My Gmail Is Not Responding On Outlook App On Mac

May 15, 2020  If you've activated 2-step verification for your AOL account, you'll need to generate and use an 'app password' to access AOL Mail from these apps. Check your IMAP settings If your AOL Mail isn't sending or receiving mail properly, you'll need to make sure your IMAP or POP settings are correct. Open Outlook, click on 'Preferences,' then click on 'Accounts.' Click on the plus sign icon ('+') and then click 'New Account.' Sep 29, 2018 To create an App Password, follow the instructions below: Visit your App passwords page and sign in. Click Select app and choose “Mail”. Click Select device and choose the device you’re having issues with. Click Generate. Follow the instructions to enter the App password (this is the code in the yellow bar) on your device. Aug 07, 2019  Does anyone have the exact procedure for installing Gmail on OL 2019? I have not been able to get it working after many days of trying. I have an application password, turned off & on 2FA, tried several different instructions from various web sites. I've also tried to set it up using the Outlook 2016 set-up on the control panel.

I have a macbook air - Mac OS X Version 10.6.8. I had my gmail account and opt online account working via the mail app and then I changed the password on the gmail account. I logged in via my iphone and no issues. Once I tried to use gmail on the macbook air it did not receive any messages. I tried to go into preferences and change the password and it is not recognizing the username or password. The outgoing server is always offline. I do not know how to get this connected. I can access my gmail account via the web gmail and on my iphone, just not the macbook air that worked perfectly prior to the password change. I even went into keychain and deleted the gmail lines and started over- deleted the gmail account and optonline account and then tried to open the gmail account under the mail app- all to no avail.

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Several people are experiencing issues with Gmail (especially G Suite) email accounts in Mail on Mac. It seems that the Mail App is not working as expected for some Gmail users. More specifically, some Gmail users have said that after installing the macOS 10.14.4, and launching the Mail app, some Gmail users are asked to authenticate their email addresses. They get a notification saying:

Apr 07, 2017  macOS has a feature called “Gatekeeper” designed to lock down your Mac, forcing it to only run Apple-approved software by default. But a Mac is locked down in the same way Android is locked down–you’re still free to run any application you want. Gatekeeper works a little differently depending on which version of macOS you’re running. How to unblock my browser.

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“Enter the password for the account “(null)”: Google requires completing authentication in Safari.” This takes users to a Google web login form. However, shortly after authenticating, the Mail app asks for authentication once again, and again, as the process does not stick and goes into an endless loop.

Please note that we contacted Apple regarding this issue, and we were told that Apple is currently working on a fix.

In the meantime, you can try the following fixes:

My Gmail Is Not Responding On Outlook App On Mac Windows 10

1– Changing your Gmail account’s security settings may fix this problem. Open Google’s My Account site ( and click Security (On the left navigation panel) and then scroll down and find the “Less secure app access” section and turn this on (note that Google recommends this OFF).

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2- Set up your email account using IMAP. Please note that this process will delete your messages and will no longer available on your Mac. But do not worry, your mails will not be removed from Google’s servers, you can still access your mails via web site. Here is how:

  • Open the Mail App
  • Click Mail
  • Click Preferences
  • Click Accounts
  • Select your Gmail account
  • And click the (-) remove button
  • Now we will re-add your Gmail account
  • Before that, let us make sure that IMAP access is enable. If not, you can do that easily. To enable IMAP in Gmail, login into your Gmail web client ( and then click Settings:
  • Click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab
  • Select Enable IMAP (IMAP access section)
  • And scroll down and click Save.
  • Now again in Mail App, choose Mail
  • Click Add Account
  • Select Google, then click Continue
  • Enter your email and click Next
  • Enter your password and click Next
  • And follow the instructions

If this does not work, try the “Add Other Account” option and add smpt/imap info manually:

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  • Incoming server:
  • Outgoing server:

3- Open Safari and go to and then enter your username and password, then enter the letters (captcha) then try again.

4-Please try the following:

Gmail Not Loading On Mac

  1. Quit Mail App.
  2. Open Keychain (Applications > Utilities or Spotlight Keychain)
  3. Search: google.oa
  4. Find the accounts that you are having trouble accessing, and delete Keychains
  5. Now go to
  6. Sign in with your problematic account
  7. Click Security (left menu)
  8. Find the “Third-party apps with account access” section and click “manage third-party access”
  9. Click macOS and to revoke its access
  10. Then sign out (
  11. On your Mac, go to System Preferences > Internet accounts and re-authenticate your account
  12. And open your Mail and try again

5-Still having the problem? if so try this:

  1. Download and install Charles (a proxy app):
  2. Authorize automatic proxy, when asked
  3. In Charles go to the Help menu and then choose SSL Proxying > Install Charles Root Certificate
  4. Keychain Access will open. Find the “Charles Proxy…” (you may type Charles to search).
  5. Double click on it.
  6. Expand the Trust section and set to “Always Trust”.
  7. Close the window, enter your password when you are asked.
  8. In Charles, choose SSL Proxying Settings (Proxy menu).
  9. Add a new location with Host:
  10. Go to the Tools menu and then choose Rewrite and click Add.
  11. Add a new location with Host:
  12. Add a new action:

Type: Body

Where: Response


My Gmail Is Not Responding On Outlook App On Mac Laptop

Replace Value: {“names”:[{“metadata”:{“primary”:true},”displayName”:”Your Name”}],”emailAddresses”:[{“value”:”your@email”}]}

  1. And now on your Mac, open System Settings and Internet Accounts and re-authorize your account.
  2. Now test to see if it is working, if your issue is resolved now, feel free to remove the Charles app.

My Gmail Is Not Responding On Outlook App On Mac Windows 10

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