Digital Whiteboard App For Mac

Having a board to write on is very important, especially in school settings. A blackboard is the traditional writing board that schools often use, but all of those dusty chalks might cause more harm than good to the students. That’s why whiteboard is being used more commonly now.


It yields a much cleaner writing result and erasing things doesn’t have to be so dusty anymore. However, our digital age has been able to surpass even the whiteboard itself. There are now Whiteboard Animation Software and different whiteboard programs available. Let’s know more about them below.



NittiTre WhiteBoard

A whiteboard software is a display system that is commonly used in video conferences or classroom activities. It’s a writable program that users can view, interact, and access websites from the display. It’s like having a whiteboard, but instead of it being physical, it’s in digital form and is being projected. Here are some of the fun things you can do with this type of computer program:

Install cooperative Whiteboard, a software originally designed for gamers to share maps and discuss strategies Share images; The used image is verified by the app against the server image to ensure it’s the same; Lightweight application aimed at smooth running; 8. Irs Annotate.

Converter video a mp4 app mac. Sep 14, 2016  Even on mobile drawing with just a finger, the whiteboard app kept up with my quick inputs. If you’re on a Microsoft or a Mac device, using Android or iOS, you can collaborate without stress. And the ability to control a shared pointer make Scribblar the go-to education digital whiteboard. The Whiteboard app for Windows 10 is a new version of the app on Surface Hub. Audio editor noise reduction. Surface Hub customers can choose to stay on their current app, install the new app alongside their current app, or switch to the new app entirely. See here for more information.

Whiteboard Software For Mac

  • Draw Things to Life
    This software makes it possible for you to draw things on the whiteboard, just like you would in a physical one. It gives you plenty of drawing tools to work with such as shapes, text, pen, eraser, spray, etc.
  • Import Images
    If you want to provide a visual example, then it’s quite possible with this software. You can import images into the drawing area, which is very useful for classroom settings with kids. You talk about a hippo, you show them a hippo. Talk about a lion, show them lion.
  • Insert Videos, Images, and More
    Just like a Whiteboard Video Software, the software lets you insert video, shapes, audio, images, animation, images, etc. There’s basically a lot of things you can do to make the experience as interactive as possible.
  • Interactivity
    Interaction should be one of your main focuses when you’re using this type of software. This is especially true if you’re a teacher and it’s also very useful in the field of teaching. You can give interactive whiteboard lessons to your students, or provide them with presentations.
  • Set the Background Color
    Just because it’s called a whiteboard, that doesn’t really mean it has to be white as well. You can change the background color to different colors. This is helpful when it comes to whiteboard drawing, as the background colors could become an artistic touch.

Digital Whiteboard for Windows

Open Sankore for Linux

Smoothboard for Mac

LiveBoard: RealTime Whiteboard for Android

Digital Whiteboard App For Mac Computer

A Whiteboard Software is pretty handy because you can carry it anywhere with you. Just store the installer in a USB and you’d be good to go. Compared to the physical one, which you would have to physically carry and lift, doing that would not only take a lot of time to accomplish; it would also take a lot of strength.


Digital Whiteboard App For Mac

Aside from that, it’s truly a fun software to use. You can draw, present, inserts images, write some text and a bunch of other stuff. It’s definitely designed for convenience and to deliver awesome results. Your meetings or classroom sessions will definitely improve a lot with the use of this program.

Digital Whiteboard App For Mac Pc

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