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What is the best video editing software for Mac?
The best video editing software for Mac is Final Cut Pro. It is an Apple product designed to harness the power of Mac computers for speedy and flawless editing. It comes equipped with state-of-the-art video/audio editing tools, including special effects, filters, motion graphics, and an array of enhancements for creating professional videos.

What should you look for in video editing software for Mac? That is a question you may ask when looking for an application to edit your videos. But the better question is–where do you plan to use your videos? The answer can help you choose, as some solutions are simpler than others, allowing for the quick creation of professional-quality presentation or tutorial videos. Other platforms are the more advanced types, with an array of high-tech tools suitable for use by commercial video/film producers and editors.

You’ll be surprised at the diverse range of video editing software for Mac in the market today. If you research all of them, you’ll need to take a few days of leave from work. Don’t worry; we have done the heavy lifting for you and came up with a lineup of the 12 best video editing software for Mac. These best video editing tools are either intuitive to casual users or powerful for pros, while some are scalable so that they can be used by both types of users. We also highlight the key features of each software to make it easier to compare them.

Oct 23, 2019  Mac users who want a powerful video editing tool may want to consider Apple’s own Final Cut Pro for their video editing needs. There are plenty of reasons to go for Final Cut Pro X over other options, namely the fact that it integrates well with Apple’s hardware and other software, and runs beautifully on Mac computers. A fully featured video editing program for creating professional looking videos in minutes. This video editing software comes with over 50 visual and transition effects to add a professional touch to your movies. One of the fastest video stream processors on the market. Drag and drop video clips for easy video editing. Jan 16, 2020  Editing videos on Mac with Filmora Video Editor for Mac is quite simple and fast. Moreover, this video editor for Mac allows you save and share files in different ways. Avidemux is an open source video editor for Mac that will make encoding, filtering, and cutting a breeze.

What are the best 12 video editing software solutions for Mac?

Employees prefer Mac for work because it increases productivity, a survey found. Also, workers believe that Mac computers boosted their creativity and collaboration. What’s more, they say that Mac enables them to be self-sufficient.

Workers choose Mac for better productivity

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Since workers across a broad stream of departments prefer to use Mac, it is a natural course for software vendors like video editing software companies and developers to take their product right at Mac’s doorstep. As one of the 100 million Mac and MacBook users worldwide, you’re on the right track upping the ante of your video quality (our apologies, PC users), not just with the right machine, but with any of the software on our list. If your requirement is not Mac-specific, you can read our 20 best video editing tools for more options.

12 Best Video Editing Software for Mac

1. Final Cut Pro

First on our list of 12 best video editing software for Mac is Final Cut Pro. It is Apple’s premier professional video editing software for macOS users. The application is built to tap into the robust processing core, graphics card, and VRAM that power the latest Mac machines. With the software harnessing multi-core and multi-thread hardware capabilities of Macs, together with a huge set of cutting-edge editing tools, the result is smooth and accelerated post-production work from start to finish.

Final Cut Pro gives you the ability to import, share, and edit videos from a variety of cameras and devices with support for multiple formats. It has numerous tools for editing and timeline, trimming, effects, audio enhancement, color correction, closed captions, multimedia management, and project workflow. It can handle VR headset playback and 360-degree video editing, as well as HDR and ProResRAW sources. The software allows you to integrate dozens of third-party tools, devices, content, and plug-ins to give you an extendable platform.

The software is a standalone, on-premise solution priced at $299 (one-time payment). While it is locally deployed, the software allows you to upload, organize, and download files from online storage and stock media sites for project collaboration and sharing. It is designed for iMac and MacBook computers with macOS 10.13.6 or later versions of the operating system.

  • Advanced tools for video/audio editing, motion graphics, and delivery
  • Built on 64-bit architecture for handling complex projects and effects
  • Extendable workflow via integration with dozens of external tools

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing software for professionals and enthusiasts. Its claim of being “a cut above the rest” has an element of truth about it. That’s because it has become a popular tool for filmmakers, videographers, TV editors, and YouTube content creators. It has evolved into an industry-standard not only in video editing but also in workflow automation and media asset management. It supports all kinds of cameras, all types of formats, and any platform, including Mac and PC. This would make an excellent platform to use in conjunction with content marketing software, which could assist you in reaching out to your audience.

From its extensive R&D and the suggestions of its horde of users, Adobe Premiere Pro is a continually improving product with new features rolled out for every new release. It offers a new Freeform view for organizing and viewing storyboard and media files; rulers and guides for the precise layout of clips, text, and graphics; auto-Ducking for adding ambient sounds into your audio mix; faster mask tracking; and a dozen other enhancements on audio and video.

Of course, all the other features Adobe Premiere is known for are still there, including precise color grading, motion graphics, and animation, instant audio improvement, and integration with hundreds of partner technologies. The software also works seamlessly with its sibling Adobe products like After Effects, Audition, Photoshop, InDesign, and others. The software is part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud, which means it is accessible online from any connected device. It has several packages for business, students, and schools. For individuals, the plan is pegged at $29.99/month or $239.88/year.

  • Established industry leader
  • Multi-platform, multi-format, compatibility
  • Regular roll out or updates and new features

3. iMovie

iMovie is another Apple product designed for macOS and iOS platforms. It is an entry-level video clip editing tool to help you produce visual stories from photos and videos. It gives you access to themes, templates, and tools for adding music, titles, and effects. It makes it easy for you to capture and cut photos directly from your iPhone, transfer them automatically to your iCloud Drive, then download them to your Mac or iPad, where you can add music, transitions, and fades, special effects, and other final touches.

iMovie, however, is not a barebones application. It can handle 4K videos and is loaded with dozens of design styles for creating animated titles and credits. You can also apply cinematic filters and effects on the entire video or the selected clip. In addition, it lets you control video speed (speed up or slow down), include green screen effects for changing backgrounds, put in picture-in-picture or split screens, and add or edit audio elements. iMovie is free and can be downloaded from the App Store.

  • Zero-cost solution video editing tool for Mac and iOS devices
  • Easy to navigate and simple to use with intuitive features
  • Allows for quick creation of short videos and sharing them online

4. WeVideo

WeVideo is a cloud-hosted video editing and sharing software that can support multiple formats and multiple platforms, including Mac, PC, Chromebook, Android, and iOS devices. The software makes it a breeze for you to capture, create, view, and share your videos even at up to 4K resolution. Its advanced editing features and simple interface allow you to produce professional-level videos without the needed expertise and without having to pay for expensive tools.

With WeVideo, you can edit anywhere on any device with full control over tools for video editing and processing, motion titles, green-screen effects, screencasting, picture-in-picture, voiceovers, collaboration, and sharing, and media management. It utilizes Jumpstart technology that lets you start editing without waiting for your video to upload, allowing you to create movies in minutes. It has a storyboard, timeline, pre-built templates, and advanced text editing features to further speed up your video creation.

WeVideo has a free plan, and four paid plans that start at $3.74/month. Its higher-priced plans give you access to a library containing thousands of video, music, and image files that you can use for your video projects. But if you prefer an all-around solution, you can look at digital asset management software instead.

  • Provides file and media management, collaboration, and sharing tools
  • Supports more than 600 video, audio, and video formats
  • Maintenance-free cloud platform

5. Filmora

Filmora is designed to simplify the video editing process through an online solution that can be accessed through any connected device. It can be used by all kinds of video creators, whether for creating personal movies or for coming up with business presentations, product demos, or marketing videos. It allows you to incorporate overlays, filters, custom titles, and transitions as well as adjust audio, remove background noise, and set keyframes. Aside from basic editing tools, you also have compositing tools for imaginative videos using green-screen effects and layering clips.

Filmora supports 4K video editing, multiple footage, and multi-format sources. It is capable of importing multiple videos and using up to a hundred layers of multimedia materials for creating complex stories, without having to pour in hours of work. Once you’re done with your video project, you can quickly transfer it to DVD or sharing directly to Facebook or Vimeo right from the Filmora platform. The software offers various pricing plans for schools, individuals, and businesses and has dedicated plans for Mac and Windows users. Its Filmora plans for Mac are priced at $49.99/year for a one-year subscription for one Mac; $59.99 for a lifetime license; and $179.97 for a lifetime license of up to five Macs.

  • Simplified professional-level video editing
  • Dozens of creative filters and special effects
  • Dedicated packages for Mac users

6. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is a professional, on-premise editing solution that brings together tools for 8K editing, visual effects, color correction, and audio editing in one package. It is built to streamline post-production workflows and enable multi-user collaboration. It allows for one-click shuttling between tools for editing, effects, color, and audio. These capabilities enable members of a post-production team – producer, director, video and sound editors, graphic artists, and others – to easily work together on completing the project, whether it is a TV show, music video, or full-length feature film.

Best Video Editing Software For Apple

DaVinci Resolve is a complete color grading program for film and video editing. It offers color correction and finishing tools that editors and colorists can use to create cinematic results regardless of whether the project is intended for theater, TV, or online viewing.

DaVinci Resolve is available in just two plans. First is a free one with all the tools for editing, motion graphics, visual effects, color correction, and audio enhancement. The second is a paid plan at $299 that adds several 3D tools, plugins, special effects, and collaboration capabilities.

  • Affordable high-end video/audio post-production platform with advanced features
  • Over 250 tools for compositing, keying, compositing, rotoscoping, text animation, etc.
  • Optimizes CPU and GPU for smooth and responsive playback

7. HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express is a free online video editing and visual effects software that gives you all the tools you need to prepare you for professional filmmaking. You can create Hollywood-style movies right from your home studio without the need to hire professional video editors. The software supports both Mac and Windows and is ideal for indie filmmakers out to make theater-ready movies. It gives you a revolutionary workflow that can combine timelines, customize the interface, work with various formats, configure export settings, and more.

With HitFilm Express, you get video editing tools for adding animations, enhancing composite shots, add unlimited video/audio tracks, modify layers, make precise cuts, and add smooth transitions. You also have at your disposal tools for color correction and grading, keying and extraction, 3D modeling, simulating objects and particles, and an array of other special effects.

HitFilm Express requires a high-end system such as that of MacOS 10.11 or higher. While the software is entirely free, you have to buy add-on packs and modules ranging from $10 to $50 each, which extend the software’s functionalities and give you more specialized effects to work on.

  • Offers extensive, regular tutorials for recreating FX footage from hit movies
  • Cost-effective, feature-rich editing/special VFX software
  • Dedicated technical support team and active online community

8. Wideo

Wideo is an online animated video platform accessible by Mac, Windows PC, and other connected devices. It is intended to help businesses come up with fun and engaging promotional, explainer, and marketing videos. Creating presentation videos through Wideo is fast and easy, with 80 ready-made templates. You can create, edit, and share videos using the drag and drop interface. You don’t have to start from the ground up since there are ready-made templates that allow you to create animations in no time, even without any video editing background. And while you are at it, you can keep these 13 video marketing trends for 2020 in mind to ensure that your efforts hit the mark.

There are several template categories you can choose from to match your business and industry, including those for ecommerce, marketing, product demos, startups, school projects, company presentations, and more. The process is simple – sign up to create your account, then choose from the ready-made templates or, if you prefer, upload your own. You can then customize your video by adding transitions, apply effects, change the animation speed, copy or remove keyframes, and preview your work before uploading them online and sharing interactive links.

Only paid plans allow branding, longer videos, and full HD downloads. There are three paid plans offered, starting at $59/month or $19/month if billed annually.

  • Over 80 video templates built by professionals
  • You get premium support, priority downloads, privacy control, and monetization rights
  • Easy drag-and-drop video creation and editing

9. VideoPad

VideoPad is a full-featured digital video editor built with a simple user interface and intuitive tools. It is suitable for use by individuals and businesses looking to create professional-quality videos minus the complexity and high cost. With the software, you can create and edit videos simply by adding clips through drag-and-drop function, apply video effects from a library of over 50 transitions and effects, and burn your videos on DVD or upload them online. The software supports all major video formats such as avi, wmv, mpv, and DivX, regardless of the video source.

VideoPad comes with video optimization tools to fine-tune colors, adjust video speed, and add images to sequences, and do 360-degree or 3D editing. The on-premise software is available in several pricing plans, including a lifetime license at a discounted price of $34.99. Several add-on tools for capturing, converting, recording, labeling, and more, are offered at additional cost. There are also separate editions available for Mac OS X, Windows, iPhone/iPad, Android, and Kindle devices.

  • Has a dedicated edition for Mac users
  • Utilizes pure digital editing tools
  • Equipped with complete video optimization capabilities

10. Lightworks Pro

Lightworks Pro is a big player in the video editing industry, having been used in blockbuster films like Pulp Fiction and Heat. The software is a complete video creation, and editing package for work intended not only for big-screen projects but also for TV, social media, video sharing sites, and for professional-level business projects. Lightworks is loaded with features that include an intuitive interface, easy timeline editing, and trimming, audio and video effects, multi-format support, up to 4K video export, and access to royalty-free video and audio content.

Whether you’re making a short video or feature-length films, Lightworks got you covered with all the professional-grade tools you need to do precise edits and enhancements like color grading, blending, transitions, keyframing, and adding special effects. The video editor integrates with Blackmagic Fusion, an image compositing tool for creating VFX for movies, commercials, and TV shows. Also, you can utilize plug-ins from Boris, a vector-based titling tool, for adding filters, graffiti, and graphics. The online platform offers a free version with limited features and three premium editions with prices starting at $24.99. You can also get a full license with no expiration for $437.99.

  • Runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux systems
  • Enhanced VFX with Boris FX plug-ins and Blackmagic Fusion tools
  • A vast set of tutorial videos and vibrant online user community

11. macXvideo

macXvideo is a free, next-generation video processing application dubbed as the best tool for 4K video processing. Despite its name, it is not an Apple product but is designed to leverage the computing capabilities of Mac machines for efficient and effortless compression of 4K (up to 8K) videos without loss of quality. The software is simple to use with intuitive tools that do not require video editing expertise for editing, decoding, encoding, and compressing ultra-high-definition 4K or higher resolution videos.

macXvideo offers a number of video editing features for transforming raw videos into high-quality movies. It comes with tools for video trimming/cutting, splitting, merging, variable playback speed, captions/subtitles, and audio enhancements. It also has capabilities for adjusting and correcting colors, saturation, gamma, contrast, and hue. The software supports videos from whatever source and is compatible with all types of audio/video formats, codecs, size, and quality.

  • Entirely free on-premise video editing solution
  • Superior and fast processing for UHD video materials
  • Next-gen video compression technology while retaining near original video quality

12. Rocketium

Rocketium is a cloud-based video creation and editing software that makes it easy to produce business videos. Targeted at marketers, publishers, and agencies, the software provides a simple and hassle-free way for businesses to tell their stories or relay their messages through promotional videos, product or company presentations, or ad campaigns. It offers powerful and professional design and editing tools for video scene trimming, cropping, and adding multimedia elements like music and images. You get single-click styling, colors, fonts, animation options, and timing, and positioning, among others.

Rocketium is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems. It gives you access to millions of royalty-free video footage, images, and soundtracks so you can easily complete your video with all the components you need. You can likewise customize your video to reflect your brand and use the software’s “workspaces” to collaborate with colleagues on your project. Rocketium is available in four paid plans starting at $9/month.

  • Access to huge multimedia content
  • Trello-like task boards for managing projects
  • Built-in video content translation tool for 100+ languages

Use Free Trials to Find the Best Video Editing Software for You

Reading up on a video editing software and watching demos and tutorials may not be enough. For you to find which application works best for you, you need to have hands-on experience with a platform. But subscribing to each program on your shortlist could be unnecessarily expensive. Fortunately, vendors now offer free trials of their products. You can take advantage of these to test drive tools and features.

Speaking of finances, it is an easy choice to go for the most expensive video editing software from a well-known developer. This is because you can be sure it packs a punch, feature-wise. It may not be suitable for your budget, though. Still, there are other solutions on the list that could serve as an alternative to your first choice. With those, you have the powerful tools you need that will still enable you to create the best videos.

Summary :

Looking for MP4 video editors? What is the best MP4 video editor? Is there free and simple MP4 editor on Windows? Can MP4 editor open source edit MP4? Now, read this post, and you will find what you want.

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MP4 file, MPEG-4 Video file, is a compressed file format that contains not only video but also audio and subtitles. The video you download from the Internet usually is an MP4 file. Then, some users like my sister asked the following question.

“Can I edit an MP4 video?”

In general, MP4 editor can do this.

Now, searching on Google, you will find there are many video editing tools. Which program can edit MP4 videos?

This post is going to analysis top 7 video MP4 editors. You can choose a suitable one according to actual needs to edit MP4 video file.

Top 7 Free MP4 Editors

  1. Windows Movie Maker
  2. Photos App
  3. MiniTool Movie Maker
  4. iMovie
  5. Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  6. Openshot
  7. Lightworks

# 1. Windows Movie Maker

Windows 7 users must have been heard of Windows Movie Maker, a free video editing software developed by Microsoft. However, can Windows Movie Maker edit MP4?

Of course, the answer is positive.

Windows Movie Maker, a discontinued video editing software, is able to create and edit MP4 video and publish it on OneDrive, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, and Flickr.

The above window is the main interface of Window Movie Maker. You can see this free MP4 video editor is composed of Menus, Toolbar, Preview window, and Storyboard pane. See, it is very easy to edit MP4 video because of its simple interfaces.

Now, to edit MPE 4 video, you need to import files into this free tool. Next, you are able to add transitions to video, add text to video, add visual effects to video, etc. And, you can split or trim video to remove some unwanted parts.

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Microsoft Movie Maker indeed can help you edit MP4 video easily and quickly. But, this simple yet free MP4 editor is no longer available for download from the Microsoft website.

On the other hand, some users reported that they had encountered some problems while using this free MP 4 editor Windows. For instance, you might be interested in this post “Top 7 Common Movie Maker Problems & Errors (How to Fix Them).”

#2. Photos App

Windows 10 has a hidden video editor, part of the Photos app. This feature works a bit like Windows Movie Maker. You can use this free MP4 editor Windows 10 to trim your MP4 video, or create your own home videos and slideshows.

Open your MP4 video and play it in the Photos app, and then click the Edit & Create button on the toolbar to edit it.

For instance, you can click Trim in the menu to remove the start or end of part from your video.

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Or, you can try the Add Slo-mo button to slow down a section of your video file.

More importantly, this free and simple Windows 10 hidden MP4 editor can help you create MP4 movie with videos and pictures.

#3. MiniTool Movie Maker

MiniTool Movie Maker, a free and simple video editing software, is recommended here. The free MP4 editor Windows not only can edit MP4 video but also can edit other video formats including WMV, AVI, MOV, MKV, and so on. This tool supports Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

This free MP4 video editor offers a lot of features to help you edit MP4 video easily. It is a meticulously crafted experience. It is accessible, user-friendly and well coded. Even people who have never edited a video before can easily use this tool without any problems.

Great filming apps on a mac

  • It can make a video with pictures, and even make Facebook Slideshow.
  • It offers a lot of transition effects including a fade, fade to black, dissolve, etc. which can help move the scene to the next naturally.
  • It offers a lot of filters to enhance your movie and make it truly impressive.
  • It offers a lot of wonderful text modules to help you complete your video.
  • It not only can split video but also trim video to remove the unwanted parts.
  • It can help to convert low resolution to high resolution to increase video quality.

Most importantly, this free and simple MP4 video editor Windows offers movies and trailers templates to help you create cool, and Hollywood-style MP4 video quickly. You only need to select a template, and then import your files, and finally share it with other friends.

Watch the following video to get a basic understanding of the templates MiniTool Movie Maker offers.

Now, the question is how to edit video?

How to Use this Simple MP4 Video Editor to Edit Video

To make you better understand how to use this MP4 video editor Windows 10, you can take the following steps.

Step 1. Launch MiniTool Movie Maker.

Get and install MiniTool Movie Maker, then launch it.

Click the Full-Feature Mode to enter the main interface of this simple and free video editing software.

Step 2. Import your MP4 video.

Click the Import Media Files button to import your MP4 video file into this free MP4 editor. Then, drag and drop it to the storyboard pane.

Step 3. Edit your MP4 video.

Now, you are able to split or trim video, add text to video, add filters to video, and change the color of this video to get the best visual effects.

For instance, you can take the following steps to split a large video into several small clips.

  • Choose the large video in the storyboard, then click the scissor icon to get the split/trim window.
  • In this window, move the playhead to the right position where you want to split and then click the scissor icon.
  • Finally, click OK to exit this window to save these changes.

Step 4. Save your video.

After editing video via the best free and simple MP4 editor Windows, you can click the Export button to save this video on your PC.

The bottom line is that MiniTool Movie Maker is the best MP4 video editor for Windows users. It will satisfy the needs of the vast majority of its users. Unfortunately, Mac OS is not supported at the moment.

#4. iMovie

iMovie, a video editing software application sold by Apple Inc. for the Mac and iOS, is a good MP4 editor Mac.

  • It offers simple and clean interfaces, thus even a new user can easily use this tool to create a video.
  • It employs the easier-to-use storyboard workflow making you easily identify all the elements in your project.
  • It is able to access your music and photo libraries without having to import all the individual files.
  • It is very easy to add the most commonly used titles and transition to video.
  • It offers cool movies and Hollywood-style trailers. You can easily make a cool movie from the first scene to the last.

In a word, if you want to edit your video in Mac, you had better try the Mac built-in MP4 editor iMovie.

#5. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Premiere Pro CC is the continually evolving professional video editing program from Adobe, and it is one of the few names in the business that earns the title “industry standard.” This MP4 video editor has the power, versatility, and depth to create any video project you put to it.

This professional MP4 editor allows you to work on multiple projects at the same time. You can seamlessly switch between projects at any time.

  • It lets you edit VR media, including program pan and zoom controls. Thus, you can see exactly what your audience would.
  • It allows you to adjust and match the color in your projects more precisely because of its tool - precise and simple color grading
  • It lets you dial down or remove background noise and reverb for incredible results.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is among the best professional MP4 video editor because it takes all the tools you need and presents them in a way that is convenient, intuitive and innovative. It should be noted that you must subscribe to Creative Cloud to purchase this tool.

#6. Openshot

MP4 editor open source is also a good choice for most common users. Openshot, a free and open-source video editor for FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS, and Windows, can help you easily create MP4 video.

This open-source MP4 video editor can quickly trim down videos, and find those perfect moments, add beautiful 3D animated titles and effects to your video, and allow you to fade, slide, bounce, and animate anything in your video project.

This MP4 editor open source is designed to be easy to use and quick to learn. With this powerful video editor, you can easily and quickly create as well as edit your MP4 video because of its popular features and capabilities.

#7. Lightworks

Lightworks is another good MP4 editor. It is a professional non-linear editing system for editing and mastering digital video in various formats, including 2K and 4K resolutions, and television in PAL, NTSC, and high-definition formats.


This MP4 editor is the only tool that is available on all the major operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. And, it supports AVI, MP4, MOV, MPEG, and other formats.

With this tool, you can easily import, trim and seamlessly weave audio and video files together. Besides, this tool grades your sequence professionally utilizing up to 32bit GPU precision and histogram tool.

Lightworks offers both free and paid versions of its editor.

If you don't need some advanced features like project sharing, stereoscopic output, and timeline rendering, you can try the free version of Lightworks because it has much of the functionality of the premium version. It is noted that the free edition maxes out at 720p, and only in MPEG4/H.264.

It’s Your Choice

Now, you must have a basic understanding of the above 7 MP4 video editor. If you feel hard to make a decision, you can see the below chart.

See! The above 7 MP4 video editors can help us easily edit MP4, and each with their own strengths and weaknesses. You can choose a suitable one according to your actual needs.

If you have any good suggestions of MP4 video editor, please share it with us in the comments below! Much appreciated!

MP4 Editor FAQ

MP4 editors can help you easily edit the MP4 file. MiniTool Movie Maker, a free video editor without watermark, lets you edit MP4 files with video transitions, visual effects, and animated texts. Easily split the MP4 file, trim MP4 file and combine MP4 files into one. Save MP4 file into other different file formats including MP3 format.
There are different 7 video editing tools to help you easily edit MP4 files. They are Windows Movie Maker, Photos App, MiniTool Movie Maker, iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Openshot, and Lightworks.
iMovie, a free video editing software for macOS users, lets users edit MP4 files encoded with MPEG-4 and H.264 codecs. As we know, MP4 contains various video codes. Therefore, if you find iMovie cannot work with your MP4 file, you don’t need to feel panic and this is because of the video codec incompatibility.
  1. Open the free video trimmer, MiniTool Movie Maker, and import your MP4 file.
  2. Drag and drop the MP4 file to the timeline.
  3. Movie the clip’s start point or endpoint to trim MP4.
  4. Save the trimmed video.