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Day One 2 for Mac review: Superb journal app trades simplicity for sophistication The new version loses some of its predecessor’s gorgeous simplicity, but compensates with powerful and useful. Sep 27, 2019  If you journal using an iPhone, iPad, or Mac the chances are good that you use Day One. It's one of the most popular apps on the App Store and it just keeps on getting better, with version 4.2 bringing templates and more to the table. There are a few things going on in this update but without doubt the biggest of the changes is templates. May 08, 2020  Popular journaling app Day One today updated to version 4.13, adding support for trackpad navigation on iPad, a new Day View interface, and other improvements. This release comes after the launch.

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The popular journaling application Day One is one of the latest iPadOS apps to add support for trackpad navigation. The update also adds a new Day View interface, among other bug fixes and performance improvements.

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With today’s update, Day One for iPad can now take full advantage of iPadOS 13.4 trackpad navigation features. This includes using two-finger gestures for various actions throughout the app and much more. Today’s update also includes a new Day View, which allows you to view a specific day’s journaling entries by tapping on the date in the calendar or timeline.

Here are the full release notes for the update:

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Day One App Mac And Iphone X

  • Day View: Gain quick access to today’s entries by tapping on date in the calendar or main timeline.
  • Trackpad Support (iPad): Navigate the app with a trackpad, two-finger swipe down to dismiss, and two-finger horizontal swipe to open and close journal drawer.

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  • Daily Reminders now include additional information like the number of photos you took and locations you visited during the day
  • Settings pages now provide links to Day One feature documents


  • Fixed video thumbnails from not displaying in the media timeline
  • Fixed activity feed to show photos without location or calendar events
  • Fixed a bug that was causing some text to be cut off in the multi-entry view
  • Various other bug fixes and UI updates to keep your journaling experience golden

Day One is available on the App Store as a free download with in-app purchases to upgrade to the premium version.

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Day one app mac and iphone x

Day One App Mac And Iphone 6

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