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Apple's built-in Podcasts app for iPhone and iPad you lets you stream and download all your favorite shows, and discover new ones. You can subscribe, sync, and customize it just the way you like it!

May 25, 2020  The podcast app offers a sleek and minimalistic design. The feature called voice boost which stabilizes the playback volume over the entire app. The interface seems interestingly similar on both Overcast and Pocket Casts. You can create Custom Playlists with Per-podcast Priorities and Smart Filters. Get to adjust playback speed whenever you want. Oct 23, 2019  Third-Party Podcast Apps. The Podcasts app is easy to use and—because it’s now a native app available on every Mac—it’s also reliable. However, the app lacks some features many podcast listeners expect. For example, there isn’t a playlist management option or a reliable queuing feature. To get these, you have to use a third-party app.

How to find, subscribe to, and stream/download podcasts on iPhone and iPad

Best bible software for mac 2019 free. All your favorites are yours to discover! There are a few ways to find podcasts in the Podcasts app.

  1. Launch the Podcasts app from your Home screen.
  2. Tap Search in the menu at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Type in the name or genre of the podcast you're looking for.
  4. Tap Search on the bottom right of your keyboard.
  5. Tap the podcast once you find the one you want.
  6. Tap Subscribe.

  7. Tap the download button next to the episode name, if you'd like to download it. It's a cloud with a downward arrow.
  8. Tap the episode you'd like to listen to to stream it without downloading.

You can just use standard play controls, like you would in Apple Music. To unsubscribe, just tap the podcast, tap the purple circle with three dots (more button), and tap Unsubscribe.

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How to share podcasts and podcast episodes on iPhone and iPad

Hear something you like and think other people will like it too? You can share podcasts to social media, via iMessage, and more! You can share the podcast itself or individual episodes.

  1. Launch the Podcasts app from your Home screen.
  2. Tap the podcast or tap Details on the episode you'd like to share.
  3. Tap the more button. It's a purple circle with three white dots in it.
  4. Tap Share.
  5. Tap the method you'd like to use to share the podcast or episode.
  6. Share as you would normally.

Now all your friends can jump in on the podcast fun too!

How to sync podcasts across devices on iPhone and iPad

You don't want to have to download the same podcast three different times on three different devices. Sync them!

  1. Launch the Settings app from your Home screen.
  2. Tap Podcasts. You'll have to scroll down a bit to find it.
  3. Tap the switch next to Sync Podcasts.

Now your podcasts will be synced whenever you sign in using your Apple ID.

How to set refresh rate for podcasts on iPhone and iPad

You can choose how often your podcasts to update.

  1. Launch the Settings app from your Home screen.
  2. Tap Podcasts, it's about halfway down the list.
  3. Tap Refresh Every.
  4. Tap how often you'd like your podcasts to update.

    • 1 Hour
    • 6 Hours
    • Day
    • Week
    • Manually

How to turn off Delete Played Episodes for Podcasts on iPhone and iPad

If you're sharing an Apple ID with a family member or friend and download your podcasts, you might not want to delete any episodes of shared podcasts. You know, just in case.

Listview Podcast App Mac Catarina De

  1. Launch the Settings app from your Home screen.
  2. Tap Podcasts, it's about halfway down the list.
  3. Tap the switch next to Delete Played Episodes to turn it off.

Now the episodes you've downloaded will stick around until you manually delete them. So, if you're without internet and want to go back and listen again, you can.

How to turn off notifications for Podcasts on iPhone and iPad

If you're gonna look at your new podcasts when you're good and ready, then notifications might annoy you. You can turn them off.

  1. Launch the Settings app from your Home screen.
  2. Tap Podcasts, it's about halfway down the page.
  3. Tap Notifications.
  4. Tap the switch next to Allow Notifications to turn them off.

Any Podcasts app questions?

If you've got any questions on how to use the built-in Podcasts app for iPhone and iPad, drop them in the comments below!

Updated May 2018: Updated steps and screenshots for iOS 11.



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When macOS Catalina was still in its beta version before the public release, there were some questions regarding upcoming features and limitations to the new Podcasts app on Mac. One of the uncertainties was surrounding podcast playlists.

Well, that uncertainty is no more since macOS Catalina’s official release. The newly added Podcasts app on Mac does not offer a playlist feature. This is a real bummer for many who count on those playlists for organizing their favorite podcasts and their library.

Until and unless Apple releases an update to Podcasts on Mac giving users playlists, you do have another option that might make you happy. This feature is called Stations and we’ll show you how you can use a Station as a podcast playlist.



  • 1 Create a Station in Podcasts on Mac
  • 5 Enjoy your podcast Station on Mac

Create a Station in Podcasts on Mac

A Station in Podcasts on Mac has many similarities to a playlist. You can create and name your Station, choose which podcasts are included, and play the entire Station of podcast episodes.

Here’s how to get started with creating a Station:

  1. Open Podcasts on your Mac and click File > New Station from the menu bar.
  2. In the New Station pop-up window, give your Station a title.
  3. Click Save.

In the window that follows, you’ll set up your Station Settings.

  • Title: Click to change the name of your Station.
  • Play: Select the order to play your podcasts from Manual Show Order, Newest to Oldest, Oldest to Newest, or Manual.
  • Group by Podcast: Enable the toggle to have your podcasts grouped within the Station.
  • Episodes: Choose the episodes to include in your Station from Most Recent, Most Recent 2, 3, 5, or 10, or All Episodes.
  • Media Type: Pick All, Audio, or Video for the type of media.
  • Unplayed Only: Enable the toggle to include only those episodes you have not played yet.

Choose your podcasts

Once you complete the above settings for your Station, you’ll pick the podcasts that you want in it. Remember, only podcasts that you’re already subscribed to will be available for the Station.

Click Choose Podcasts and select each podcast you want or enable the toggle at the top for Include All Podcasts.

When you finish adding podcasts, click the arrow on the top left to go back.

Adjust individual podcast episodes

When you create your Station, you’ll select an option for the episodes to include in the Episodessection described above. However, you can adjust individual podcasts if you like.

On the Station Settings screen, click the podcast you want to change. You can then select which recent (or all) episodes to include.

For example, you may set up a Film Station to include the Most Recent 5 episodes of your movie podcasts. But you can change the Filmspotting podcast to only include the Most Recent episode instead.

Changing one podcast will not affect the default settings for the rest of the podcasts in your Station.

If you’re finished with all of the settings, click Done.

Your newly created Station will be listed in the app sidebar on the left under Stations.

Play your Station

You have three quick and easy ways to play a podcast Station on Mac.

  • Click Controls > Play from the menu bar.
  • Right-click or hold Control and click the Station in the sidebar and pick Play.
  • Click the Station in the sidebar to open it, click the More button (three-dot icon) on the Station screen, and pick Play.

Edit your Station

If you subscribe to more podcasts and would like to add them to an existing Station, or make changes to your Station settings, this is easy.

Right-click or hold Control and click the Station in the sidebar and pick Settings. Or, click the Station in the sidebar to open it, click the More button on the Station screen, and pick Settings.

You’ll then see the same Station Settings window that you did when you originally created the Station and can make any changes necessary.

To add podcasts, go down to and click Choose Podcasts to add the ones you want to the Station.

You can remove podcasts from your Station by clicking them which will remove the green checkmark.


Delete a Station

If you decide to remove a Station that you create, this is simple too.

  • Right-click or hold Control and click the Station in the sidebar and pick Delete Station.
  • Click the Station in the sidebar to open it, click the More button on the Station screen, and pick Delete Station.
Listview podcast app mac catarina de

Enjoy your podcast Station on Mac

As you can see, the Stations feature is very similar to a playlist feature. This makes it a great option for the Podcasts app on Mac.

Are you going to create a Station in Podcasts now? Let us know if you enjoy the feature in the comments below!

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