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Do you lose track of time whenever you are on social media? Or do you want software by which you can keep track of your employee’s working hours? Time tracking applications are the perfect software for you. This article lists you some of the free time tracking software that are available for downloading today.

A Mac time tracking and invoicing app that takes the pain out of keeping track of work time and billing clients. The app allows to capture work hours and minutes with a timer, prepare cost estimates for customers and issue invoices based on the recorded work time. Apr 07, 2020 Well, if your employees are using an Apple device, you should let them use the best time tracking apps for Mac. Programs like this can help freelancers who work on an OSX operating system focus on their work. A time tracker for Mac can serve as a productivity assistant that boosts their motivation to deliver excellent results. User-friendly and intuitive, Easy Legal Billing is a cloud-based software where users can manage matters, clients, track time, and add timekeepers to create customizable invoices that can be sent directly from the software and generated as LEDES files in any of the LEDES format, including: LEDES 1998B, 98BI, 2000, XML 2.0, and XML 2.1. Toggl was the most helpful yet most unobtrusive time-tracking software we used and should fit the best into most people’s workflows, whatever apps, computers, or devices are used. Jun 25, 2019  There are lots of time tracking apps that incorporate options of fully-fledged services for efficient time keeping on Mac and Windows. Among frequently mentioned time trackers for Mac and Windows, there are the following tools: TMetric.


These are available in the platforms of Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android.

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1. Kimai – A Time Tracking Software For Everyone

Check out Kimai a free, open source time tracker.

  • Lets you track work time, gives you an activity summary, and organizes summaries from various options
  • It’s web-based and downloadable, and supports multiple users, languages and skins
  • Supports XAAMP and easy to use interface

2. Task Coach – Time Tracking Software With Many Features

Download Task Coach for a detailed organizer with time tracking

  • Track time spent on various tasks; view the time spent by day, week or month
  • Divide your tasks depending on attributes: subject/budget/due date etc.
  • Create subtasks within tasks, attach file to them, export them to HTML, and also print.
  • Set alarms and reminders

3. TimeSlotTracker – A Simple to Yet Useful Time-Tracker

Use TimeSlotTracker if you want a software that organizes your tasks and timeslots in a hierarchical manner.

  • Tracks time, JIRA support and reports are predefined and customized
  • Reports are based on XSLT templates
  • Includes a native debian package, supports iCalendar, and be localized into 7 lanugages

4. Project Timer – Organize The Time Needed For Any Project

Download Project Timer if you want a software that stores time for 28 days

  • Stores times in user-specific file, so that time-tracking can be made easier
  • Projects and statistics are user specific and customizable for each and every user
  • Adjustable, save-interval, auto-start option available

5. TimeCult Time Tracking Application – A Powerful Time Tracking Software

Download TimeCult Time Tracking Application if you want a detailed time log for all your web based activities

  • Projects, subprojects, tasks and activities are all created in a hierarchical manner
  • See time spent on any projects or tasks for any given period of time
  • Change status of tasks, flag items, export data in CSV format.

6. Zanami Time Tracker – An Easy To Use Time Tracker

Use Zanami Time Tracker if you want a simple time tracking software for organizing your tasks

  • Start/restart each activities
  • Enter the name of the task and click add button to start
  • Lets you pause, resume or delete tasks.

7. TimeSheet – A Time Tracking Software For Android

Check out TimeSheet if you want to organize your tasks and activities from your Android smart phones

  • Multi-task/work on parallel activities simultaneously
  • Control the app with your voice
  • Punch in/out operation using GPS position/ WIFI/QR/NFC tag
  • Calculate overtime

These software will enable you track time and also organize your tasks with their varied features. Download them now!

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How to track time with Mac desktop app

Best Time Tracking Software Mac 2017

Step 2

Download our Mac desktop time tracking app

Step 3

Start the timer

When you start working, start the timer with one click (or keystroke).

Step 4

Best Time Tracking Software Mac

Stop the timer and enter details

You can enter what you worked on and add a project, task, tag, and billability status.

Step 5

Enable auto tracker

Clockify can track what apps and websites you use so you can later create time entries based on time spent in other apps (data is visible only to you).

Step 6

Don't forget about the timer

Desktop app has a lot of handy features that can help you better track time, which you can enable in Preferences:

  • Pomodoro timer: Work Pomodoro style, in regular time intervals with breaks.
  • Default project: Track time without having to manually select the project all the time.
  • Idle detection: Forgot to stop the timer? Mac desktop app can recognize when you're inactive so you can discard idle time.
  • Reminders: Receive a notification when you forget to start the timer.
Step 7

Mac Time Tracking Software

Run reports on web

Best Time Tracking Software Mac Torrent

In the web version, you can manage projects, invite team, review timesheets, and export reports.