Launch Android App On Mac

You have an Android smartphone and use useful apps for your work on it, but, of course, the smartphone screen is too small to allow you to work properly. The ideal would be to have the same smartphone app for computers, but this is not always possible. Have you ever wondered if it is possible to use the applications of your Android smartphone/tablet even on your computer? If you asked for it more than once, we start by telling you that not only this is possible, but you can also use various methods to do it.

Supports button devices detected as PNP0C32 (Direct App Launch) under Linux allowing you to start your computer and quickly launch applications without having to load the entire system. This is similar to Vista's Hostart(TM). How to run Android apps on Mac. After the app has downloaded you can launch it by going back to the Home screen (click the little house icon in the bottom left of the screen) and then click on.

In this article I will explain how, not only it is possible, but also easy to launch Android apps on Windows PC but also Mac simply thanks to a Chrome browser extension. You can really jump for joy, because with this method you will have solved a huge problem, that is, to be able to work on the smartphone app from the comfort of your computer. Surely productivity will be greater for the benefit of less time of use and less visual effort.

How to launch Android apps on Pc and Mac

To use this simple method, you will need to use Chrome as a browser on your computer. If you have not yet installed it, you can do it now from this link. The Chrome extension I’m talking about, is called ARC Welder and you can download it from this link:


Install Android app with ARC Welder

Once you’ve installed this extension, you can immediately start using your favorite Android apps on your computer. It is important that you know that Android applications can be launched not from a sort of Play Store offered by the extension itself (ARC Welder), but you can start the Android apps on Pc from the relative .apk file.

An .apk file is basically an Android Package file, it is the preferred Google alternative to contain the files needed to start the applications, different from the format previously used to start them (.jar).

To download the .apk file of your favorite applications, just go to Google and type “application name .apk”, where obviously in place of “application name” you will put the name of the app you want to start on your PC with ARC Welder. Or there are special sites that allow you to download the .apk files of many applications, one of them is APKMirror accessible from here: link.

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Use Android Apps On Mac

Once you have downloaded the .apk file, you are ready to use the respective application on your PC. To do this, simply start the ARC Welder extension from this linkor run this path: Settings menu> Other Tools> Extensions> ARC Welder.

Once the extension is launched, you can use any Android application from your PC. To do this, just click on Add your APK. Then look for the .apk file you just downloaded and click on Open. Wait for it to load and then set the settings as you like. I usually imposed Portrait, Phone, Yes, however, you see yourself as you find yourself better.

Then click on Launch App and enjoy your favorite applications on your PC (Windows, Linux or Mac).

The guide to launch Android app on PC with ARC Welder is finished, I hope you have been useful and clear.


Install Android apps with Bluestacks

Another way to install Android apps on PCs and Macs is to use the Bluestacks software, an emulator that allows you to open the Android screen in a window on your computer to run the various applications.

You can use Whatsapp on PC but above all your favorite games on your PC monitor, to play in a more engaging and exciting way.

To understand more about this emulator, let’s immediately say that BlueStacks is a free program that you can install on PC and Mac with the function of converting Android apps so you can use them on your computer. Now let’s see how to install the Android Apps on PC and Mac.

Android For Mac

First you will have to download BlueStacks and install it on your PC or Mac. After starting the software, of course you will have to register, but you can also enter with Google credentials. When the request appears: “Log in with your Google account to start using BlueStacks“, enter your login information and continue accepting the terms of service and privacy. If you are asked to enter payment information for any app purchases on the Play Store, click Continue.

Android On Mac

Unlike the previous method, at the first access, a section of the Play Store will appear from which you can select and install your favorite applications. So, you will not have to look for them elsewhere, just download them from the store through the BlueStacks integrated search.

Launch Android App On Mac Computer

It is all well integrated. From the Play Store in BlueStacks you just need to click on your favorite game or app and as you usually do in the mobile app, the game is downloaded to your computer. Now you just have to click on Start and the application starts.

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Play Android Apps On Mac

Now, to use the game or work app, you can safely use the mouse and keyboard and you can regularly use the app as if you were on the Android smartphone.