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Enter a Product Serial Number for Firmware downloads. Support rows Support Support. Selecting a different country will clear your cart. Paragon Driver for Windows The driver provides read and write access for Seagate external drives in Windows without having to reformat. In addition, some of the listed capacity is used for formatting and other functions and will not be available for data storage.

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USB Device not detected (Seagate GO Flex external hard drive) When I plug in (via USB port) my external hard drive, a Seagate GoFlex, it is not detected, despite having been detected previously. It does not show up anywhere on my computer now, which is a problem because it has all of my stuff from my two previous computers. Seagate is a famous hard drive manufacturer and has a strong customer base. They usually create a good quality of hard drives for Windows users but despite their efforts, sometimes the users face issues while using their Seagate external hard drives. Many users have reported that their hard drive suddenly stop working & doesn’t show up.

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Sign up using Facebook. Mac mini, Mac OS X One gigabyte, or GB, equals one billion bytes and one terabyte, or TB, equals one thousand billion bytes.

If that’s the case, then your drive or your enclosure is failing. Eric Root Eric Root. Rescue Rescue your data.

I connected it to another older mac snow leopard? Europe, Middle East, Africa. Posted on Jan 25, 6: A situation like this is one reason why I don’t buy brand name externals from WD, Seagate, etc. View answer in context. Sign up using Email and Password. I download the NTFX paragon driver for Mac and it drice did not revive or detect my seagate external hard disk.

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Jan 26, 7: Jan 26, 9: Feb 3, 3: Does it work on a different machine? Your computer’s operating system may use a different standard of measurement and report a lower capacity. I have never pried open one of these Seagate cases for 3. Swapping to another USB port and using your suggestion, got the disk listed, in disk utility it allowed me to run first aid successfully on it, however, the disk is still not recovered.

Seagate GoFlex Undetectable on Mac Hi, I read and frewagent the replies from others with similar issue with their seagate external hard disk to no success.


Disk Unmount Using Terminal. Enter a Product Serial Number for Firmware downloads. If you attach it to the pc, will it mount?

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I connected it to a pc and device management could detect it but not in the explorer, and NTFS Paragon for windows cannot detect it. A USB3 drive dock can also come in handy when you are trying to golex a problem with an external drive.

Exos Achieve greater capacity. Systems Deploy better infrastructure.

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It helps to freagent a couple of known-good spare cables around. This is my external har disk, it’s sits on some kind of docking station that can be separated from the hard disk itself.

Nytro Leverage flash storage. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. The thing is that I can hear the noise it usually makes but it seems not enough power goes through or something power-related just stopped working.

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Just as some background... I have 2 of these Seagate GoFlex Home NAS devices. A 1Tb version, and a 2TB version.
Lately the 1TB version has been giving me issues with logging in. I have it as a mapped network drive which should up under My Computer. It (and the other 3 NAS drives) show as disconnected when I first look at them. Seagate NAS 2TB and the 2 disks on my DLink DNS323 connect as soon as I clcik on them, and I can view files no problem.
THe 1TB Seagate asks for authentication, despite the credentials already saved. It should just open right away as the other 3 drives do. When I enter my PW, I get refused.
- I know my login UNAME and PWORD.
- I can access the server from the static IP I set.
- When I click on Seagate Share (this is through the web interface) it brings up the directories and ultimately the files on the NAS no problem. Then.. if I click on the mapped network drive I can access the files.
I shouldn't have to open a browser, and login to the server first. I don't have to do that on the 2TB device, and never has to do this before. I don't know what has changed to cause this behaviour.
Would appreciate some insight.
I'm concerned that the device or the drive may be going bad.. but I have no direct eveidence of that, just some quirky login behaviour.