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Ledger Software enables maintaining accounts for any business with ease. They help to track income as well as expenses and provide various accounting reports. They can maintain accounting books and journals. They allow adding new accounting categories and can transact using multiple currencies. They help in easy understanding of double entry system of accounts. To get more knowledge about ledger software one can search Google using “ledger software in excel”, “ledger software, free download”, “ledger download” or “ledger software for android”.

The features and functions of ledger software are mentioned below. This brief information is provided for each platform individually. Since they depend on platform one should check for platform compatibility and install accordingly. Best Ledger Software for Mac Os – General Ledger.


Ledger Lite

Ledger Lite is an accounting system that maintains general ledger. It provides double-entry system and helps in maintaining the books for businesses, clubs or trusts. It comes with password protection for data. It does not require any installation and it is easy-to-use software. It is highly reliable, flexible and stable accounting system. is the most comprehensive software to maintain accounts. It comes with best user interface design and with various features. Apart from maintaining general ledger it can maintain accounts payable, receivables, sales orders, purchase orders and much more. It supports transacting multiple currencies and provides variety of reports as well.

BS1 Software

BS1 Software comes with enterprise accounting and small business accounting software. The enterprise accounting software comes with features like sales analysis, price lists and lot tracking. It also supports multi-currency and manufacturing. The small business accounting software comes with features like invoices, payments and much more. It allows viewing ledger account totals and inventory totals.

A scheduled task is added to Windows Task Scheduler in order to launch the program at various scheduled times (the schedule varies depending on the version). Upon being installed, the software adds a Windows Service which is designed to run continuously in the background. Manually stopping the service has been seen to cause the program to stop functing properly. It adds a background controller service that is set to automatically run. Delaying the start of this service is possible through the service manager. Belkin router manager software download mac 10.

Other Ledger Software for Different Platforms

General Ledger Software

General ledger software free

There is a plenty of ledger software available for different versions of Mac Os, Android and Windows. The features and functions of ledger software are mentioned below. This brief information is provided for each platform individually. Since they depend on platform one should check for platform compatibility and install accordingly.

Best Ledger Software for Mac Os – General Ledger

General Ledger provides solutions for money management and useful for homes and small businesses. It allows easily setting up many account books as well as creating accounts for expense and income. It enables tracking income and expense for each account with ease. It supports multiple currencies and it is easy-to-use software.

Free General Ledger Software Download

Best Ledger Software for Android – Quick Ledger

Quick Ledger enables quick managing of personal ledgers. It enables tracking debit and credit for any account apart from tracking salary, cheque book, spending and much more. It allows adding accounts, memos and comes with online help as well as tips. It is simple yet powerful application for maintaining accounts.

Best Ledger Software for Windows – Turbo CASH

Turbo CASH software comes with plenty of powerful features. It allows maintaining bank accounts, batches, general ledger, etc. It provides to maintain batch entries, invoices, sales and purchase orders. It provides complete report system like trial balance, balance sheet, etc. It supports multi-user environment, set up wizards and year-end processes.

Most Popular Ledger Software for 2016 – Visual Ledger

Visual Ledger provides ERP solutions and comes with flexibility as well as ease of use. It comes with various features like allowing, creating multiple accounts and sub-accounts. It provides inter-company account transfers and online accounting operations. It allows user-defined journal entries and supports multi-currency. It works on mobile phones and tablets.

What is Ledger Software?

Ledger Software apart from maintaining accounts for business and personal purposes, they also help in maintain well-organized accounting structure. They provide quick entry of journals, payments, receipts and many other accounting transactions. They provide drill-down information for each account to get a better idea. You can also see Accounting Software

They come with bank reconciliation feature to compare bank transactions easily. They enable easy account transfer between inter companies and help in maintaining budget allocations. They provide financial statements, income statements and various other, important ledger reports. To know more about their varieties one can search Google using “ledger software freeware”, “ledger software in excel free download”, “ledger software for mac” or “ledger maintain software, free download”.

Ledger software helps to maintain accounts for various sectors like personal, medium size business to corporate companies. They are invaluable tools for every business in performing daily business activities. They provide easy installation and come with quick to understand features like double entry system. They provide accounting reports from different dimensions to help the management.

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