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Dec 01, 2013  System Preferences is an important component of Mac OS X – much like the control panel in Windows. The icons that you see when you open it represent Preference Panes. Most of these Preference Pane icons are viewable by default, but some are added when you install an application (ie. Flash Player, Xmarks for Safari). EnvPane is a preference pane for Mac OS X (10.8 or newer. EnvPane is a preference pane for Mac OS X (10.8.` as well via the preference pane UI. Open Time Machine Preference Pane. Apr 12, 2018  The default Mac applications that come with your new Mac work well enough, but they lack certain features you might be seeking. In general, the default apps aren’t customizable or especially powerful. They’re attractive and effective at their basic job. Mac users can alter the default Mac login window to include a message or greeting. The message can be for just about any purpose. It can be a simple greeting, such as 'Welcome back, buddy' or a silly one, such as 'While you were away, I cleaned up all those messy files on your drive.

Certain actions that you perform on your Mac will cause default apps to open. For example, clicking a document may open Pages. But what if you want Microsoft Word to open instead? You can also set your default web browser and email reader.

Here's how!

How to change the default Mac app for specific file types

  1. Right-click on a file that uses the file type you'd like to change the default for. For example, one with a .jpg extension (a photo).
  2. Click on Get Info in the pop-up.
  3. Click Open With if the section isn't already expanded.
  4. Click the dropdown and choose an app.

    Source: iMore

  5. Click Change All..
  6. Click Continue when the Finder asks you if you're sure.

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Now any time you open a file with that extension, the Finder will automatically open it with the app you've selected.


How to set your default web browser

  1. Launch System Preferences from the dock, Finder, or by clicking the Apple icon in the Menu bar.
  2. Click General at the top left of the window.
  3. Click the dropdown next to Default web browser.
  4. Click the web browser you'd like to use as the default.

    Source: iMore

How to set your default email reader

Mail is likely the default email app on your Mac, but just in case you have others downloaded, you can set the default reader. Here's how:

Network Preference Pane

  1. Launch Mail from your dock or the Finder.
  2. Click Mail in the menu bar at the top of the screen.
  3. Click Preferences.
  4. Click the dropdown next to Default Mail Reader.
  5. Click the app you'd like to set as the default.

    Source: iMore


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Updated February 2020: Updated for macOS Catalina!

macOS Catalina


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Mac Os X Default Apps Preference Panels

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