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May 08, 2017  College Apps for Managing Your Time and Staying Organized. Keeping track of life's day-to-day details can be a tall order for anybody. But when you throw time into the mix, things get extra challenging, especially for busy college students. Thankfully, many great apps are available to make everything a little more manageable.

Must Have Mac Apps For College

What is an Apple Support College Advisor?

Apple Support provides customer service, troubleshooting, and technical support to Apple customers by phone, chat, or email. The Apple Support College Advisor position is an opportunity to be part of this team while you’re still enrolled at a college or university.

What does an Apple Support College Advisor do?

Apple Support College Advisors are responsible for answering customers’ questions — over the phone or via chat — about Apple products, services, and accessories, including both software and hardware.

Mac app update. Oct 18, 2019  Open the App Store app on your Mac. Click Updates in the App Store toolbar. Use the Update buttons to download and install any updates listed. When the App Store shows no more updates, the installed version of macOS and all of its apps are up to date. That includes Safari, iTunes, iBooks, Messages, Mail, Calendar, Photos, and FaceTime.

What are some of the specific products they support?

No single Apple Support College Advisor handles every product at once, but the products supported by Advisors include Apple Watch, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. Apple Support College Advisors may also be among the first to learn about new, upcoming products, well before the public hears about them.

If selected for the Apple Support College Program, would I be employed directly by Apple?

Yes. All Apple Support College Advisors are Apple employees.

How much would I be paid?

You’ll learn more about pay and benefits during the recruiting process.

Does Apple provide employee benefits?

Download mac os for pc. Yes. All Apple Support College Advisors receive a robust benefits package, including product discounts and paid time away.

What are the school requirements?

You must be enrolled in classes at a designated college or university throughout your employment and have a cumulative GPA of 2.7 or higher. You should be able to balance your planned school load with your work as an Apple Support College Advisor.

How long is the Apple Support College Program?

The program is one full year based on your school year.

How do I know if my major is a fit?

All majors are considered.

I’m graduating soon. Can I still participate in the program?

To be eligible, you must be a current student enrolled in at least one class at a participating college or university for the duration of the one-year program.

What are the requirements for a home office?

You’ll work where you live, so you must have a private, quiet, distraction-free room with a door that can close to keep out ambient noise. You must have or be willing to get a desk, an ergonomic chair, and a hardwired high-speed Internet connection from a reliable provider. This connection must be able to maintain a consistent speed of 10 Mbps for downloads and 3 Mbps for uploads, as well as less than 150 ms latency while connected to Apple VPN. Students living in college dormitories are not currently eligible to participate.

Would I be reimbursed for Internet service?

Yes. We’ll provide reimbursements up to an amount we’ll discuss during the recruiting process.

Would I have to purchase my own computer and phone?

No. We’ll provide an iMac and headset to be used exclusively for your Advisor work.

Does Apple provide training for the position?

Yes. Training typically lasts up to nine weeks, and the content is delivered through a virtual, online program led by a live instructor. The topics covered include Apple product lessons, advanced troubleshooting, and job-specific tools and processes. Most importantly, you’ll learn Apple’s unique approach to customer support.

Where would I train and work?

You’ll train and work in your home office, using the iMac we provide for your role as an Apple Support College Advisor.

Do I need prior Mac experience?

It helps to have some experience with the Mac and Apple mobile devices like iPhone and iPad. But if you have experience working on and troubleshooting other operating systems such as Windows and you’re willing to commit to training on the Mac, you could be a good candidate for this program.

How would this job fit into my school schedule?

Once you get your class schedule, your manager will work with you to establish your custom work schedule around your classes.

Does Apple require Advisors to work on major holidays?

As a support business, Apple experiences a large customer demand for help on major holidays. Naturally, this means we need to have staff available to work on those days. A holiday coverage schedule will be provided.

Is the Apple Support College Program affiliated with my school?

Although Apple works with many colleges and universities to help make this program available, the job is not affiliated with any school.

Can I get college credit?

Best Mac Apps For College Students

To determine whether you’re eligible for college credit, you should work directly with your school.

Are there opportunities to join Apple after the program?

Opportunities with Apple are available throughout the year depending on our business needs. As an Apple Support College Advisor, you’ll gain many of the skills that could help you stand out as a candidate when you apply.

How do I know if I’m a good candidate for the program?

An ideal candidate has a passion for working with technology and helping people. You must enjoy troubleshooting and working independently without in-person supervision. And you should have good multitasking skills to manage multiple systems and applications simultaneously.

How do I apply for the program?

Must Have Macbook Apps

If you’re interested in applying for a job as an Apple Support College Advisor, search for available jobs.