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Sep 30, 2018  If you want the best email app for macOS, and you want more features than Apple Mail, I would have to recommend Spark for Mac. It has a great design, a. Apr 15, 2020  The Mail application that ships with macOS and OS X is solid, feature-rich and spam-eliminating software that is also an easy-to-use email client. Optimized to work on the Mac, the Mail app is trouble free and full featured. It can handle all your email accounts in one place. Sep 26, 2017 12 Cool New Features in macOS High Sierra. High Sierra isn't a huge update to Apple's operating system, but there are still plenty of changes, big and small, for Mac users to sink their teeth into. Launch Mail and the app will build new Envelope Index files - this can take a long time if there are numerous messages to go through. OS X Mavericks: 7 tips for the travelling Mac; OS X.

Solving a small print problem in 10 comments Create New Account
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OK, I moved the file:
mv ./
And restarted, but I'm not seeing any difference. What else is involved?

The same for me as well. Trashing this file doesn't change anything.. :( still prints with a very small font.

I was able to correct this problem by deleting a different preference (I believe ''). Now it works fine.

Actually, its rather odd, but the size of the text when you print from is directly related to the width of the window you are printing from. Double click on an email so it opens in a separate window, drag the window size to the width you want the document to print at, and print. Voila, large text, small text, whatever you prefer.

I was able to correct this problem by deleting a different preference (I believe ''). Now it works fine.

When I looked at this file, it seems to just be the place that stores your custom presets in the print options dialog (For instance, if you have a special set for printing color, or one for printing draft copies). I don't see how it would affect the print size for mail, unless it was stuck on a custom setting that you personally made.

Must be the placebo effect. Tried it; didn't work. Sure wish it did, though.

In another thread on another forum concerning very tiny printing in Safari, it was noted that if you resize your screen to encompass only what you want to print -- in other words, as small as you can, eliminating as much blank space as you can -- the print will be larger as the program scales to fit the print page. A case of WYSIWYG. It worked in Safari, and it worked in Mail too. Hope this helps someone!

As another solution, instead of opening the message, just select it in your mailbox message list and then print. This will print using the font size specified in the Mail preferences. Note that this only works if the message viewer pane below your message list is also closed.
This seems to be the designed behaviour for TextEdit too, when it's in 'Wrap to Window' mode. There's an entry about this in the help file for TextEdit, titled 'Text Prints Too Small in TextEdit', but I can't find anything in the Mail help.
Both Mail and TextEdit are designed to reflect on the printed version the same wordwrapping shown on the screen, so if you make your windows wider the printed text size must be reduced to fit the same amount of text on one line.

I just had the same problem and realized that when on the print screen that comes up that allows you to choose what pages you want to print, how many copies, etc.; there are also three options in the bottom right side of that menu that allows you to choose:
- Scale Message to Fit
- Rewrap Message to Fit
- Keep the Same Apparent Size
Clicking the button for Rewrap Message to Fit solved my printing problem.
Hope this helps!

For modern Mac users, there are several scenarios in which having a font larger in size on their Macs can be a great advantage. For example:

  • Having a Retina Display Macbook: These Macs boast high density displays that, while allowing for more screen real estate, can also suffer from readability issues due to smaller fonts.
  • Using a large-screen iMac or a Macbook on a stand: In both of these scenarios, the screen of the Mac usually sits a few inches further, making the default text size also harder to read.
  • Eyesight problems: I know this one sounds funny, but the truth is that as we age, our eyesight deteriorates and having smaller fonts to read on a screen becomes more of an issue.

The problem here is that even with an OS as modern as Mavericks, Apple hasn’t provided a way to change the font size that applies system-wide, so it is left to us Mac users to take care of this issue.

Here’s how you can increase (and customize) the font size on your Mac to make things more readable.

Operating System

While there is no way to increase the font size across the entire system, it is possible to find the appropriate options scattered across it. To achieve the most effective font change on Mavericks though, we’ll have to focus on two different areas: Finder windows and desktop elements.

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Finder Windows

The Finder windows are composed of two main elements: The window’s contents and the sidebar.

To customize the fonts (and icons) contained within a Finder window, you have to open one and then look for the Action icon at the top right side of the toolbar. Paragon software's ntfs for mac. Click on it and select Show View Options.

A new panel will show up. There you can use the options at the top to change not just the font size, but also the size of the icons within the windows.

The screenshots below are from the same areas of a Finder window. As you can notice, changing these options can make a dramatic difference in how the window’s contents look and read.

Now, to make the sidebar on any window in the Finder more readable, you have to first open your Mac’s System Preferences. There, click on General.

On the next panel, you will see a segment named ‘Sidebar icon size’. Select among the options available there (Small, Medium and Large) to change the size of the icons on all Finder windows.

Of course, as shown below, the larger the icons the larger (and more readable) the fonts will become as well.

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Desktop Elements

When it comes to the desktop, things are a bit easier to handle. To start, you have to right-click on your desktop and select Show View Options.

Then you will be shown a panel where you will be able to customize the desktop elements font and icon size, which can make them far larger and more readable as you can see in the pics below.

Additionally, you can also enlarge the icons on the Dock by selecting it on your Mac’s Preferences and using the Magnification slider.


Now that the elements of the OS are already larger and more readable, it is time to take care of the apps on your Mac. Unfortunately, the operating system doesn’t have control over this aspect of you Mac, so you will have to do this on a per-app basis.

Now, while not all the apps work the same, in most cases you will be able to customize/resize their fonts using one of these two methods:

Open the app you want to customize and open its Preferences (usually accessible via the Command + , keyboard shortcut).

On some apps (Mail for example), you will find an option there to set a custom font size and even to change the entire font to a different one, including its color.

Mac Os Mail App

On other apps (like Safari, Numbers or Pages for example) you will be able to set a larger zoom level, so everything will look larger when you open those apps.

Best mail app for mac

There you go. Now you’ll never have to strain your eyes when reading on your Mac. Enjoy!

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Mac Os Mail Application

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