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Being a Mac user whose PC runs on OS X, you do not have access to Microsoft software for your Mac PC. Well, good news you can now download the Internet Explorer on your Mac. Find out how in this post as we are going to how to install and use the Microsoft Internet Explorer on your Mac PC in. Unlike with the Safari method, you can even disguise iCab as the last version of Internet Explorer that ever worked on Mac – Internet Explorer 5.2. Beyond that though, iCab only goes up to Internet Explorer 7.0 on Windows which some sites may not support but.

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Using Apple devices is quite different from using Windows in many ways. For one, while surfing in Windows you may used to using the Internet Explorer (IE) or Edge browsers; whereas, when on Mac, you may used to Safari or FireFox to browse.

If you have switched from Windows to Mac and want to resurrect Internet Explorer; or maybe you just want to run tests using IE, you can! Internet Explorer has a default browser on Mac; however, Internet Explorer for Mac is no longer supported by Apple. This tutorial will show you a few ways to use Internet Explorer on your Mac.

Simulate Internet Explorer on Mac with Safari

Internet Explorer was once one of the first, and the most powerful browsers on the market. Windows users may still list Internet Explorer as the favorite although many new browsers have come out. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.2.3 for Mac is still out there for IE enthusiasts despite the many missing features and capabilities.

Safari has many utilities and hidden tools which can be used by web developers. The Safari User Agent is one such tool as you can choose the user agent code you send to a website.

1. Open Safari from the Applications folder or from the Dock and go to Preferences > Advanced

2. Check the Show Development menu in menu bar option. This gives you permission to access developer tools from Safari to simulate other browsers.

3. To use Internet Explorer on your Mac, go to Safari > Develop menu

4. Go to User Agent and choose Internet Explorer. (Safari for Mac supports user agents for Internet Explorer 7-11.)

5. Your website will refresh automatically to Internet Explorer

Note: Microsoft ended development of Internet Explorer for Mac in 2005. This includes the security updates. Do not expect the appearance and usability of these simulations on Mac to be of the same quality as the original Apple programs and apps. Websites that require Blink will not run properly.

Use Internet Explorer on Mac Using A Virtual Machine

For users who are experienced with administering or configuring operating systems, using a virtual machine (VM) to access Internet Explorer on Mac may be a solution. This option is free and the VM installs a full copy of Internet Explorer on macOS and runs it as an app. Even more, it circumvents the Microsoft 30 day limit by using snapshots. To use this option, follow these steps:

1. First, obtain virtual machine software such as VMware Fusion or VirtualBox and obtain a license to run Windows. Download the VM software, and then the Windows ISO file

2. Launch the VM

3. An Installation Method window should appear. In the window, select Create a new custom virtual Machine

4. Drag the Windows ISO file into the dialogue window

5. Click on Finish

6. Launch the VM and click on Play to set up Windows.

Use Internet Explorer on Mac Using Terminal

There is yet another way to get Internet Explorer running on your Mac. You can install a VM, such as VirtualBox, on your Mac to run Internet Explorer with Terminal using the download. You can also access the download from the VirtualBox home page.

1. Open Finder, and then go to Applications >Utilities > Terminal. Or, access Terminal by using Spotlight. Press the Command + Spacebar shortcut keys. When the Spotlight search box appears, type Terminal.

2. Once the Terminal window is open, copy this command and paste into Terminal to install Internet Explorer 10:

3. Press Return to start the download.

4. Wait for the download to complete. This can take some time depending on how many versions of IE you are downloading.

5. Launch VirtualBox

6. Boot Windows/Internet Explorer. The default admin password for Windows is Password1.

Note: Virtual Machines demand a lot from your Mac’s processor as you are running a second operating system on your computer. Make sure that your Mac has the space and resources to support running IE.

Run Internet Explorer 11 in Mac OS X

Mac OS X can run Internet Explorer 11 via ModernIE made by Microsoft. This method provides the developer or designer full access to the IE Developer Tools on Mac. However, you must obtain a few things to be able to execute it. The requirements for running Internet Explorer 11 are a fast, stable Internet access, a Microsoft email account, and a copy of the Remote Desktop for Mac from Microsoft download. Then, follow these steps:

1. Go to ModernIE and start a subscription using the Microsoft account. Choose an ideal region.

2. You should receive the following email: You can start using Remote IE right now!

3. Launch the Microsoft Remote Desktop App (the download)

4. In the Remote Desktop title bar, click Azure RemoteApp

5. Log in using the Microsoft account.

6. Accept the invitation to use Internet Explorer

7. Under Internet Explorer, double click on the IE Tech Preview option.

8. Click on Start

9. Wait for Internet Explorer 11 to load. A new IE 11 browser window should open on your Mac desktop.

10. To close and reopen IE 11, open the Remote Desktop App and go to Azure.

Note: Internet Explorer 11 will automatically update itself once you have it set up.

Access Websites In Safari Through Internet Explorer

Running Internet Explorer through Safari means getting around browser restrictions on your Mac. You can access websites that require Internet Explorer on your Mac by following these steps:

1. Open Safari from the Applications folder or from the Dock

2. Select Safari from the Menu bar

3. Go to Preferences > Advanced

4. Check the Show Developmenu option in the menu bar

5. Close Preferences to keep your options active

6. Click on Develop

7. Hover over User Agent

8. Choose a version of Internet Explorer


Is Internet Explorer Software For Mac Ok To Use

9. Go to the website(s) in Internet Explorer

If you receive the This website is best viewed in <browser name>. you may have to change the user agent in Safari:

Is Internet Explorer Software For Mac Ok To Use Free

1. Go to the Safari Develop menu from the top menu bar and select User Agent item. This should invoke the list of user agents that are available to you, to include versions of Internet Explorer.

2. Select the browser from the list and the browser should reload with the new user agent.

3. When you are done using the browser, set the user agent back to Default (Automatically Chosen).

Use a Third-Party Browser on Mac

Is Internet Explorer Software For Mac Ok To Use 2017

Using Internet Explorer on Mac, (besides using it for development, designing, or accessing restricted website), is not an ideal option. If these processes for using Internet Explorer on your Mac seem overwhelming, yet you are not satisfied with Safari, you can opt for a third-party browser to install on your Mac. You can choose from other browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or Brave which are still supported by the developers.

Contact Apple Support

Is Internet Explorer Software For Mac Ok To Use Download

If you are still not very suer AirDrop files go on your iOS or Mac devices after reading this article, you can contact Apple Support or the Genius Bar for assistance.

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