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Use information found in Mail in other apps. Delete emails. Print emails. Import or export mailboxes. Troubleshoot email problems in Mail on Mac. Reader Dan Hawes is considering a move to Mail. He writes: In the August 2014 issue of Macworld you describe a process for moving a Windows Outlook database into a Mac and then into Apple Mail. Jun 22, 2018  After copying the Mac Mail backup folder paste it to external hard disk or pen drive to move data into Windows Computer. Now paste data into Windows PC and double click on Mac Mail, Inbox.mbox folder to open them. After that, users will get Mac Mail mailbox file, which stores the email messages. It is without extension MBOX file so please. Apple Mail email client is the default application supported by Mac operating system. And many Mac users widely use it, but due to the advanced features of Outlook 2016, many Mac Mail users are now searching for a solution to export emails from Mac Mail to Windows Outlook.

  1. Add Apple Mail To Outlook
  2. Export Mac Mail
  3. Import Email From Mac Mail To Windows Mail App Not Syncing

Jun 05, 2015  Thanks you all for discussing this thread, I too was a victim of email migration (migrating from apple mail to outlook in windows). Thanks to this thread I got Apple mail to pst converter Mac Version. To look out for the best tool I downloaded both the version and performed a check in both.

I would like to export email from the Mac OS X Mail app to Outlook and the other way round. How do I do this?

  1. You can try OLM to PST Convert a third party tool.
    This software Features
    Provides user with the safe and reliable platform to convert all user mailbox data stored in OLM file
    Restores damaged or corrupted OLM file instantly and extracts data from it
    Make use of advanced functionality to display the preview of user data after extracting them from OLM file
    Facilitates user with exceptional option to stop the running process of generating items from recovered folder if required
    Provides user with an option to save the recovered folder items as HTML file
    Competent enough to perform the successful conversion of Outlook for Mac emails to MS Outlook
    For more information and free download here :

  2. Outlook for MAC stores data in .olm format wher as Outlook for Windows store data in pst format. And there is no way to import olm file to Outlook for Windows. For this you have to convert your olm files into pst format with some tool and then import pst file into outlook. Searching google for olm to pst converter tool i got link to this tool Kernel for OLM to PST converter which says that using this tool you can convert olm file into pst file.

  3. i use outlook at work, and frequently need to move my mail to my mac, which is running mountain lion os x. i basically export any new emails from my PC using 8Convert (, then import it directly into Apple Mail.

    i haven't had to move mail back the other way (from my mac back to outlook). let me know if you find a good solution for that..

  4. To import emails from Mac Mail to Outlook:
    You may extract emails from Mac Mail app using this free tool (for Windows):
    Or the free Email Extractor tool for Mac OS:
    After that you may use any other tool to import extracted emails to Outlook. Or just open them if your Outlook version is 2007 or 2010.

    So here's a tip for you: to quickly solve some of the issues mentioned in this article. Latest mac os x release.

    To export emails from Outlook to Mac Mail you may do the following:
    1. Use the Outlook Export Wizard from to save emails contacts and other Outlook items to files.
    2. Transfer extracted emails to Mac OS computer or connect to the folder containing EML files via network
    3. Run Mac Mail
    4. Select portion of EML files
    5. Drag them into desired Mac Mail folder.
    Your emails will be imported automatically.

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  6. The easiest option probably is to use an IMAP or Exchange service. If that's not possible Thunderbird is the best option as @ha14:disqus already suggested.

    Some detailed guides:

    Outlook to Apple Mail (using Thunderbird)

    Apple Mail to Outlook (via emlx or Outlook Import Wizard)

    Apple Mail to Outlook (using EML to PST Converter)

  7. How to Transfer Emails From Outlook to Apple Mail

    Export From Outlook 2011 Mac & Import .eml Files Into Apple Mail

    O2M shareware

Ashwani Tiwari Published: October 4, 2018 Technology, Windows Live Mail

While migrating the operating system from the Windows machine to a Mac system, there arise a number of doubts and queries, especially in the case of emails. This is because both operating systems has its own functionalities and properties that keep varying with the enhancement of technology. Chromecast app to old mac. Similar situations occur while transferring emails from Windows Live Mail to Apple Mail. As both email applications support different file formats. While there is no direct method to import Windows Live Mail to Apple Mail. It is a two-step process using the manual method. So, let’s understand the features of Apple Mail and it’s respective solutions to export Windows Live Mail to Apple Mail without the occurrence of errors.

Techniques to Migrate Windows Live Mail to Apple Mail

Add Apple Mail To Outlook

It can be done with either using trusted and secure software or manual method (without software). Both the process explained here, simply perform the steps.

Method 1: – Import Windows Live Mail to Apple Mail With Software

As the manual method is a two-step process and it requires adequate technical knowledge to process the migration. Hence, most of the users are looking for a straightforward solution to import Windows Live Mail to Apple Mail. Now, to migrate Windows Live Mail files to Apple Mail MBOX format, it is advised to adopt a utility which will help the migration process in just a few clicks. Download the software from below button. It is the most highly recommended professional tool by technical experts. It is an efficient and trustworthy software which allows migrating an unlimited number of Windows Live Mail mailbox file to Apple mail supported file format. Along with that, it is capable to convert the WLM emails to different file formats such as MBOX, PST, EMLX. It also supports to migrate the EMLX files into same file formats. It provides an option to transfer contacts from windows live mail to apple mail file format in batch using Add folder option. It ensures to maintain the folder hierarchy after the file conversion same as it was before the conversion process. While importing Windows live mail emails to Apple Mail, it offers multiple naming conventions options which is applied to the resultant file.

Steps to Migrate Windows Live Mail to Apple Mail

  1. First of all, download and install software on your Mac system
  2. Click on Add Folder(s) option to add multiple EML files
  3. Select MBOX radio button and proceed for next step
  4. Apply customized filters which will apply to the resultant file
  5. Browse and select the desired path to save the output file
  6. Finally, click Export to start migrating Windows live mail to Apple Mail

Method 2: – Import Windows Live Mail to Apple Mail Without Software

Before converting the files from Windows Live Mail to Apple Mail. First, export the Windows Live Mail files to a folder in EML format and import WLM EML file to Apple Mail.

  1. Launch Windows Live Mail application on your system
  2. Click File menu and select the Export email option
  3. Under Export email option, choose Email messages option
  4. From Windows Live Mail Export wizard, select Microsoft Windows Live Mail option and click Next
  5. Then, Browse and choose the desired location to save the email files and click Next
  6. Now, all the emails from Windows Live Mail will be saved in a folder in EML file format

After converting the Windows Live Mail emails into EML format, now import the exported EML files to Apple Mail.

  1. Firstly, open Mac Mail application on your system
  2. Go to File menu and select Import Mailboxes option
  3. Navigate to the exported EML folder and click Continue
  4. After this, all the Windows Live Mail emails can be viewed on the Apple Mail

Reasons to Migrate from Windows Live Mail to Apple Mail

While Windows Live Mail is one of the popular and widely used email application. Similarly, Apple Mail is also one of the popular email clients for Mac Operating system. As there are few reasons for Apple Mail which is gaining the popularity among the users. Apple Mail which is also known as Mac Mail is a default email client of Mac OS, iOS, watch OS which is invented by Apple Inc. It is compatible with MBOX extension to store the emails. There could be various reasons leading the user to transfer contacts from windows live mail to Apple mail. Some of the possible reasons can be like change of job, platform changing from Windows to Mac OS, etc.

Export Mac Mail

let’s have a glance at some of the features of Apple Mail,

Import Email From Mac Mail To Windows Mail App Not Syncing

  1. Provides an option to mark important emails using Flag feature
  2. Provides RSS feeds which helps to keep notified about the emails
  3. Parental control allows to restrict others respond to the emails
  4. Helps preview the images attached in full screen using Quick Look
  5. Data Detectors can be configured which helps to recognize the emails
  6. Allows a smart way to customize the emails in the toolbar at ease


By reading this blog, one can choose either of the methods i.e., manual or professional method to import Windows Live Mail into Apple Mail. The manual approach is quite complex due to its lengthy steps and it requires technical knowledge to process the migration. This makes the naive users fail to import WLM EML files to Apple Mail file format. The best way to export contacts from Windows Live Mail to Mac Mail, Apple Mail is by using the software. It is an efficient solution to transfer emails, contacts, calendars to Apple Mail MBOX file format. It holds an easy interface which provides a user-friendly environment to the users. In addition to that, this software is compatible with the latest Mac OS X versions.