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Obtain product support for Panasonic SDR-H60 60GB Hard Disk Drive/SD Hybrid Camcorder with 50x Optical Zoom, Advanced Optical Image Stabilization, One-Touch DVD Copy, Anti-Shock Shield and One-Touch Navigation, Records to Internal Hard Drive or SD Card. The reproduction of any printed or downloaded file contents for distribution and/or resale is strictly prohibited. Modification or any other use of any content contained in the displayed/downloaded material is prohibited without strict written permission of Panasonic. 1) Panasonic did not include software at allows a users to transfer files onto a Mac. For those using a mac considering this product use bootcamp if you can, i use there software on a version of xp via bootcamp. It may not have the flair of Imove or Idvd but it works for producing those family moments on dvd just the same.

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Applicable softwareVideoCam Suite1.0 L012 / L015 / L021 / L821
Name and size of the download filesVideoCamSuite(1.0L822).exe / 83.9MB (88,051,392 bytes)
Date UpdatedOct 22, 2009

Objective users

  • Users using the VideoCam Suite (supplied with the SDR-H40/H50/H60/H280/H288, VDR-D50/D51)


  1. This program is now compatible with Windows 7 editions.

VideoCam Suite 1.0 Windows 7 update procedures

Start up the PC in the Administrator account when downloading and installing.

This update program is valid to the supported version.

Software Licensing Agreement

Please read the following text well.
Use of this software requires agreement of the Software Licensing Agreement.
Installation may only begin after agreement is given.

Download Procedure


Create a download folder
Create a download folder in the hard disk of your PC to save the downloaded files. This guide assumes that you choose the C drive as your hard disk and create a 'vcs1_Up' folder at the root of the C drive.

Panasonic Sdr-h40 Software Download For Mac Windows 10

Enter the Production Code and download the installer
Please enter the 9-digit alpha-numeric code, located at the bottom of the SD/HDD/DVD camcorder or at the battery holder (SDR-H40/H50/H60/H280, VDR-D50).

Example: The bottom of the camcorder.

,null,2,null,null,null,'cameras are no longer useful. It doesn't record until the motion is almost out of the picture. The platform no longer begins recording action/motion when it begins. Ring app for mac book. AFinitDataCallback(key: 'ds:17', isError: false, hash: '25', data:'gp:AOqpTOGaz6LQnSz7v02gMfEtSX2Mw1bJBW1UKmRQeXtoWCjGGvFWA7klLQu5UCRc76KQSSx160Bs4D2CQEK4nw','Erica E.' I have multiple cameras that face the same angle and they all react late to motion.

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Example: The battery holder of the camcorder.

Please only use single-byte alphanumeric characters.

Verify the download files

'For Windows 7 or Windows Vista'
After the files are downloaded, select the files in Explorer and verify the sizes of the files by selecting Explorer's [Organize] menu and then [Property].
If the sizes are as shown below, then the files have been downloaded successfully.
If the sizes are not as shown below, delete the downloaded files and then download the files again.

'For Windows XP or 2000'
After the files are downloaded, select the files in Explorer and verify the sizes of the files by selecting Explorer's [File] menu and then [Property].

VideoCamSuite(1.0L822).exe / 83.9MB (88,051,392 bytes)

Move the above file to the folder you created in STEP 1 above.

Update Procedures

If VideoCamSuite has already been installed in your PC, uninstall it and then reboot your PC.

Log in as a computer administrator. Quit any running software.

The file decompresses automatically by double-clicking .(VideoCamSuite(1.0L822).exe)

After the file has been decompressed, the installation starts automatically.

Panasonic Sdr-h40 Software Download For Mac Pro

Follow the installer?s direction to complete the installation.
When the screen below appears, the installation of VideoCamSuite has been completed.
Check [Yes, I want to restart my computer now] and then click the [Finish] button to restart the PC.

Panasonic sdr-h40 software download for mac windows 10

Panasonic Sdr-h40 Software Download For Mac Free

The procedure has been completed.