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Other Interior Design Software For Different Platforms. When you want to use a file on a different platform, then you will need a file that is designed for that operating system. Some software are designed to work on a specific operating system like Windows, Mac, Android and much more. Live Interior 3D Free.

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Interior designers and architects will be able to use different Home Design Software to visualize the designs that they create. The best interior design software, free download can be downloaded based on the reviews and these free interior design software are free to use. Certain Landscape Design Software can be used to design landscaping for the house. All the designs will be rendered in 3D so that it can be visualized better.



This premium software from Replace Visio can be used to create professional-level interior design plans and sketches. Plans for houses, bathroom, kitchens and much more can be created using this.

Room Sketcher

This premium software from RoomSketcher can be used as a home designer and it has many powerful features. Professional level floor plans can be created in 2D and 3D versions.


This freeware created by Planner 5D is an online tool that can be used to create detailed house plans and interior designs that are modern. All the designs that are created can be visualized on the software itself.


This freeware can be used by designers to plan, design and decorate the home in 3D. No special skills will be needed to do the designs and different types of space can be designed.


This premium software can be used as a 3D planning tools and it will help in realistic rendering. The interactive community can be used for obtaining new ideas.

Virtual Room Designer

This freeware created by Lowe’s can be used to design different rooms in the house and create different variations of the living space. All the designs can be viewed, printed and saved.


This freeware created by Decolabs can be used to explore, simulate and configure interior designs for different spaces. The designs can be reviewed and changes can be done as per requirement.

dmlights 3D Homeplanner

Home Interior Design Software Free Mac

This freeware is used to build a virtual home from scratch or using the templates. The luminaries and furniture that will fit in the design can be dropped in to see if it will work with the room.

Room Styler

This freeware is an interior designing tool that has a library with items and designs from different brands. All those can be used to create the best interior design that will fit the room.

Other Interior Design Software For Different Platforms

When you want to use a file on a different platform, then you will need a file that is designed for that operating system. Some software are designed to work on a specific operating system like Windows, Mac, Android and much more.

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Live Interior 3D Free for Windows

This free app can be used in Windows platform to create intuitive designs for homes and interiors. Detailed 2D plans can be drafted and the structure can be automatically built in 3D.

Sweet Home 3D for Mac

This freeware created by Sweet Home is used for interior designing. It can be used to place furniture inside the house on 2D plans and render a detailed 3D preview.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas for Android

This free Android app designed by Houzz can be used for improving and designing all aspect of the interior. High-resolution photos of interiors and exteriors can be browsed through for ideas and unique styles can be chosen.

Autodesk Homestyler – Most Popular Software

This popular software is a freeware that can be used to visualize the plans in 3D as and when you design. Space can be decorated using furniture that is found in the library and gallery can be used for ideas.

How to Install Interior Design Software?

This software is available in different formats such as apps, free version, and premium version. Once the software that is required is selected, it can be downloaded from the website or app store. All the system requirements should be checked to make sure that the software will be able to run on the operating system. Then the file has to be unzipped and the instructions that are prompted on the install window can be used to install the file in the desired location.

This software can be used to design the details of different rooms like living room, kitchen, bathroom and much more using the templates that are present or own designs can be drawn. Different versions of the same can be viewed and changes can be done immediately.

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One great thing about technology is the capability to make our dreams visual and realistic. It makes people jobs easier. In the past interior designers used to make house design on paper which seemed entirely different from what the actual layout. Today software engineers have developed software for interior designers use to create and design. The plan made by this software are so realistic, and they consume less time to come up with one.


This software is user-friendly and making them usable even by armatures and produces stunning designs. Here is a handful of this software used by interior designers.


This is a space planning, graphical product configuration, quotation creation, and communication solution designed by Eastern Graphics, Germany. Users can draw room, and fill them with 3D objects directly from the online catalog. It also provides various possibilities for presenting, planning and scenes, such as the creation of film or images in photo-realistic quality. It supports the import and export of several graphical formats.

Sweet Home 3D

This is a free interior design application that helps you place furniture on a house of 2D plan, with a 3D preview. This is a program directed at people who want to design their home quickly, whether new or redesigning existing one. Numerous visual guides help you draw up furniture, room layouts, and walls of rooms and also drag and drop furniture onto the rooms/plans from an organized and categorized catalog.

This is a floor plan designer program with all features free. They get revenue from companies who put their product on the platform. Drawing plans, walls doors, and windows are relatively easy. When you go to furnishing the software switches to 3D. Well, to save a project you need to sign in through Facebook or an email account. The projects cannot save offline; however, it can be shared.


This is increasingly becoming the industry standard for the interior designers. With Estimac, one can structure simple project, do automatic calculations without setting up spreadsheet formulae, enhance presentation with pictures and illustrations, category coding for flexible project analysis and reports, rapid supplier selection, estimating report including highlighting of incomplete specifications and search for flexible project listing and analysis.

Digital Decorator

With, one can choose the finishes of one’s house online and free. Through Digital decorator Visualiser’s sophisticated suite of interactive menus, users can edit all the surfaces in an image of a house of interior and exterior and also change those surfaces. For example, one can choose to modify the handrail of the front porch steps.

This is easy to use home and interior designing software for Windows and Mac. It suits a homeowner planning some minor home improvements and a professional designer equally. It has an excellent simple CAD-like program for interior decorating or remodeling with quick start templates and object library which have relatively straightforward commands for basic drawing. In Version 2 one can even record internal walkthrough videos, additional walkthrough mode, advanced object editing and extended and improved export and import.

Boconcept is a definitive source of a range of modern and contemporary furniture. They were providers of designer furniture. Interior designing is a part of Boconcept shopping experience whereby customers can book a home visit and get advice on how to get most of the new interiors including 3D drawings and style tips.

Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 3

With Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 3, German software developer Ashampoo releases software that allows non-professionals plan, design and creates their dream houses. This software includes everything from walls, ceilings, windows, doors, chimneys, recessed, beams to electrical appliances as both 2D and 3D objects. All area, length and volume calculations are done automatically, and the new version supports the64-bit system natively for better performance.

How to Install?

Any Interior Designing Software is easy to install. To be able to use any of the software, you need to install it simply on your computer. Many of them are available as Apps also on Google play or App store. Most of the software will need you to sign up with them or open an account. Most of the software has basic versions which are free to use. Many have the advanced version also free. Installing the software is not a tall task. You needed to go to the desired website and chose the version you wish to download. Then click on the ‘Download / Install’ button and follow instructions. These get downloaded like any other software.

What is Interior Designing and Why is the Software so Important?

Design Programs For Mac

Interior design is all about how we experience spaces. Interior decoration is first the art and then the science of creating or enhancing the interiors, sometimes including the exterior of space or a building, to achieve a healthier and aesthetically pleasing environment from the end user. So, an interior designer is someone who plans, researches and manages such projects.

Comfortable homes, functional workplaces and beautiful public spaces – that is the work of an interior designer. The best interior designer makes it look easy, crafting spaces according to our needs and designs that appeal to our emotions.

Within the field of interior designing, there are divisions, such as Residential designing and Commercial design. Residential professionals work with private living spaces while Commercial designers work with public spaces – government buildings, private businesses or other corporate entities.

The job of an interior is often complicated in nature. One needs to know the health and safety standard, building codes, graphic design, textile textures, and colors.

Software eases the job of the designer. With technological advancement and technology being easily available, many nonprofessionals also try to self-design their home or small work spaces. Software for book writing mac. The software comes to their aid again.

Free Software Interior Design Mac

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