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Translate PDF Files & Reuse Translations

Pairaphrase language translation software for PDF files is the best online PDF translator tool for businesses. Efficiently translate PDF documents, post-edit the translations and store your translations for future reuse!

Developed for enterprises who collaborate with human translators, Pairaphrase is the fastest and most intuitive software for all your business translation needs.

Read below to learn more about the benefits of our cloud-based translation management system for businesses. Or, see for yourself how our online PDF translator software saves you time, cuts costs and reduces your hours worked.

Get Better PDF Translation with Pairaphrase

Translate The best translator. See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word-by-word explanations.

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  2. Get Better PDF Translation with Pairaphrase. As a global enterprise, you shouldn’t accept anything less than the fastest translation software for PDF files. Every software program you use should enable you to work faster and smarter. It should never slow you down or keep you at status quo.
  3. Superior Spanish/English dictionary/translator I’ve tried multiple Spanish/English dictionary/translation apps and this one is by far the best Spanish/English dictionary/translator. Hassle free-No toggling back and forth from one language to the other. Audio pronunciation is clear.
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As a global enterprise, you shouldn’t accept anything less than the fastest translation software for PDF files. Every software program you use should enable you to work faster and smarter. It should never slow you down or keep you at status quo. Pairaphrase is a productivity enhancer that will help you and your team drastically reduce hours worked on translation.

Intuitive User Interface

When you use our PDF translator, you benefit from a clutter-free user interface that minimizes the amount of steps it takes to complete one action. It was developed from the ground up to be intuitive and powerful, eliminating the need for a cumbersome toolbar.


Dynamic Machine Learning

Pairaphrase gives you access to technology that the translation pros use to speed up their translations and deliver continuous quality improvements. Dynamic Machine Learning leverages AI to help you achieve high-quality translations that you can reuse.

Efficient Collaboration

Translation is rarely a one-person job. It often takes a team effort to develop high-quality translations. When you use Pairaphrase, you benefit from a host of collaboration features designed to save you time and streamline project management.

Secure PDF Translator Software

With Pairaphrase, you can translate PDF files online without worrying about your data.

Professional Spanish Translation Software

Security and confidentiality are part of our core values. When you translate PDF documents, we do not store, index or sell your data to any third parties. Your data is yours alone.

Wherever you enter your data in Pairaphrase, we scrub the tool clean of it after you are done translating. Any translation memories that are created and stored in your account are completely in your control, which means you can permanently delete these at any time you wish.

What’s more, the files you upload for translation in Pairaphrase are encrypted through Amazon S3 file storage. While you use our cloud-based platform, you also get the protection of secure sockets layer (SSL) HTTPS protocol and two-step authentication. All this, plus more.

Need to Translate a Scanned Document? Watch This First.

Scanned document PDF’s and images can be tricky to translate, unless they’re optimized beforehand. Watch the video below to learn how to do so before uploading a scanned document (or image) to Pairaphrase. Trust us, this will save you a ton of time!

Solving The World’s Translation Challenges

Pairaphrase helps global teams work smarter, faster and safer. We put advanced translation technologies into the hands of everyday users. Empowering multinational organizations to communicate in every commercial language. We remain committed to solving the world’s translation challenges. We invite you to join us in this mission and our growing community by opening your own Pairaphrase account.

ITranslate gives you dictionaries for many languages so you can find the exact solution to your problem.ROMANIZATIONRomanization lets you turn '你好' into 'Nǐ hǎo', transforming non-Latin languages into Latin characters. Open the App with a customizable keystroke, get suggestions while you’re typing and quickly switch between languages.iTranslate is available for a wide range of platforms and devices. Available for many languages including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Hindi, Russian, and Thai.TYPE FASTERiTranslate is optimized for fast text input. However, if you are translating words and phrases there are often different meanings, depending on the context. Free translation app for mac.

Are you in need of transcription services? Well, then an audio to text translator software is the thing for you. But then, the market today is full of many such software programs which make spotting a reliable one often a hard task.


However, you don’t have to bother anymore as here we have compiled a full list of some of the best audio to text translator software programs that will make everything simpler for you.


This is another very powerful audio to text transcription converter which is used by companies globally. From academic transcriptions to legal ones- GoTranscript can perform all. The service program is largely used by students, academic professionals, lawyers, police, judges and so on. The company also assures an award-winner customer support.

Express Scribe

You are getting a pro audio player program here for Mac or PC that assists in audio recording transcriptions. The program comes with valuable features to help the typists such as varied speed playback, video playing, multi-channel control, file management and so on. The user will control the audio playback here with keyboard hot keys or transcription foot-pedal.


The software is equipped with APIs that helps in speech recognition & speech analytics which further helps in easy insight into what customer speaks to the company staff. The software promises accurate-most speech recognition. The keyword spotting analysis as facilitated by the software helps in efficient and fast extraction of insights.


This is a very reputed web app which is dedicated to fantastic speech recognition for converting audio to text versions as well as immediate voice translation. The program runs on advanced speech-to-text technology by Google to ensure best results. It’s the sole app that comes with auto-save, auto-punctuation, timestamps, in-text editing & export options.

Dragon for Mac

This all-new software has to be on the list as it promises 15 percent more accurate speedy speech recognition than ever. You are also getting versatile transcription & mobility features that hike up your productivity at the work place. If you want to reduce the typing stress, just dictate to Dragon and it will do the work for you.

Best Spanish Translation Software For Mac Free


The list would stay incomplete without the mention of Inqscribe. It’s a much recommended name among transcribers which enables one to play videos & type the transcripts in same window. Whether you are taking notes or need word-to-word transcription, this audio to text conversion program would be your handy aide for everything.

Audio to Text Translator Software for Various Platforms

You will find a huge assortment of audio to text translator software applications for various platforms today. The one you are going for should match your system’s OS as otherwise it won’t work. Not every such software programs are meant for all operating systems as there are some software applications that only work for specific OS.

Free Windows Audio to Text Translator

When it comes to a good free Windows audio to text translator software, Wave To Text is a great name no doubt. This is a speech recognition-based (English) dictation program with audio to text conversion facility. You will be able to convert from voice to the text file just in real-time.

Free Android Audio to Text Translator – Evernote

If you are in quest of a good free Android audio to text translator software, don’t look past Evernote . It was previously meant to just record the audio notes like meeting notes or lectures but it now it can even turn the audiofiles to text. The app will save both the text & audio files together so that it’s easier for you to find out your recorded note.

Free Mac Audio to Text Translator Software – MAXQDA

When you are in quest of a credible free Mac audio to text translator software, MAXQDA would be a great option anyday. The powerful transcription software comes with a robust data analysis functionality which makes data recognition easier for the users. It can analyze audio & video files, interviews, online surveys & images.

Most Popular Audio to Text Translator for 2016 – Transcribe

The best bit about Transcribe is that it comes with audio player integrated well with text editor and that too on same screen. This way, you are saved from switching back & forth between audio player & editor. No wonder, a great deal of time is saved, much to the convenience of users.

If you want to know about most popular audio to text translator software for 2016, Transcribe is the name for you. It’s a favorite of students and journalists as it helps them to save volumes of time and enhance productivity, courtesy the software’s 2-3x faster audio transcription service. It’s used all over the world.

What is an Audio to Text Translator Software?

An audio to text translator software is a program which helps to convert audio files into text files. Thus, it’s also referred to as transcription software sometimes. The transcription process can be performed manually or even automatically- however, it will depend on the very advancement of your software.

The audio to text converter software comes with speech recognition capacity and can convert various kinds of audio files such as interviews, music files in MP3, online surveys and so on. Some of the more advanced options can even convert video files and images into text files. The leading ones also come with in-text editing feature.

How to Install Audio to Text Translator Software?

To install audio to text translator software, download the chosen software first through its download link. However, before you click on the download link, make sure the software matches your system’s OS. After you download the software, you will have the installation link followed by the needed instructions on installing the software.

Benefits of Audio to Text Translator Software

Many times you would need to have a text copy of the audio files for a better understanding of the matter. It could be noted from a lecture or meeting or a phone conversation with a client or for any data in an audio file. A textual picture always assures a better grasp on any information or message.

This is where the audio to text translator software options come in. These are largely used by students, journalists, medical professionals, solicitors, police, court clerk, lawyers and so on. There are some audio to text converter softwares that are specifically designed for certain industries like medical or law.

When you are planning to install an audio to text converter program, check out what kind of audio files the program can support. Your chosen one should be able to support all major audio files. When it comes to using these software programs, well, they are pretty simple to run.

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