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Generally, the need of best webcam recording software arises because the webcam preinstalled in your system is not capable of performing various tasks which are needed. Apart from just capturing images and videos, it is insufficient of carrying out some high-end features and hence you need an alternate of it.

Mar 12, 2020  The webcam on your PC can do a lot more than just click the occasional selfie or chat using a VoIP software like Skype.Paired with the right software, you can use the humble webcam to take wide-angle selfies with your friends and family, or even use it for surveillance purposes.Different users utilize their webcams in different ways, some want fancy effects to spice up their video feed, while. Time-Lapse will turn a sequence of images into a QuickTime movie. You can select or drag and drop any number of JPEG, TIFF, PNG, Canon CR2 or Nikon NEF image files and folders. Ip Camera Time Lapse Software - Free Download Ip Camera Time Lapse - Top 4 Download - offers free. software downloads for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android computers and mobile devices. Visit for free, full and secured software’s. Oct 30, 2012  Time Lapse Assembler allows you to create movies from a sequence of images. Provide it with a folder containing sequentially named JPEG images and it will produce a Quicktime compatible movie file for use in iMovie or other editing software. Exports MPEG, H.264, and RAW movies; Select between 15, 24, and 30 fps.

10 Best Webcam Recording Software

So, for that purpose, I am going to talk about the best video capture software that we have right now. The idea is to serve various purposes like surveillance, fun or may be some personal use. Some of them are free and some of them offers a subscription. It depends upon your need that which one you want to opt. So, choose wisely.

1. Manycam


The first option in this list of best webcam recording software is Manycam. This software is way more than just recording but offers some really exciting features which are quite easy to use as well as fun too. It is simple and great to use along with multiple platform compatibility.

The basic version of this software comes for free but there are some subscription plans too which are provided for the high-end users.

These plans are Standard for $26, Studio for $69 and $299 for Enterprise which is billed annually. Now, there are a lot of features which comes handy with these subscriptions and trust me they are everything that you want in a webcam recording software.

Some of the features of Manycam that I want to highlight are recording from multiple video sources, desktop screencasting, YouTube integration, multiple channel broadcasting, green screen, mobile applications, 3D masks and effects, draw and text feature and many more.

Manycam is not just about recording the live streaming webcam but it is also about editing it and use it for other purposes too.

Time Lapse Camera Software

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2. Movavi Screen Capture


The next one in this list of best webcam recording software is Movavi Screen Capture. Movavi offers so many other software too which can be used for webcam recording but the one which is really liked was this one.

Movavi Screen Capture is not only about recording live webcam streaming or webinars but you can also capture video and movies from the web too along with video calls as well.

Isn’t it just amazing to use such software to record all those memories which were earlier so hard to keep up with? You can download this software for free but that remains free for a specific trial period only. Afterwards, you would have to buy it for $39.95 which is a one-time fee for 1 PC.

Now, talking about some of the features offered by this recording software then they are quite amazing. Few to name are video editing, audio removal from video, remove ads, demonstrate bugs and error, various formats support and many more.

However, you should know that you cannot capture copy protected videos and audios through Movavi Screen Capture.

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3. Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder


Amongst various software offered by Apowersoft, Free Screen Recorder is one of them. As they say, it is a one-click recorder which is simple to operate yet very significant as a webcam recorder. Being a smart app for Windows and other platforms, it serves as a recorder which allows you to record for an unlimited time.

This is a completely free to use screen recorder and works with online mode only. So, you need a launcher if you are using this software for the first time.

The user guide requires you to just tap on the recording button and it will be done. You can use further customization and sharing options once the recording is done. This software supports various video formats which makes the use universal too.

Being an excellent solution as one of the best webcam recording software, it helps you to record webcam streaming along with self-demonstration, video chat and many more. There are so many other features too which makes the software an excellent as well as free solution for recording the streaming videos.

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4. Filmora Scrn


Filmora Scrn is not exclusively a webcam recording software.

Rather, it’s a full video editing suite, an extremely easy and all-in-one tool at that.

Anyway, its webcam-features are pretty advanced.

For starters, it lets you capture both the Webcam, as well as your screen at the same time! (Gamer? Making a tutorial maybe? Perfect).

You can also connect external microphones if you believe they’re of better quality.

Then, you get to select a specific frame-rate for the video. Gaming needs higher, while just informative videos may do with a lower FPS rate, right?

It supports frames as low as 15 to as high as 120.

How about turning your system into a hidden (or non-hidden) camera?

You can set an “end time”. Filmora keeps recording till that time is reached.

Have multiple webcams? Filmora would let you select any webcam you desire for the capture.

You can also select custom areas for the recording.

It’s also the perfect video editing tool for beginners.

You can add annotations, apply green screen effects, add transitions and do a lot more.

The best part? It’s 100% free! Although sure go for the paid plans if you need more features.

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5. Debut Video Capture Software


There are a lot of webcam recording aids available to figure out the best free recording software is quite tricky. But, Debut video capture software keeps you away from that trouble. Thankfully it is a free to use software with every possible feature which can be used to make your recording better.

Talking about this incredibly amazing recording software, then thankfully it comes for free but that is only when you want to access some of the basic services.

The other purchasing options include the Home Edition of this software costing $40 and Pro Edition costing $50 as a one time fee. But trust me, I think you are going to cover most of the important features under the free version only.

Debut Video Capture software, being one of the best webcam recording software offers various features. These are multiple format support, computer screen recording, video settings adjustment, time lapse, highlighting, audio /video separate recording and various others.

A great aid for the people who want to utilizes these recorded videos from different sources for something great and creative.

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6. SplitCam


An excellent and one of the best webcam recording software specially made for Windows console is Splitcam. For someone who not only wants to record the videos but also wants to improvise it with the help of effects and editing then it can proved to be just the perfect option for you.

Well, the main feature of this software is to split your cam while video streaming on various platforms at the same time.

What I really liked about this software is the fact that it supports clearest quality of chats in HD and hence preferred by a large audience. Other features of this software are 3D masks, popular services support, various resolution support, recording and sharing simultaneously, zooming and many more.

The great thing is that it incorporates new updates and features in very quick span of time. Apart from recording, audio mixing and various audio effects are the other prime features of this software which makes it a great pro at the business. And of course, the best part remains to be its free of cost functioning.

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7. IP Camera Viewer


IP Camera Viewer is the best webcam software which is suitable for those people who wants to install video surveillance at their home or office. It works like the camera installed at any place through which you can keep an eye on the people visiting you along with recording the entire footage too.

You can connect it to your PC instantly and then watch live footage in real time. You can control four cameras as the same time view their recording simultaneously.

You would be glad to know that it is absolutely free to use along with some wonderful features offered too. Some of the features of IP Camera Viewer that you should know are multiple camera support including IP camera and webcams, digitally zooming, orientation adjustment, footage capturing, live audio recording and many more.

Being an exceptional and free tool makes IP Camera Viewer one of the best webcam recording software and also quite an advanced tool offered by Deskshare. You can check out more such products by Deskshare on their site.

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8. GoPlayEditor


GpPlayEditor is one of the most advanced and best webcam recording software in this list. It is mainly used for the professional purposes only and apart from getting a recorder you also get video editor with it too.

Mainly a free to use software, it allows you to go Pro too where there are no limits on the recording and editing features, unlike the free version where you can record for 10 minutes maximum at a time.

So, the Pro version has three subscription policies. For one year it is $15.90, for 5 years it is $40.90 and for unlimited usage it is $63.90 for 1 PC. Now, talking about that how you can use GoPlayEditor for various screen recordings then the list is actually quite long.

To be brief about it, I can list out some of the coolest features of it. Some of the ultimate features of this software are recording of screen, webcam and games, support HD video quality, multi-track video editing, split and merge tools, real-time dubbing and many more.

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9. Free Screencast


Running since 2005, Free Screencast is an extremely innovative and creative platform which can surely help you to fulfill your objective related to recording as well as editing. As the name of this software says it all, it is an absolutely free to use software with no hidden charges or subscriptions at all.

Being a match made in heaven for the best free webcam software, Free Screencast is much more than just a screen recorder.

Although not as popular as the rest of the options I listed here but surely suitable for the people looking for a free to use webcam recorder. Some of the features associated with Free Screencast are multiple video format support, screen recording with sound, webcam and IP camera recording, tutorial making and video editing, customization of recording, task scheduling and many more.

Apart from recording and like most of the best webcam recording software here, Free Screencast allows you to share your media as well from its platform itself.

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10. SMRecorder


Mac Time Lapse Webcam Software Downloads

Amongst various products offered by Video2Down, SMRecorder is one of the best webcam recording software. Keeping in mind the requirements of the users, I have listed this amazing software here which is absolutely free to use without any upgradation or subscription charges.

A simple tool that it is, SMRecorder can be operated by even beginners in this technology. You can use SMRecorder for multiple purposes like making demos, tutorials, presentations and many more.

Despite being an absolutely free to use software, it has a lot of things to offer to its users. Some of them are synchronization of audio and video, easy to use, multiple language users interface, desktop motion recording along with webcam recording, customization, simple interface and many more.

Being extremely simple yet significant option for webcam recording tools, SMRecorder can be a wise choice to pick but only for basic uses.

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11. Camersoft: Webcam Capture


Amongst the best recording software, the Webcam Capture by Camersoft is my last pick. This is one of the various products offered by Camersoft and surely a popular and important one too. However, it only supports Windows platform and no other ones.

Well, there is a free version available of this software but it comes with some limitation and eventually you would have to pick the pro/paid version for sure which is going to cost you $25 as a one-time fee.

Now, talking about the features of Webcam Capture then there are plenty of them. First and foremost is that it is quite simple to use. From taking snapshots to full recording, Webcam capture does it all. Other functions of this software are home and webcam surveillance, webcam monitor, full Windows support, automatic webcam connection detection and many more.

I personally think that you should definitely give a try to this last mention in the list of best webcam recording software for sure.

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12. Cyberlink YouCam 8


Cyberlink is a a company which has a number of tools to capture moments and mix the real with the reel. Its Youcam 8 Webcam software is one such tool designed specifically to capture a user’s Webcam and fine-tune it to the next level.

For starters the Webcam is equipped with a ton of skin-enhancements which can be used to enhance your look in real-time, even while live. YouCam8 is also compatible with Facebook Messenger, Skype, and even Youtube Live. It also offers effects and presets which cab be used by Streamers on Twitch, OBS, and other similar gaming platforms.

It boasts of the registered TrueTheater™ technology, which enhances the sharpness, noise, contrast, lightning etc. in real-time. Like those photo filters on Instagram? Youcam offers similar filters for your webcam. Video effects can be added live and it boasts an arsenal of 200+ of them, with the ability to download more.

The images can be framed using in-built frames, interesting particles (flowing hearts, blur/distortion etc). Even includes a photo editor which features brushes, touch-detection (for lines and shapes), and presets. Videos can be trimmed as well.

It adds “Face-detection” as well which can also be used to lock the devices, also can be used in the Surveillance mode which additionally feature time-lapse videos and timed snapshots. Obviously being one of the best Webcam Recording software for Windows and Mac, it’s not free and starts at USD $49.00.

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13. OBS BroadCaster


OBS is an extremely feature-rich webcam recording and video streaming software. Although note that the features may be a tad bit overwhelming for absolute first-timers. It’s free as well as Open-Source but at the same time one of the most popular recording choices out there.

It also comes in-built with an editor which allows users to customize their videos, add transition effects, add video stingers etc. The software captures not just the Webcam, but also the windows, screen, browsers etc. and hence can be used to create professional scenes for various scenarios.

Mac command line. But for older versions of Mac OS X, and because app bundles aren't designed to be passed command line arguments, the conventional mechanism is to use Apple Events for files like here for Cocoa apps or here for Carbon apps. You could also probably do something kludgey by passing parameters in using environment variables. The terminal app is in the Utilities folder—which is found the Applications folder. Launch it now. The BSD UNIX command we'll be using is open. Below is the manual page ('man' for short), shown.

A good webcam should take care of the audio, shouldn’t it? Well OBS Broadcaster is packed with noise suppression, gain, noise gate and other advanced filters to make your audio studio quality. Wish to supercharge the webcam recording software? Well it supports third-party VST plugins as well.

It’s extremely customizable and hence users can set their own hotkeys for almost everything on the software. It also supports upto 8 scenes to be viewed and switched to and fro simultaneously. Its superpower however is its ability to let users live-stream directly and professionally.

In a nutshell, it’s not the easiest or “fun” webcam recording software, but if it’s features you’re looking for it totally is one of the best picks. It’s compatible with Mac, Windows and even Linux.

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14. Camtasia


Camtasia is not just a Webcam recorder, but also a full fledged screen recorder. It’s packed with professional as well as fun-features. Everything being displayed on the screen can be recorded. However it’s prime attraction for me is the easy to use video editor.

If you’re into making Tutorials, Explainer videos and other similar content, Camtasia may just be a life-saver to you. The video editor features a Drag & Drop interface, annotations, shapes, text can be added and positioned easily. Not just that, there even is an “audio editor” which lets users record as well as edit audio.

Not sure of your voice? You can select and add from tons of Royalty free music and audio effects as well. It can record both system audio, as well as audio from Microphones and/or Webcams. A number of pre-made animations and visual-effects are included as well.

Other basic effects required for Explainers and Tutorials such as Zoom in, Zoom out etc. aren’t missing either. It can easily be integrated with Powerpoint, and slides be made into Videos. One-click uploads make sharing easier.

A free trial is available. Or, you can purchase it starting from USD $290.00 (approx) for 1 license. Prices decrease as you purchase more licenses in bulk.

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15. ScreenFlow


We’ve included a number of best Webcam recording software which are “Windows Only“. But why should they have all the fun? So well, we brought you ScreenFlow, a Mac-only webcam recording software.

It’s an all-in-one solution for webcam recording, screen recording and even video sharing. It allows recording multiple screens at once. Its video-editor is capable of letting you edit the videos and add annotations, transitions, text animations and much more.

Mac Time Lapse Webcam Software Pc

Making videos for speakers of a different language? You can burn your subtitles into the videos as well. No additional tools required for creating those subtitles just in case you were wondering. Why be limited to videos? ScreenFlow also allows creation of animated GIFs and PNGs.

It also offers access to over half a million clips which can be added to the videos. Though my favorite part is its ‘iOS support. It’s not just limited to a MAC, you can also record your mobile devices! A free trial is available, the purchase-price is USD $129.00.

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16. Bandicam


I’m not sure why or how Bandicam wasn’t included in this list earlier. It’s one of the most popular webcam recording software out there hands down.

It allows recording the camera from not just webcams, but also Playstation/Xbox, phones, SmartTVs etc. It also features Hardware acceleration which improves the overall video quality and recording speed considerably.

4K ultra HD videos with resolutions as high as 3840×2160 can be recorded. Although it offers a number of other features, for e.g. overlaying your facecam or webcam (useful for streaming/ recording games) and even advanced screen recording.

Users can manually select a recording area on the screen. You can also draw on your screen at the same time as it’s being recorded. To personalize or customize a video, you can even add your own logos to it. Furthermore, effects on mouse-clicks and microphone are supported as well. The videos can also be directly uploaded to video-sharing sites such as Youtube.

1-PC license costs USD $39.00, while for 2PCs you’d have to pay USD $59.00.

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17. Free 2x Webcam Recorder


Free 2x is a non-profit, 100% free webcam software for personal use. For starters, it can record any webcam and/or digital camera. Also, what’s video without audio, isn’t that right? Well it’s capable of recording audio as well.

Infact, it not only records system audio but also from your microphone. There may be moments when you need a snapshot instead of a video. Well, Free 2x allows you to take a snapshot while you’re already recording your webcam.

Its key-mapping makes it easy to use as well. Most webcam actions can be controlled from the keyboard, no mouse-movement is required. The watermark too can be edited. Moreover, scheduling too is available for automatic recording as well as auto-stopping.

Mac time lapse webcam software pc

If you wish to use the application for commercial or educational purposes, it needs to be purchased. A one-time, unlimited-use license is priced at USD $99.00. It records the video in AVI, WMV and MP4 formats, while saves the screenshots as JPG or BMP. The overall user-interface is modern and pretty easy to understand.

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18. ClipChamp


Not exactly a software, rather an online webcam recording tool. All the more easier and simpler for you, isn’t it?

Mac Time Lapse Webcam Software Download

No downloads required. It’s completely browser-based.

This makes it one of the best webcam recording software for Wndows AND Mac.

And well, it’s free. Sure, paid plans exist, but they’re optional.

Clipchamp is capable of detecting multiple webcams, and allows the choice of selecting one of those.

External cameras as well as Mics can be selected with just one-click as well.

The videos are 100% private. Neither the company, nor anyone else has access to them.

The videos are processed client-side.

When it comes to quality, I’d say it performs better than some other “software” on this list.

Resolutions as low as 360P, and as high as 1080P available. The choice is yours as well.

It can even be used as a screen recording tool.

Additional features such as stock photos and videos available. These can be purchased using Clipchamp’s one-off payment model.

It even allows uploading and using our own media files with the recording.

And finally, a basic video editor is available just to smooth the edges.

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19. Free webcam recorder


If for some weird reason the 17 options above couldn’t solve your problem, this is one last desperate attempt to do so.

As the name suggests, it’s a 100% free webcam recorder.

Supports multiple webcams, you get to manually choose the cam you wish to record from.

Also supports “Loop mode” in addition to the normal/manual recording.

The “loop mode” is basically 24X7 automated recording. Lets the webcam be used as a security feed.

The loop mode can be set to record for up to 10 hours.

Also has a “schedule” option.

This lets you specify a start and end time, based on which the recording automatically starts and stops.

Supports outputs in MP4, WMV, MOV, FLV, and AVI formats.

Granular control over the video is provided, including the frame rate, size, minimum/maximum values etc.

Audio input can either be the mic, or any other source which can be manually specified. No-audio recording (and vice-versa) too are supported.

It seems to be coded by a single developer, offers one of the simplest and easiest interfaces out there.

Free Time Lapse Editing Software

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20. iSpring Cam Pro


iSpring is an extremely advanced webcam recording software for Windows.

For starters, it supports PiP (Picture in Picture) screencasts. In other words, your webcam can be displayed along with other content on the screen.

Perfect if you’re into making tutorials or other such content.

Maybe, just record a part of the screen and not all of it? That’s possible as well.

When recording your screen, highlight your mouse actions maybe? Will make your videos better and easier to understand.

It also has this voiceover feature using which you can record voiceovers for your videos.

Quite a bit of video editing is possible as well. Trim, split, merge your videos in less than 3 clicks!

It allows adding shapes, arrows and other elements on the video using its easy drag & drop interface.

Dozens of transition effects, intro slides and other such features further better your video. (The ease of use is impressive).

It’s integrated with iSpring Cloud, this generates an instantly shareable link for the video.

Bottomline? If you need a webcam recorder, video editor, tutorial video maker, iSpring offers all of that in a single application.

Time Lapse Recording Software

There’s a 100% free trial you can get right now.

The paid version is a tad-bit expensive (but, totally worth it) and costs $227.00/year.

Mac Time Lapse Software Webcam

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For everyone who wants to stay updated with new technology, I think this section of best webcam recording software serves well for them. There are a lot of other software available too and make sure that you are not paying too much for what you are using by comparing them to the ones l enlisted here.

From preparing video tutorials to conducting live sessions for your audience, there are a lot of things which can be made possible through these software easily. Each software follows different steps to activate it so go through the description before directly using them.