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But Battery Status (Mac App Store link) offers a unique twist that will appeal to Mac laptop and desktop users who also own Apple’s Magic Trackpad, Magic Mouse, or Wireless Keyboard. Jan 21, 2013  Full video tutorial on the Apple Magic Mouse battery. How to change the magic mouse battery, how to check the magic mouse battery percentage and how to save it. Full How To Use The Magic Mouse. Jan 05, 2010  As far as battery levels. I know of no 3rd party software that can monitor the battery levels. Your System Preferences icon should be in your Dock. Hold that icon down and you'll see the pop up menu so you can go straight to the Keyboard / Mouse or Bluetooth panes. Jun 02, 2020  Arteck's well-priced Bluetooth keyboard is slim, portable, and it can be used with your Mac or iOS device as well as non-Apple computers. You can choose from seven backlight colors and two brightness levels on this keyboard. The rechargeable lithium battery can.

Believe it or not, we do get the occasional question about how to change the batteries in a device such as the Apple keyboard. Changing batteries should be a simple process, but often times form takes precedent over function and what should be obvious is actually anything but.

In this article, we’ll go over the basic battery replacement process for Apple wireless keyboards made after 2007.

A wireless Apple keyboard takes two AA batteries in order to operate. You’ll want to make sure that the batteries you’ll be using in the keyboard are of the same type and have the same level of charge. You can use rechargeable batteries, though I’ve noticed that the battery level readings reported by Bluetooth are a bit off when I do. Standard alkaline AA batteries bought at the store should last you weeks (or even months) between replacements. The keyboard also tends to go through batteries slower than the Apple mouse, which also uses twin AA batteries.

You’ll also need a coin to undo the battery cap. It’s possible to unscrew this by applying pressure from your thumb, but it isn’t as easy for everyone.

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Mac keyboard mouse battery levels appointment

Here’s what you’ll need to do.

  • Turn off the keyboard by pressing and holding the power button located on the right side of the keyboard’s lifter until the green light turns off.
  • Unscrew the end from the opposite side of the lifter using a coin or your thumb.
  • Take out the old batteries and set them aside.
  • Insert the new batteries with the positive side (the side with a bump) facing in.
  • Screw the cap back on the keyboard and tighten.
  • Press the power button until a green light appears above the eject key.
  • Wait a few seconds and your keyboard should connect to your Mac automatically.

Once everything is connected, you can check your battery levels via the Bluetooth icon at the top of the screen. New batteries should reflect a 100% charge starting out. If you inserted new batteries and they’re not reading a near-100% charge, you may have mismatched or faulty batteries.

You shouldn’t have to repeat the pairing process with your keyboard. Pressing the power button too long may initiate this.

Do you have any questions regarding Apple products or OS X in general? Please leave a comment below and let us know!

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