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PDF is one of the more popular formats for creating and sharing documents, mainly because of how useful it is. A PDF file is perfect for determining what a document will look like after printing, they can be used as a template for documents, the list goes on.

PDF Splitter and Merger Free is a powerful and easy-to-use PDF utility that is designed to to split and merge PDF documents. It is able to split large PDF document into separate documents within. 5 More PDF Splitters for Mac 1. PDF Splitter and Merger for Mac. As the name suggests, PDF Splitter and Merger for Max is a user-friendly tool to merge and split PDF files. The GUI and console versions are also available. The GUI is written in Java Swing and it offers the ability to choose files and set options. It is done over the iText library. SysInfo FREE Mac PDF Splitter software is the one of best way to split or Extract PDFs from large size PDF files. Download this PDF Split tool to reduce size of PDF files.


Of course, in order to make the most of PDFs, there are software programs that allow you to modify them as needed. Free mac graphic design software. There are a number of ways one can modify his PDFs, which require specialized software like PDF Encryption Software. You may even modify your PDFs by compressing or splitting them to change the composition of their pages.

Free PDF Splitter

Kvisoft PDF Splitter Free

Icecream PDF Split & Merge

Pdf Splitter Mac Free

A-PDF Split

Adolix Split & Merge PDF


Hexonic PDF Split and Merge


Free pdf splitter software machine

How These Programs Do the Job

PDF splitter software is meant to cut PDF documents by pages. However, many examples of splitter programs also contain PDF Compressor Software. These programs have certain features that give you options as to how to use them. For example, you have the option of adding or subtracting only certain pages. Some of these actions include:

  • Modify by Page Ranges – You can set the program to only modify a certain page range. If you only wanted a specific set of pages cut or added, you can tell the program which, and it will only work with X number of pages and leave the rest untouched.
  • Target Specific Pages – If there are specific pages you want dealt with, you may choose to add or cut only that specific page. Pages cut from a document can be extracted, so if you want that page for another document, that one page can be counted as its own document.
  • Merge All – You can actually cut or merge an unlimited number of pages, so if you had a large number of documents to merge together, you could combine them into a single document, and even decide what order to put them in.

Apex PDF Splitter

PDF Combine

7-PDF Split & Merge For Windows

Epubor PDF Splitter For Mac

PDF Split & Cat For Android

PDFsam – Most Popular Software

Pdf Splitter online, free download

Other Useful Tools

In some cases, you may have to modify your PDF files in order to edit them properly. For example, if you wanted to modify an email into a PDF, you would have to use EML to PDF Converter. But these programs can generally perform other functions that can modify your PDFs. These functions include:

Free Pdf Splitter Program

  • Editor Software – Some of these programs are able to edit your PDFs beyond what splitting and merging. This includes cropping and rotating pages, or even modifying the text, as some of these programs have OCR software.
  • Converter Software – Some examples of these programs are able to convert your PDFs into other formats—if need be. If your documents have to be in other formats, then these software programs could assist with that.
  • Security Options – The programs can also allow you to add encryption to your files if you require extra security. The software programs also allow you to bypass encryption if you have to modify an encrypted file.

Free Software To Split Pdf Files

These programs are mainly designed to help you adjust the pages of your documents, and while they do that well enough, they can do more. If you wanted a program that let you edit PDF files, you might want to look at these programs.

Best Pdf Splitter Free

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