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  1. Best Qualitative Data Analysis Software For Mac

The Wind is a very important source of renewable energy. As a matter of fact, if properly deployed, it could be a major source of power. However, to get the most out of this free resource, it is very important to conduct some thorough analysis.


Data analytic software helps to analyze the data to improve products and services of an organization. They come with various models and perform statistical data analysis. They can provide graphical representation of the data and allows transmission of data easily.They help in data deployment and data forecasting analysis. Even in 2019, there is still less statistical analysis software for Mac as there is for PC but we’ve taken a look at the best statistical software for Mac available. Being able to effectively interpret statistics and market research is essential in making better business decisions or predictions no matter what field of work you are in. Statistical analysis is becoming increasingly. Data analysis software for Mac and Windows. JMP is the data analysis tool of choice for hundreds of thousands of scientists, engineers and other data explorers worldwide. Users leverage powerful statistical and analytic capabilities in JMP to discover the unexpected. Try JMP free for 30 days. Enter to Search. CDR Data Analysis; CDR Data Analysis. Reduce time consumption and provide results in short time by using ATS CDR Analysis Software. Through this you will analyze call.


  • Network Analysis Software

In order to do this in an effective manner, you will need to use proven and reputable analysis soft wares to ensure you don’t go wrong in both setting up as well as site identification.


Purposely developed to be deployed in the setting up of wind farms as well as their optimization, this is a great wind analysis software. The software comes with a climate analyst and terrain workshop for the ultimate results, especially during site identification. When it comes to wind farms selection, this software is at the top.

Image capture in your Mac with Nimbus Capture: Screenshot.When you want to capture or record a few scenes in your Mac, be it been note taking, tech support, screen guidance and screen annotation, there is one app capable and that app is Nimbus Capture: Screenshot.With this app, any part of the screen can be used by this app to take a screen. The app features auto copy to clipboard, magnifier functions, drag and drop function to upload files with one link, custom hotkeys and more. Where is image capture on mac.

MasterKey Wind Analysis

Developed with a special interest in the construction industry, MasterKey Wind Analysis will analyze your structure at all stages to automatically determine the Cpe values as well as zoning. This will bring a high level of efficiency to the construction process as changes can be simulated prior to more development of the project.

Vayu Platform

Vayu allows for modeling of different conditions that may affect the flow of wind and then reports on how best to approach. The program has a processing mode, a visualization mode as well as a mapping mode. With this combination, you can be sure you won’t go wrong.

Wind Analysis

This is an automation software that is committed to presenting engineers with the very best system that observes all the regulations of ASCE to the letter. As a result, it offers the most stable and predictable wind analysis results. Therefore, it makes a much-recommended platform for structure designing.

Other Platform

The majority of the wind analysis soft wares run in the windows environment. However, there is still a considerable number that opts to defy this and run for other platforms as well. This move thus results to soft wares for virtually all platforms and thus stops compelling of engineers to a single platform.

WindRose for Windows

WindRose is a software for the analysis of wind data. It is good to know that you can use this software for free provided you are analyzing small data sets. However, with large sets of data, a purchase is required. The software has been proven to be effective and reliable.

WindTunnel Free for Android

WindTunnel is a free app for Android smartphones that literally turns a phone into a wind simulator while still giving some effective results. The app can also be used to determine the amount of lift or drag a material is subjected to making this a great tool.

Wind expert for Mac

Best Qualitative Data Analysis Software For Mac

The Wind expert is a great tool for wind analysis. Being one of the few available for iOS, it is good news to note that it works great and leaves you in control of your wind project right from your iPhone. With this, you can build your own wind turbine.

Most popular Soft of 2016 – Windographer

Windographer is a fast and sophisticated wind analysis software that has a wide collection of features so as to enable you to make all the analysis you need for the perfect results. The software displays the results in a form of a dashboard and scrollable time series graph for quick viewing.

What is a Wind Analysis Software?

A wind analysis software is a software that is able to capture wind data from other equipment of from direct entry and then using the same to make some important inferences for a different application. These soft wares can be used for very specific roles such as determining the safety of structures as per the construction codes to some other complex role such as climate mapping.

Wind analysis soft wares help in eliminating the need to have models brought to the wind tunnel but rather allow for modelling and only allow for the testing of the final product.

It is a fact that technology has really advanced, and it is now possible to do simulations on a computer rather than have to make models that may be proven to work. Now all that engineers need to do is to determine their specific requirements and deploy the appropriate software.

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