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Driver Download

  • Windows Driver Link:For Windows7/8/8.1/10(All 32/64bit System)
  • Mac Driver Link:For Mac OS 10.7-10.13.4
Graphic tablet software mac free

Pixelmator Pro is a Mac OS app that combines many features and functions of other apps all into one tidy app. Pixelmator features many of the best features for drawing and the standard photo editing functions of other editors. It also features a 'layouting' mode for publishing and graphic design work.

Panit Tool SAI Download

  • PaintTool SAI Link: Ver.1.2.5, Installer, 2016-04-25, 2.4M

Driver install Guide

  • Download Link:Driver install Quick Guide (PDF)
  • Download Link:Driver install (Video)

Frequently Asked Questions

10moons Graphic Tablet Frequently Asked Questions, if you can't solve your problem, please contact E-mail: [email protected]

Solution of delayed problem

    1. In windows 7 system,please turn off [ flicks ] function. Only Windows 7 system need to do this.
    2. If there is delay in using photoshop software.
    For this question, please refer to the FAQ page with PhotoShop software, which contains detailed solutions.
    3.If there is delay in using Paint Tool SAI software.
    For this question, please refer to the FAQ page with Paint Tool SAI software, which contains detailed solutions.
    4.If there is delay in using non-professional painting software.
    Some software such as Paint software of windows system or others(PPT/PDF/AI..) does not require pressure-sensing function (usually only use the mouse to operate),there may be occur delays phenomenon.
    Please open the pan setting interface,find the [ Standard mouse mode ] option,tick the check box. Then it can be solved.

Delays in using Paint Tool SAI software

    Please follow the list to troubleshoot the possibility of problems
    1.Graph Tablet Drivers does not install.
    Download link: name=fangx&itemid=DzzzzzzNqZv
    2.Make sure the Driver icon is on the task bar.Otherwise, Graph Tablet can not work properly.
    3.Confirm whether tick the [ standard mouse mode ] Option
    Cancel the check box tick! Please.
    4.Don't use ghost versions of Windows system.
    The windows system of Ghost versions may be simplified,the function of the system required for Graph Tablet may be eliminated.
    5.Paint Tool SAI software may have some bugs.You can download different versions from the official website .
    Official website:

PhotoShop may encounter problem

    Use PhotoShop software, may encounter the following problems
    1.Can’t to draw lines in PhotoShop
    Windows XP / Windows 7 system, Please use PhotoShop CS6 or higher version.
    Windows 8 or higher version system, please use PhotoShop CC version.
    2.If there is delay in using Photoshop software
    User maybe opened the [ Use graphic processor ] option in PhotoShop setup.If the PC does not have a high-performance CPU and graphics card hardware to support it, this feature can cause a delay in the use of photoshop.
    Solution:Open the PhotoShop, [ Edit ]->[ preferences ]->[ performance ], find the [ Use of graphics processor ]option ,cancel the check box tick,click [ OK ] ,then restart the PhotoShop.
    3.Brushes in photoshop software without pressure
    Follow these steps to operate:
    a.Make sure that the previously driver of the different Graph Tablet devices has been uninstall.
    b.Reinstall the 1060plus Graph Tablet driver again.
    c.Restart the computer.
    Open photoshop software once again,Press F5 key to open the brush setting panel.Tick the check box on [ Transfer ] options,then select [ Pen Pressure ] in [ control ] Option.

Solution of the abnormal pen pressure

    About the abnormal pen pressure
    In pen setting interface,the pen does not touch theGraph Tablet,but the pressure curve becomes a straight line and the level of pressure above zero. This indicates that the pressure of the pen may be abnormal.
    Please use the nib removal tool to remove the nib,replace the pen nib as follows:
    If the problem remains the same, please remove the nib once again, tap the pen on the desk several times, and then insert the nib once again,then use the pen drawing at tablet.
    At this moment,please observe the pressure curve:
    1. If the pressure curve becomes a straight line and at 0 position,that means the pressure of pen is working properly.
    2. If the pressure curve is falling, but not at 0 position,try it several more times according to the above method,let the pressure curve drop to zero. Pressure curve line in the location of the 0,the Pen pressure can only be work normally.


Download Wacom Tablet Software For Mac

    Set custom shortcuts

    Computer start waiting for a long time
    After the Graph Tablet is connected to the PC, if the computer takes a long time to enter the windows system.
    Please enter the Bios Settings,Find the [ First Boot Device ] option, don’t select [ CDROM ] devices,then Save and Exit it ,Will solve this problem.
    Some times there is a cursor jitters when using the pen
    Graph Tablet use the electromagnetic induction principle to work,if there is a device with strong magnetic working nearby,there is a electromagnetic interference may occur. Such as laptop power, various mobile phone charger power, mobile phone,power adapter,as so on..All of them are electromagnetic interference devices. Please don't let these devices get close to Graph Tablet, which can effectively avoid the interference.And the laptop is the device that with a strong electromagnetism, so don't put Graph Tablet on the keyboard of your laptop to draw pictures,that it very important.
    How to replace the pen nib

Best Drawing Tablet For Mac

Android Phone connection

Writing Tablet For Mac

Before connecting the Android device, please make the device default direction (Phone please make it vertical), Then turn off the screen rotation function. refer picture. This is important.

After connect the phone. then the Android tablet and graphic tablet rotate -90° at the same time. refer picture.

Mac settings

Best Graphics Tablet For Drawing

Please follow the picture step to setup the Mac OS.
Then to check it if can work properly or not.
1.Enter your MAC OS Setup. Find the Security & Privacy Option. the unlock option.
3.Allow The MyTabletDaemon (Hook √)

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