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If you don’t use Dashboard on your Mac, then why not completely disable it. A functional macOS application that takes up valuable megabytes in the computer’s memory can be easily deactivated. But before that you should ask yourself the question: how often and for what purpose do I use the extra workspace and what widgets do I really need.


How to Close Dashboard on Mac?

If of all the widgets available for Dashboard, you only use the weather or a calculator, you can easily find a replacement for them. For example, to find out the forecast, you can download the utility for “Notification Center”. The program copes with its duties perfectly and does not require a Dashboard for operation. Other widgets have analogs.

Mac Remove Apps From Dashboard Windows 10

Therefore, Dashboard can be safely disabled.

Apple Mac Dashboard

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How to Remove Dashboard in macOS?

  1. Remove the checkmark from the item labeled Show Dashboard as Space (Mountain Lion or Mavericks), or use the drop-down menu to set Dashboard to display As Overlay (Yosemite and later). If you'd like to move Widgets to the Desktop on macOS Mountain Lion.
  2. Sep 12, 2018  First introduced with OS X Tiger in 2005, Dashboard organizes Mac widgets — program shortcuts and precursors to apps that we are all more familiar with. Many of these widgets still come as part of the standard package with every Mac and new operating system. Dashboard is.

Delete the app preference file. Plist files can become corrupt when a Mac shuts down or restarts unexpectedly or when an app freezes or crashes. As a result, the app may not open. When you delete a bad preference file, the Mac creates a new plist file that contains all the app's defaults automatically.

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Deactivating the widget bar on macOS is easy. To do this, use one command in the Terminal:

Mac Remove Apps From Dashboard Mac

  • Open the standard Terminal application from the Utilities folder;
  • Run the command to disable Dashboard:
  • Reboot the dock for the change to take effect:


Mac Remove Apps From Dashboard

That’s all! Now Dashboard is unloaded from the memory of your Mac and does not occupy valuable megabytes. If you change your mind and decide to return this function back to macOS:

  • Use the same command, but instead of YES, set NO:

How To Remove Dashboard Cover

  • Do not forget to restart the Dock at the end: