Best Photo Management Software Mac 2019

Are you desperately trying to find a photograph stored in your computer's hard disk drive that is required for an urgent and well-paying assignment, but are unable to do so because you do not remember the odd name assigned to it by your digital camera or smartphone?

Oct 28, 2019  Best-picks; Best Free Photo Management Tools. By John Corpuz 28 October 2019. StudioLine Photo Basic 4 is the free version of StudioLine's photo editing and management software. You can easily compare, filter and select your best photos from n number of similar looking photos; Also Read: 10 Best Duplicate File Finder And Cleaner Apps. One of the best photo management apps for Mac, Unbound helps you efficiently manage your photos according to your needs. Let’s take a look at the features of the Unbound. The software provides the ability to add keywords, metadata like captions, and titles to the photos. The images can also be organized based on color codes, flags, and star ratings, in this photo management software. The batch renaming of photos can be done with the program and can be exported easily.

Why You May Need A Photo Manager

You can be sure that chances of finding that image may be next to impossible, especially if you have tens of thousands of images with many of them being duplicates in your computer's storage media or even in external storage media such as portable hard disk drives or in a cloud server. The harsh reality is that you did not use a photo managing software.

A Stitch in Time – Even Professional Photographers Use Them

Even professional photographers, such as those employed by newspapers and magazines, shoot thousands of photographs every week and take care to rename their digital photographs and store them in appropriate folders.

Nowadays, even these professionals depend on photo manager software, known in technical parlance as photomanager, to sort their photographs.

Easily Sort Images By Color, Date, Event, Country, City and More

These programs, apart from helping them to find their required images almost instantaneously, allow users to sort the photographs under different categories such as overseas, political, month and year, and much more.

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Find and Remove Duplicate Photos

These programs also search the hard disk drive on which it is installed to find duplicate copies of the same photograph, allowing the photographer to keep the best one and delete the others.

The Best Photo Organizer Software Reviewed

We shall be reviewing the five best photo management software to see what makes them click (pun not intended).

1. Movavi Photo Manager

This is, unarguably, among the best manager photo software available. Offered by the leaders in photo editing software, this picture organizing software saves you time, effort and energy while fetching the photos you want instantaneously.

Picture Sorter

You need not bother about arranging your pictures, as the program, once installed, allows you to sort and organize your images by GPS coordinates and date. This image catalog software allows users to sort their photographs in different folders.

Automatic Photo Album Creator

You can use this photo cataloging software to easily create different albums. For example, you can sort your photographs and save them under different folders.

Organize Photos into Folders Easily and Tag Them

This picture organization software, by default, creates “family,” “hobby,” “landscape,” and “travel” folders. However, you can create as many additional folders as you wish by clicking on the “create new tag.” Once done, this photo catalogue software shows you the number of photographs under the different folders.

Delete Duplicates

If this digital photo organizer software finds multiple copies of the same photograph, it will point that out too. You will be shocked to see the number of duplicates that you had saved in different folders. Now you have the opportunity of deleting them and freeing up disk space.

Edit Multiple Photos At Once

How many times have you wished that you could collectively edit multiple photographs simultaneously? You can effortlessly perform tasks like flipping, and rotating multiple photos with the click of a mouse button with the help of Movavi Photo Manager.

Organize Photos in Any Format

I expect a professional picture management software to handle different types of picture formats, and Movavi did not let me down. In fact, it opened all picture formats I threw at it. I loved its ability to handle RAW formats as this permitted me to upload the highest quality photographs directly from my camera to my computer.

The vendor's website claims that their photo organizer app handles many photo formats including BMP, GIF (not animated), JPEG, DPX, JPEG 2000, JPEG-LS, PIC, PNG, Sun Rasterfile, TARGA, TIFF, XBM, and RAW formats, but you can be sure that it accepts almost all types of format, including vector and bitmap.

If you still do not believe professional photographers who call it the best photo organizer, download a free version, install it, and check its features.


Movavi is an affordable photo manager that costs only $39.95 and is available both for the Windows and Mac platforms. This is the best program for those seeking a professional digital photo manager.

Available for WindowsYes
Available for MacYes

2. BigMIND Photography

You might not believe that some of the modern generation photo organizer programs contain artificial intelligence too, and take the job of storing photographs to a higher level through storage. This is exactly what BigMIND Photography excels at.

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Cloud Storage and Backup – Organize A Lifetime of Photos

This photo archive software allows you to store up to 4TB of data on their cloud servers. This means you do not have to store the images on your device and can download it from their servers by logging on to it. This is more than enough secure photo storage space for a lifetime.

Even though some modern age extremely high-resolution cameras output images that are as big as 250MB in size, the storage provided by BigMIND will still be way more than enough.

Facial Recognition

It also doubles up as a face recognition photo software, thanks to its artificial assisted facial recognition option. It can scan through pictures for faces and has a 90% accuracy for detecting emotions as well.

Search Through Images by Location, Camera Type, Date, Size and More

Cloud data backup is its forte. You can set up this cloud-based image management software to backup images by types as well. While initiating the backup, you can select the file location option, which makes it easy to create an all-around backup plan.

I, unhesitatingly, declared it as the best photo storage software, due to its large cloud-based picture storage space.

I loved the way the software recognizes faces, allowing me to filter them in different categories. Post recognizing a face, you have the option to add a name to it, making indexing and searching your photographs a simple task.

Frankly speaking, I was happy with the storage capacity, the number of devices that I can use on an account, as well as the pricing structure.

NOTE: BigMIND can even organize and backup videos, documents and audio files.

BigMIND – Organizing Images
BigMIND – Organizes Audio Too?


The best plan of BigMIND Photography costs $23.33 per month for 5 users and for 15 devices with 4TB storage, the 2TB storage plan costs $13.33 per month for 3 users and 9 devices while the lowest plan of 1TB costs 6.67 per month for 1 user and 3 devices.

According to me, this image manager software is best suited for both amateur and expert photographers as well as for photography enthusiasts who love to shoot images on their mobiles.

If your need is more on the storage side, the image organizing software provided by BigMIND will suffice as it combines organization with the security of your photos and provides the storage space you'll need for life.

Available for WindowsYes
Available for MacYes

3. Magix Photo Manager

I depend heavily on this photo organizing program and can safely say that it is among the best images management software available.

To add icing to the cake, the vendor of this photo archiving software offers the basic version free. However, if you want to have full control of your digital image manager and want to harness the full power of this digital photo organization software, I recommend you go for the deluxe version, which costs only $49.99.

You can download a trial version of the full-blown deluxe version to test it out.

Like most popular image cataloging software, the free version of this photo sorter has a host of amazing abilities.

Detect and Delete Duplicate Photos

This digital photo management software can easily detect duplicate photographs on your computer and delete them, saving precious disk space.

Batch Process Photos Simultaneously

This best photo album software boasts of a batch processor too, which allowed me to update the metadata of several photographs at once.

Password Protected Zipped Files

You can depend on this digital photo organizing software to password protect zip files so that only individuals with whom you have shared the password can extract the images.

NOTE: Magix organizes both photos and videos.

Share Photographs to Social Media Sites

Call me crazy, but you can use this digital picture manager to share photographs to social media sites like Flickr and Facebook, directly from the software.

Import Photos from Camera, Scanner, Cloud Services, and Other Media

The deluxe version of this picture catalog software allows you to directly import your images from various cloud services. If this is not enough, this picture library software allows me to import media directly from my camera or scanner.

Supports Various Photo Formats

This personal image manager effortlessly manages a wide range of photo formats including RAW images.

While writing a photo album software review, I always give preference to programs that have filters to enhance the image. The deluxe version of Magix allows me to do just that.

Great Support and Forum

This company has the best technical help support staff I have ever seen, plus their website has a useful forum.

Available for WindowsYes
Available for MacNo

4. BlazePhoto

Priced at $29.95, BlazePhoto appears to be a fast and effective image collection software.

Upload and Share Pictures to Facebook, Flickr, and More

Although it is not an online photo organizer per se, it allows you to share your images via email as well as upload your favorite pictures to Flickr or Facebook for online sharing.

Edit the Images – If You Need to

This is one of the few image management tools that permits you to edit, share, as well as view your photographs from portable devices as well as your computer's hard disk drive. Make use of this picture organizer program to flip your photos or crop and resize them.

I love photo organizer software that permits me to adjust saturation, hue, contrast, and brightness. This photo management system allowed me to do all these: remove red eye plus add text, clips, filters, and frames.

Locate Your Photos from Wherever they Are Stored

Its image management systems allowed me to locate photographs from my camera, scanner, hard disk drive, and much more.

Apply Effects – If Needed

This amazing digital picture organizer software also has other effects such as equalize, stretch, and normalize. I also noticed other special effects in this digital image organizer software such as windy, motion, music, gray, and emboss.

Correction and Conversion

You can correct overexposed or blurry images in a few seconds with the help of this digital photo library software.

Simple to Use

What makes this digital photo catalog software unique is its simplicity of use. Even a novice editor can correct photographs as well as manage digital photos.

Easily Create Slideshows and Albums

In addition, BlazePhoto allows me to store and share my photographs in various ways. It allows me to convert photos into video slideshow, DVD or CD slideshow, as well as HTML albums. One can also export them to other storage media, print the output or even send to family and friends via e-mail.

The vendor also offers a free version that you can use for evaluation purposes.

Available for WindowsYes
Available for MacNo

5. Cyberlink PhotoDirector 10

I doubt if you are a serious photographer if you have not heard about this awesome digital photo gallery software.

Make no mistake, in as much as PhotoDirector is an editor, it is equally an organizer as it helps you to store, share, backup and easily retrieve your photo files.

Storage and Backup of Photographs

Like BigMIND, PhotoDirector also has a cloud storage capacity with a CyberLink Cloud storage space of 25GB. With this, you can access your media creations or photographs from anywhere in the world.

You can backup your photo files just as easily as saving a file on your PC. You can easily retrieve them as well.

The advantage the cloud storage has is that your photo files will not be affected should your computer crash or when you perform a system upgrade. All your media files, together with all settings, can be easily restored.

I would go as far as to say that it is, unarguably, the best online photo library software going by catalog management software reviews and the ability of PhotoDirector to safely store, organize and backup your photographs.

Versions and Pricing

It is available in two versions: PhotoDirector 10 Ultra and PhotoDirector 365. Ultra costs $69.99 while version 365 costs $37.99 for a single year license which is an average of $3.17 per month. If you choose a monthly payment for version 365, you'll get to pay $14.99 per month.

The above prices are as a result of the discounts offered at this time.

Best Photo Management Software Mac 2018

Powered by an artificial intelligence engine, this image database management program has everything that you might have dreamed about.

Save Time with ‘One-click Photo Presets'

Are you wasting time creating split tones on your color pictures or trying to convert them to black and white? You can perform this job in a matter of seconds with the help of the included “one-click photo presets.”

This is one of the rare programs, which, apart from being the best for casual users, provides lots of features to professionals too.

The biggest advantage of this photo management system is that it allows you to complete difficult editing tasks with a few clicks of the mouse button.

Capture Photographs from within PhotoDirector – when Connected to A Camera

The latest version of this program has a new feature called “tethered shooting.” This permits you to capture photographs from a connected camera directly from within the program. You no longer have to load the images on the software before editing them.

Best Photo Management Software Mac 2019

This feature comes in handy when you are creating a stop motion animation or in case you are shooting inside a studio.

Ease of Use

I loved the way the tools are clearly set up as tabs, a clear shift from other similar programs that tend to lump all things into a single palette, which could be confusing for new users.

The latest version also has new features such as:

• Background music download for slideshow creator
• Layer clipping mask
• Layer mask
• AI style effects
• Adjustment Layers
• Advanced text editing in layers, Content-aware clone
• Layer grouping,
• Importing of GIFs as a multi-image sequence
• Additional watermark templates
• Enhanced lens correction, and much more

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The Best Digital Picture Software for Organization

I have reviewed five different photo management software. To be frank, they are all good programs as I was pleased with the performance of all of them.

However, after reviewing all of the five programs that manage digital photos, I can safely say that Movavi, PhotoDirector and, perhaps, BigMIND Photography (for those who need plenty of picture cloud storage space) are together the best digital pictures software for managing photographs.

Available for WindowsYes
Available for MacYes