Generative Music Software Mac Os X

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This Generative Music Composer Is Simple But Works Very Well. There are a lot of options with this software and if you are a Mac user, give it a workout. Film fractal Free Software generative generative music graphics guitar Helmholtz Instruments Interview java Jazz John Cage Languages Mac OS X mathematics max/msp Microsoft Windows MIDI. Free Downloads: music generator, algorithmic music, interactive realtime composition for sampled sound particles, granular synthesis, Beat Generation, A set of audio, video and text filters and generators, Sound synthesis, Music analysis and algorithmic composition, Virtual Modular Studio, Graphic user interface for CSound, Strongly-timed, On-the-fly Audio Programming Language, Connector is a. Mac OS X 10.7 or higher; Windows 7 or higher; 4GB of RAM required. Generative algorithms that can assist you to create spectacular melodies shortly and without the need for advanced music theory information. Create ideas to get you began, or spark inspiration when you have beat block. Simply connect Melody Sauce to any software. Download Wotja Pro 19: Generative Music for macOS 10.11 or later and enjoy it on your Mac. ‎Easily create generative music, melodies, ideas and soundscapes with Wotja Pro 19, a market leading generative system with the top-of-the-range 'Pro’ Feature Set.

Generative Music Software Mac Os X

Generative Music Software Mac Os X Lion 10 7 5 11g63 11g63 Upgrade To 10 8

SoftwareDescriptionOSLicenseFile DateCommentsPower
Noisebud CatchDad 2.0:

CatchDad allows users to catch 4 different sounds and instantly create rhythms using the sounds with it's built-in step sequensers. [VSTi]

Beat Replacer v1.1

Translate any source track's beat into a custom MIDI note or a drum sound via an integrated SF2 compatible synth. [VST]

Noatikl 3 Generative Music Composer for Windows 10

Create high quality, royalty-free, totally custom generative music / soundscapes such as ambient, drone, relaxation, thinking, EDM etc. with this immensely deep & powerful app for generative MIDI music composition AND sound design. [VST/STANDALONE]

SuperSynthFX v1.0

Software-synthesizer and sample player with integrated effects. [VST] Mac menu bar notes app.

Ravity v1.4.3

PCM software synthesizer module. [VST]

Wobble 2.2

Wobble is a plug-in software synthesizer dedicated to creating Dubstep Grime sounds. [VST/RTAS]

B4 II v2.0.1.003

Tonewheel organ combo, capturing the sound of the classic B3 organ. [VST/AU/RTAS/Stand-alone]

HALion Sonic 1.6.3

Steinberg's premier VST workstation [AU/VSTi]

tonespace v2.5.554

A different, more intuitive music keyboard, combined with a chorder. [AU/VSTi/Standalone]

BazzISM v2.5.0

Drum synthesizer that produces bass kicks by a sinus sweep. [VST/AU]

RMV v5.1.4

Drum machine combining analog-style percussion synthesis with percussion sampler. [VST]

Absynth 5.1.1

The semi-modular software synth - from rhythmic madness to vintage sounds. [VST/AU/RTAS/AAX]

Noatikl 3 Generative Music Composer for Mac OS X

Create high quality, royalty-free, totally custom generative music / soundscapes such as ambient, drone, relaxation, thinking, EDM etc. with this immensely deep & powerful app for generative MIDI music composition AND sound design. [AU/STANDALONE]

vielklang v2.2.0

Produces instant audio harmonization. [VST/AU/RTAS]

Vocov2 Vocoder 2.13

Vocoder with modulator audio capture. [VST]

Hexter v1.2

Port of Sean Bolton's Hexter LADSPA/DSSI synth [VST]


Simple SoundFont 2 Player. {VST]

Talent v1.1

Algorithmic sequence generator. [VST]

Zen 1.7.2b

Free universal VSTi instruments presets manager [VSTi]

mda Piano VSTi v1.1

VSTi Piano.

BazzISM 2.5.0

Drum synthesizer that produces bass kicks by a sinus sweep. [VST]

Image Line Deckadance v2.42

DJ mixing application. [VSTi/Standalone]

4Front Piano Module v1.0

Piano Module Synthesizer plugin

Drumcore Free v3.0

A subset of the award-winning DrumCore software.

Paax v2.2.2

Sampler that matches many of the features of more expensive samplers. [VST]

Independence Free v3.1

Sampler. [VST/RTAS/Standalone]

Drumcore Free v3.0

A subset of the award-winning DrumCore software. [AU/VSTi/RTAS]

crusherX-Live! v6.14

Real-time vapor/granular synthesizer with multichannel ASIO, DirectX, VST, MIDI & Force-Feedback sup.

Albino 3.2.1

Synth from Dutch sound designer Rob Papen and LinPlug. [VST/AU/RTAS]

ElectriK GuitarZ v1.0

Electric guitar sound module. [VST]


Nodal is a generative software application for composing music.[1] The software was produced at the Centre for Electronic Media Art (CEMA), Monash University, Australia. It uses a novel method for the notation and playing of MIDI based music. This method is based around the concept of a user-defined graph. The graph consists of nodes (musical events) and edges (connections between events). The composer interactively defines the graph, which is then traversed by any number of virtual players that play the musical events as they encounter them on the graph. The time taken by a player to travel from one node to another is based on the length of the edges that connect the nodes.[2]

Supported Platforms and Versions[edit]

Early versions of Nodal were designed to run only on Mac OS X. As of version 1.1 beta (released in 2005), Nodal ran on Mac OS X 10.4, and Microsoft Windows (Vista or XP) operating systems. As of version 1.5, released in November 2009, the software became shareware in order to support its continued development. The current version is 1.9, released in October 2013 which runs on MacOS 10.6 and higher or Windows Vista, 7 and 8. This version has the ability to specify combinations of chords, sequences and randomised patterns within a single node and incorporates the use of scale modes. Nodal can be downloaded from the Nodal web site. It is also available from Apple's Mac App Store.

Working with Nodal[edit]

Nodal generates MIDI data as virtual players traverse a user-defined network in real-time. It can be used as a standalone composition tool, in conjunction with Digital audio workstation (DAW) software, or played interactively in a real-time performance.

Nodal contains a built-in MIDI synthesiser and is also compatible with any hardware or software MIDI synthesiser, including all major Digital audio workstation software. Microsoft Windows versions can use the built-in Windows MIDI synthesiser. Nodal is also compatible with Apple's GarageBand software.

Prizes and awards[edit]

In 2012, Nodal was awarded the Eureka Prize for Innovation in Computer Science.

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Generative Music Software Mac Os X

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