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Jan 10, 2017  Well, I have to admit you have gone thru 'notes hell'. I do not use notes to any great extent on my iPhone (6+) but the little I have used seem to sync to my Mac and other iPhone (6s+) which belongs to my wife. We do use a common Apple ID for all our devices and have not had any problems syncing notes or anything else. Jan 21, 2016  By syncing your notes through iCloud on your Mac, you can access your notes on your other Apple devices. How to sync your Notes with Gmail and Exchange Notes also supports basic sync for a variety of other popular internet services including Google's Gmail and Microsoft's Exchange.

It’s a common need to sync iBooks from Mac to iPhone or from iPad to iPhone and vice versa. And both can be easily achieved via the Settings App. However, many users have reported the iBooks not syncing issue, either on Mac or iPhone/iPad in iOS 11. If you are reading this article now, you are probably troubled by the very same problem. If so, don’t worry, you will get your concerns eliminated after reading this article that provides potential tips to fix the iBooks not syncing issue and an alternative way to sync iBooks between devices at no cost.

Part 1: Fixes to iBooks not syncing

There are mainly two situations of iBooks not syncing, either between Mac and iPhone or between two iOS devices. Part 1 covers the possible solutions to the problem. If none of them works, you are recommended to use the FREE method in Part 2 to sync iBooks between your Mac and iPhone/iPad or between two iOS devices.

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Situation 1: iBooks not syncing between Mac and iPhone/iPad

If you find iBooks won’t be automatically synced from Mac to your iPhone or iPad, choose to manually sync Books from Mac to your iPhone or iPad, which can be done with EaseUS MobiMover introduced in Part 2.

Situation 2: iBooks not syncing between iPad and iPhone in iOS 11

Fix 1: Make sure you are using iCloud Drive for iBooks

Go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud, toggle on iCloud Drive, and switch on iBooks. If you find iBooks not syncing PDFs, do make sure are using iCloud Drive for iBooks.

Fix 2: Re-enable iBooks under iCloud

Go to the device where the iBooks are not synced, choose Settings > [your name] > iCloud, turn off iBooks, and then switch it on again.

Fix 3: Set iBooks under Settings correctly

To sync iBooks from iPad to iPhone, you need to make sure you have turned on Sync Collections under Settings > iBooks. If you are also complaining about iBooks not syncing bookmarks across devices, check whether you have enabled Sync Bookmarks and Notes under Settings > iBooks.

Part 2: A free alternative way to sync iBooks between devices

No matter you want to sync iBooks from Mac to iPhone, from iPad to iPhone, or vice versa, you can use EaseUS MobiMover Free, the FREEWARE for iOS data transfer, to help you with it. With MobiMover installed on your Mac or PC, you can transfer files, including books, between computer and iOS devices (iPhone/iPad in iOS 8 or later) or between two iOS devices.

What can MobiMover transfer or manage for you:

Photos: Camera Roll, Photo Library, Photo Stream, Photo Videos

Videos: Movies, TV shows, Music Videos

Audios: Music, Ringtones, Voice Memos, Audiobooks, Playlists

Others: Contacts, Notes, Messages, Voice Mails, Books, and Safari Bookmarks

When it comes to syncing iBooks, all PDF files, ePub files, and audiobooks are supported by MobiMover. When you are facing the iBooks not syncing PDF files issue, using MobiMover to get things done is a good choice for you. Now, follow the steps below to sync iBooks from iPad to iPhone. (Syncing iBooks from Mac to iPhone is also supported by MobiMover.)

Notes: MobiMover is compatible with PC running Windows 7 and later or Mac running macOS 10.12 (Sierra), 10.13 (High Sierra), Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), 10.8 (Mountain Lion), 10.9 (Mavericks) and 10.11 (El Capitan).

Step 1. Connect your iPhone and iPad to your computer, either Mac or PC. Open EaseUS MobiMover, and choose 'Phone to Phone' in the main interface. You can also go to 'Content Management' > 'Others' > 'Books' to transfer books from iPhone to iPad all at once or selectively.

Step 2. You can choose all the data or only Books to transfer to iPad directly.

Step 3. Click the 'Transfer' button to start transferring books from iPhone to iPad. When it has finished, go to the 'Books' app on your iPad to check and view the synced books.

As you can see from the list above, MobiMover also supports the data transfer of many other file types. You can save your iPhone text messages to computer to make a backup, sync photos from iPhone to iPhone to share happy moments, or put music to your iPhone from computer to enjoy your favorite songs more freely. As an iPhone/iPad user, you will need a tool like EaseUS MobiMover in many situations related to data transfer. Don't hesitate to give it a try.

Sticky Notes has been a part of the Windows operating system for years. It’s a useful utility, lets you pin quick thoughts and notes on the desktop. In 2018, Microsoft delivered the much-needed makeover to Sticky Notes with sync capabilities, file attachment, and a complete redesign. At the same time, the company made sure the users get to access Sticky Notes on rival OS, including Android, iOS, and Mac.

The added syncing function is useless if you can’t access or create Sticky Notes on Android, iOS, or web. To counter the problem, Microsoft has making Sticky Notes available on iOS and Android via other apps and on Mac using the Outlook platform. The company is also leveraging the Microsoft Launcher app on Android for deep integration of Stick Notes.

In this post, we are going to talk about how to access Sticky Notes on Mac, iOS, and Android. It’s not as straight forward as downloading the app from the App Store or the Play Store. Let’s get started.

Use Sticky Notes on Mac

From Outlook App

Apple does provide a capable alternative called Stickies on the macOS. But it’s basic, doesn’t have syncing and it’s only available on the Mac. There is no way to access them on other platforms. Enter Sticky Notes.

Notes from iphone not syncing to mac

There are two ways to use Sticky Notes on the Mac. Microsoft is using the Outlook app for Sticky Notes integration. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open the Mac App Store and download the Outlook Email app.

Step 2: Open Outlook Mail and sign in using the Microsoft account credentials.

Step 3: After the successful login, move to the bottom menu bar.

Step 4: Here, you will see the mail, contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes.

Step 5: Tap on the notes icon and it will open the sticky notes menu in the app.

Click on the notes to view or edit them. To create a new note, go to File > New Note or use the ‘Command + N’ keyboard shortcut to compose a note. Add a title and content to it and hit Command + S shortcut to save the note. You can view and arrange the notes via dates.

Download Outlook for Mac
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Use Outlook Web

In recent years, Microsoft has radically improved the Outlook web functionalities. From a single place, you can access the major Microsoft services such as Mail, Calendar, To-Do, Contacts, Skype, and more.

As it’s dependable on the web, the trick lets you access Sticky Notes on Chrome OS and Linux too. Follow the steps below to access Sticky Notes on the Outlook web.

Step 1: Open any web browser and navigate to

Step 2: Login using Microsoft account credentials and it will take you to the default mail page.

Step 3: From the Outlook Mail, go to Folders > Notes.

Step 4: Here, you will see the Sticky Notes list.

Step 5: Tap on the notes to add content, change color, or even delete it.

Step 6: To create a new note, navigate to the upper left corner and select ‘New Note’ option.

Using Sticky Notes from the Outlook web is a much better experience than the standard Outlook app from the Mac Store.

Use Sticky Notes on iPhone

Here is where it gets confusing. Unlike on desktop, you can’t access Sticky Notes from the Outlook app on the iPhone. Instead, the company has integrated Sticky Notes with the OneNote app for the mobile.

Step 1: Download the OneNote app from the App Store.

Step 2: Sign in using Microsoft account and synchronize the notebooks.

Step 3: Here, you will see the separate Notes section at the bottom.

Step 4: Select it and here you will see all the Sticky Notes in it. Free dvd writer software for mac.

Users can create new notes, change color, format the notes using the default editing options, and more.

Download OneNote for iOS
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Get Sticky Notes on Android

There are two ways to use Sticky Notes on the Android operating system. You can either use the OneNote app or opt for the Microsoft Launcher to access Sticky Notes on Android. Speaking of Microsoft Launcher, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open the Play Store and download the Microsoft Launcher app.

Step 2: Set the launcher as the default on Android from the device settings.

Step 3: Swipe left on the Microsoft Launcher and sign in using the Microsoft account credentials.

Step 4: Go to the Glance tab, and here you will see the Notes widget in the menu.

The notes widget will synchronize the notes from the Sticky Notes app. You can create and edit the existing notes from the same widget.

Alternatively, you can use the OneNote Android app to get Sticky Notes on the Android OS. The steps for it are identical to its iOS counterpart.

Download Microsoft Launcher for AndroidDownload OneNote for Android
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Use Sticky Notes Everywhere

As you can see from the steps above, a user can access Sticky Notes on all the platforms, including Mac, Android, iOS, and web. It’s useful for those living in a cross-platform ecosystem. I mostly use it to jot down quick thoughts on my iPhone and Windows laptop. What about you? Sound off in the comments section below.

Next up:Sticky Notes now working for you on Windows 10? Use the tricks below to fix the issue.

Notes Iphone Mac Not Syncing

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