you may find if you have to be there
you will have to get a Virtual Machine to run Windows in the Mac or hope to get
a virtual machine that also can run just the Windows app without Windows in it.
Or, have an old cheap PC off to the side, and put your Windows software into it.
Then keep your modern-era stuff alive in your Mac. If you have Windows-only
clients, some of them may well be using their XP into the next century..
Good luck & happy computing! 🙂
{PS: this topic area is within the section for older PPC iMac G4 series computers.}

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Jul 27, 2010 2:00 AM