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You might want to check with Apple support for the same.We have enhanced support for iPhone XS Max and legacy versions up-to iPhone 4. However, if you have a backup on iTunes or iCloud, then the software can recover data from the backup files. HiI need to recover alot of data fom thee differnt idevices starting the 3gs its lost everythingg can it restore the usual data like photos notes and emails?Next is first gen ipod touch again I restored to factory when I was supposed to just reset settings?finally I need to restore my notes and a two photos from an iphone plus, the only snag here is its locked and I use a fresh icloud account everytime I buy the devices and as I no longer use it as its been 3 year since also its harder to keep track since finger print tech has hit the sceen. Data recovery for mac.

Jun 12, 2020  Best personal finance software of 2020: free and paid versions for budgeting By Alex Cox, Nate Drake, Brian Turner, Mark Wycislik-Wilson, Rob Clymo. Some personal finance software can be used through software downloaded to a desktop computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux), or through a browser-based cloud software platform, or additionally through.

Easy Home Accounting and Check Register Software for Everyone

Take charge of your finances. Simplify your money management.

MoneyLine personal finance software tracks all your money, bank accounts and spending in one place, so you stay organized and in control of your finances.
  • Keep track of your spending
  • Monitor bank account balances
  • Track investments to aid in financial planning
  • Easy budgeting tools
Personal finance software gives you fast and easy access to all your important spending and financial data in one place to help you manage your spending and digitally balance your checkbook.
Download MoneyLine and start making better financial decisions today.

Personal Financing Features
  • Checkbook register for all your personal accounts, including savings and checking accounts
  • Add and track additional accounts, including credit cards
  • Track investments such as stocks, mutual funds and more
  • Categorize transaction types and set budgets to manage finances and track spending
  • Split transactions across multiple categories
  • Schedule recurring transactions like paychecks and mortgage payments
  • Download transactions directly from your bank
  • Reconcile your purchases and transactions against your bank statement
  • Track transfers between accounts
  • Be your own money manager by tracking income and expenses by category and payee
  • Budget Wizard makes taking control of your finances easy
  • Take control of your finances by knowing where your money is
Keep an eye on credit card spending
Reconcile your credit and debit card statements quickly with this personal finance software. Being on top of your spending history is the best way to keep track of payments and to plan for the future. MoneyLine’s features gives you control over your accounts making bills and spending hassle free.
Track your investments
MoneyLine helps you with all of your investments. Track your mutual funds and stock information to maximize your returns with in depth investment tools. From there, you can assess all your needs to make sure that you can achieve your long-term goals.

System Requirements
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- for Windows
- for Mac OS X

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