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Nov 17, 2019  On a Mac, drag the app to the terminal window that opens up and hit enter. On a Mac or Linux you can type or copy/paste the path to the game. You can also run it from the command line with the path as the first argument. The script will run chmod -x on: Contents/MacOS; lib/linux-i686 recursively; lib/linux-x8664 recursively. Aug 29, 2019  chmod a+x If we take a look at the permissions, we’ll see that the execute permission is now granted to everyone, and the existing permissions are still in place. Ls -l We could have achieved the same thing without the “a” in the “a+x” statement. The following command would have worked just as well. Chmod +x file.command Without this, Terminal will refuse to execute it. Note that the script does not have to begin with a #! Prefix in this specific scenario, because Terminal specifically arranges to execute it with your default shell. Jun 08, 2010  The note is about regular files, that the +X rule is not only affecting directories. See man chmod or try it yourself by hand. This will set the exec rights: nardi@kub1x /test $ ll file-rw-r-xr– 1 nardi nardi 56 Jun 13 21:06 file. nardi@kub1x /test $ chmod a+X file nardi@kub1x /test $ ll file-rwxr-xr-x 1 nardi nardi 56 Jun 13 21:06 file. Jul 23, 2010  Mac Apps MacRumors attracts a broad audience of both consumers and professionals interested in the latest technologies and products. We also boast an active community focused on purchasing decisions and technical aspects of the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Mac platforms.

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Chmod X Mac

khock19 wrote:
and I get no errors. But then when I type it returns
-bash: command not found

You don't have problem with chmod. The problem is that the directory containing that file isn't in your 'path'. You can see this by typing the command 'echo $PATH' (without the quotes). There are three ways to deal with this: (1) Invoke that command this way: ./ . (That's what the 'Quick Start Guide' for that script tells you to do in step 5.) That tells bash to look for that command in the current directory. (2) Presuming you're positioned in the directory where that script file is, add that directory to the path using this command: export PATH=`pwd`:$PATH . You'll have to invoke that command every time you launch a new Terminal session unless you update your bash profile to include a command to set the PATH automatically. (3) Put the file in one of the directories that's already in the PATH, such as /usr/local/bin.

Dec 23, 2010 11:27 AM

Find Exec Chmod

**i originally posted this in the scripting forum but theres only been a handful of posts there this year, this board's a bit faster.**
So, I'll have to provide some background info so you know what's going on. I'm setting up a preconfigured .conf for Viscosity (OpenVPN). What my sh script does is copies all the pertinent files to the correct folders and runs sed to customize it for the particular user. Normally you'd just chmod +x it to make it this situation EVERYTHING needs to be rolled up into one click as this will be distributed to 'uninformed' users and needs to be foolproof.
I've tried 'sh->app' rollers such as platypus and they suck and only run half of my script at best.
So experts, I Ask, how does one make a self-contained, executable .sh script that can be distributed and executed on multiple computers without ANY user intervention beyond 'download this and double click it'
Thanks in advance,