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Volume Booster for PC Windows: Volume Booster for PC is the best tool that will turn the volume up to the maximum even if the system volume has reached the maximum. Volume Booster PC app will increase the volume above the maximum for all your favourite PC apps and games. With this tool, you will let experience the best of sound as it will boost the volume in an efficient way possible. Volume Booster for Windows 8 PC app lets you enjoy your favourite music without requiring any external speakers. It is an amazing volume booster app that makes sure that it utilizes the capacity of your device to the fullest extent. If you are looking forward to occasionally boost volume for some quiet video or music, then all you need is not the external speakers rather the Volume Booster for PC Windows 10. It is so as it will boost the sound in the Windows operating system up to 500% of the original level. It even makes any video in any web browser louder than it was before. With this app, you can make any program as loud as you want and thus you aren’t limited by the maximum amplification capabilities of your Windows desktop PC’s sound card. Volume Booster for PC will intuitively process all of your audio that is being played in the system and thereby boosts it before it gets to the sound card. So with this, you can easily raise the volume to the desired level even if the volume level in your Windows PC is set on maximum.

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Dec 06, 2014  how to get great sound on a Mac and how to adjust your equalizer setting in Itunes to get great sound and Music. Try out these tips at your own risk - software for mac os x & mac os x apps. Mac Audio Volume Boost Software Mac Audio Book Converter v.1.0.1 Mac Audio Book Converter easily converts iTunes audio books (m4b format) to MP3 or AAC format on Mac OS X. Batch convert protected audio books or unprotected audio books to MP3, AAC, AIFF, or WAV files ready for use on any computers or mobile music. Increase volume free download - Sound Booster: Increase Volume, Increase Sperm Volume, Video Volume Booster Increase Video Volume, and many more programs.

Download Volume Booster for Windows 10 PC as you can use it as an extra amplifier when the volume you are listening to is too low. You will get a comfortable listening experience as with the installation of this tool. With this app, you can easily raise the volume of programs like web browsers, while using online communication software tools like Skype, MSN, Live, and all kinds of media players and games. Volume Booster Windows PC app is a very easy-to-use tool with which you can easily control the current volume with the pop-up slider from the system tray. In an alternative way, you can even assign system-wide hotkeys that will increase and decrease, and use them when you need to adjust the volume. Volume Booster can be started automatically on every Windows startup so you require no manual start-up. It is a particularly useful feature when your PC’s speakers are so quiet that their volume level isn’t enough on most occasions. You will get no sound distortions as this app will constantly monitor the current gain level and prevents the samples from clipping, thus reducing all the major sound distortions. Code injection and APO effects are the two different methods that the Volume Booster app uses for raising the volume of sound. It will efficiently amplify the sound in the real-time and there is no need to configure anything when it comes to this volume booster app.

Volume Booster for PC – Specifications

  • Software Name: Volume Booster
  • Software Author Name: Letasoft LLC.
  • Version: 1.10
  • License: Freeware
  • Software Categories: Tools
  • Supporting Operating Systems: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
  • Os type: 32 Bit, 64 Bit
  • Languages: Multiple languages
  • File size: 7.2 MB

Features of Volume Booster PC

The salient features of Volume Booster PC Download are listed below

Turn-Up the Volume: Download Volume Booster app for Windows PC as to turn-up the PC volume of any Windows program even if the current system volume is at maximum. It will raise the volume just above the maximum level.

No External Speaker Required: You require no external speakers even if the built-in speakers are limited in the output power. Enjoy your favourite music without the external speakers as with the help of Volume Booster PC app.

Raise Volume Above Maximum: With the Volume Booster Windows PC app, you can raise the sound of any app above the maximum reach and that includes web browsers, online communication software, media players and games.

Pop-Up Slider: You can control the current volume with the pop-up slider from the system tray. You can designate system-wide hotkeys for increasing and decreasing, and use them when you need to adjust the volume.

Autostart: Volume booster app can be started automatically on every Windows startup and you don’t have to start it manually. It is useful if your Windows PC’s speakers sound low and that their volume level is not enough on most occasions.

No Sound Distortion: It will constantly monitor the current gain level and prevents your samples from clipping, thus reducing all the major sound distortions while using this volume booster app.


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Download Volume Booster for Windows PC XP/7/8/8.1/10 Free

Volume Booster App is compatible with all sort of Windows Versions, and it is applicable for both 32-bit and 64-bit users.

Click here to Download Volume Booster App for PC

Previous Versions of Volume Booster for PC

The previous versions of Volume Booster App for Windows 8.1 are listed below

  • Volume Booster PC Free V 1.2
  • Volume Booster PC Free V 1.1
  • Volume Booster PC Free V 1.0

Screenshots of Volume Booster

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How to increase the volume of an MP4 file? I get a video downloaded from YouTube, but the volume on it is too quite even on my computer is on full blast. Any easy way to increase video volume?

For various reasons, you will have the need to make a video louder. Actually, there are still several approaches for how to increase video volume. Whether you are going to increase volume on MP4 video or other types of videos, you can find suitable methods to do that in this post. This post shows 4 simple ways to help you make audio louder.

Part 1. How to Make a Video Louder on PC/Mac (Best Way)

First, we will show you the best way to increase video volume. Here we sincerely recommend the powerful Vidmore Video Converter to help you make a video louder without losing the video quality.

You can easily find the Applications folder on a Mac computer using the Finder tool in your Dock, where you can also pin the apps you use most. Where do i find my apps on my mac. May 27, 2020  The Find My app combines Find My iPhone and Find My Friends into a single app included in iOS 13, iPadOS, and macOS Catalina. Here's what to do if you don't have iOS 13, iPadOS, macOS Catalina, or watchOS 6: Set up Find My iPhone on your devices. To find your device, use To locate your friends and family, use Find My Friends. By default, all apps that you purchase from the Mac App Store and most other apps appear in the Applications folder. If you used a custom installation in OS X Mavericks, then you may need to use Spotlight to find the location of the app on your computer. Mavericks uses two types of applications - an application bundle or a installer.

It is an all-featured video converter and editor which carries many basic and advanced editing functions. This video volume increaser is one best choice for both beginners and professionals. Now you can free download it and take the following guide to increase your video volume.

  • Upscale resolution up to 4K, H.265/HEVC, etc.
  • Remove video noise, and reduce video shaking.
  • Adjust video effects automatically.
  • Enhance MP4, MOV, MKV, 3GP, FLV, SWF, MTS/M2TS, VOB, DVD, etc.
  • Edit video effects like rotate, mirror, crop, clip, merge, watermark, etc.

Step 1. Free download the volume booster

Double-click the download button above to free download, install and run this video volume increaser software on your computer. It offers both Windows and Mac versions.

Step 2. Add video(s)

Click the “Add File” button to load the video that you want to increase volume. Here you can add and edit one or more videos at a time.

Step 3. Increase video volume

Click “Edit” to enter the video editing window. Here you can see many editing options like Trim, Rotate, Crop, Enhance, Effect and Watermark. Here at this step, “Effect” is the option you should use.

After clicking the “Effect”, you are allowed to adjust volume based on your need. You can drag the volume slider to the right to increase the volume. Similarly, you can decrease the video volume by dragging the volume slider to the left. Click “Apply” to confirm the operation.

Step 4. Export video

This video volume increaser highly supports any popular video and audio formats. You don’t need to worry about the unsupported format issue. What’s more, it offers you almost all video and audio formats to choose from.

Click “Profile” to select suitable output format for your video from the drop-down list. Any popular video format is provided, such as MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, FLV and so on. Click “Convert” button to export the edited video to your computer.

Part 2. How to Free Increase Video Volume Online

Many free online video volume booster tools offered on the internet can also help you make a videos louder. This method is mainly for some small-size video files. If you want to increase a large long movie, you should not use it.

Here we introduce you with a popular video volume increaser, VideoLouder. It is a free maximum volume booster that allows you to increase the sound volume of your video. It supports many frequently-used video formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, MPEG, MPG and more. Now you can take the following guide to increase your MP4 video volume online.

Step 1. Navigate to this online video volume booster site on your browser.

Step 2. Click “Browser” to load the video you want to increase its volume. One thing you should know is that, the video size is limited to 500MB.

Mac Os Boost

Step 3. Click “Increase volume” option and then choose the suitable decibels you want to increase. Here you can also make the video sound volume lower. Is wine app safe mac.

Step 4. Click “Upload File” button to start uploading your video for real. The whole uploading process will take you some time.

Step 5. When the loading process is finished, click “Download File” to save the volume-increased video to your computer.

Part 3. How to Increase Volume of MP4 Video with VLC

If you get VLC Media Player installed on your computer, you can rely on it to increase video volume while playback. It is a popular and open-source cross-platform media player. It carries some basic editing features. Moreover, it has the capability to increase the audio volume to maximum 300%. The following steps will show you how to make a video louder with VLC.

Free Mac Software

Step 1. Open VLC on your computer and click “Tools” on menu bar when you enter the main interface. Click “Preferences” to open “Simple Preference” window.

Step 2. Click “Show Settings” in the lower left corner and choose “All”. Click “maximum volume displayed” on the top left side. Click on “Qt” and then you will see the “Maximum Volume displayed” option on the right.

Step 3. Type “300” in the box and re-launch VLC. Now the audio volume will be up to 300% of the original volume.

Part 4. How to Increase Video Volume with Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is the default video editing software for Windows users. It offers many basic editing functions. And it can work as a good video volume booster to help you make a video louder.

Step 1. Launch Windows Movie Maker on your computer and load your video to it.

Step 2. Click the “Video Tools” tab on the menu bar. Here you can get many editing features.

Step 3. Click the “Video volume” button and then drag the slider to the right to increase the video volume. After that, you can export the edited video to your computer.


If you have experienced the trouble that failed to increase video volume online with some online video volume booster, honestly, which happens frequently, and if you’re hesitating to choose the best one to increase volume of video, I recommend the powerful Vidmore Video Converter for you. It has no file size limited. More importantly, it can keep the original video quality after the video volume increasing.