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  1. Jan 15, 2018 If you have Mac with a traditional hard drive, Disk Drill Pro offers one of the most advanced data recovery utilities available. Pros Excellent file recovery with best-in-class file signature.
  2. Top 6 Best Data Recovery Software for Mac Users. If you want to recover accidentally deleted important data and wondering what are the best data recovery software for Mac, without further ado, let’s explore best data recovery software that you can get for your Mac.
  3. Jul 01, 2020  Disk Drill is the best free file recovery software for Mac because it offers professional data recovery features in a sleek package. With Disk Drill, it doesn’t matter what type of file you want to recover and from which device. This file recovery software supports hundreds of file formats and all commonly used storage devices, including.
  4. You should read about the following best file recovery software mac. We have compiled a list of paid & free data recovery software mac. Choose the right one, according to your needs & requirements. Top 15 Best Mac Data Recovery Software. There is a glut of mac recovery software in the market, therefore it becomes difficult to choose the best.

Losing data from a hard drive is a moment tough enough to digest. However, finding the best HDD recovery software is even tougher. We understand how much importance your HDD carries. Irrespective of how much safely you handle it, getting into a data loss situation can happen anytime. However, we want you not to be panic if you are facing this instance. We are here to help you with a list of top HDD data recovery software free. You can analyze the list yourself and looking at the pros and cons, figure out what’s best for you. Let us explore now!

Part 1: What should we consider to choose HDD data recovery software free?

To pick out the best HDD recovery software, there are indeed some aspects to be looked upon. If you do not have clue what should you consider, here in this section, we are pointing out some factors so that you can be helpful in choosing what is best for you.

  • First of all, ensure that the HDD recovery software that you are choosing must meet the requirements regarding the data loss scenario. In other words, the tool is able to recover the data irrespective of the reason. Whether your data got lost due to accidental deletion virus infection or anything like that, it shouldn’t affect the tool’s performance.
  • Security, success rate as well as the reliability is the next few things that you should ponder over. You would never want the HDD recovery software that you are going to work with will provide you any virus, right? Therefore, choose the one that is completely free from any malware attacks, that is completely reliable and performs well.
  • Many users who suffer from data loss panic more because of the technicalities a recovery software carries rather than they panic upon their lost data. Therefore, one should always go for a tool that is user-friendly and does the job in simple steps. If your HDD recovery software is easy to use, you are good to go with it!
  • A yet another thing that people should keep in mind while picking out an HDD recovery software is the compatibility. Be it the system you are using or the data types, the software should be able to support all types of data for recovering. Apart from this, if you are going to work on Windows, check whether the tool is able to support all the operating system versions with ease.

Part 2: 10 Best HDD Data Recovery Software Free 2020

1. Recoverit Data Recovery

Jun 08, 2020  6. Data Rescue for Mac. Data Rescue can easily find, preview, and recover lost data, reformatted drive, or deleted files. The software’s recovery function works beyond hard drive recovery and provides comprehensive recovery from numerous devices including SSDs, USB drives, SD cards, CF cards, and many more.

Best Mac Hdd Recovery Software For Pc

Speaking about the list of HDD data recovery tools, Recoverit Data Recovery tops for it totally stands out and completely fulfills the aforementioned factors. This amazing tool offers 8 recovery methods and fully makes sure to retrieve delete, formatted or lost data in any way possible. It gives the best efforts in performing the best with the PC, mobile phones, digital cameras and the like.


  • Comes with a good success rate
  • Complete works in a hassle-free way and requires no technical knowledge
  • You can preview your files easily prior to recovering it


  • Free version allows you to recover only 100MB from your hard drive

2. Recuva

The second helpful HDD data recovery software free is Piriform Recuva. This comes as one of the well-known tools. With the help of this, you can recover various types of files from not just computer but digital camera cards as well. Whether a virus attack or a power surge has brought you in data loss situation, it works equally well in all situations.


  • You can scan the specific location with this tool as well as deep scanning is offered
  • It also has the power to support Outlook, Windows Mail, Thunderbird recovery
  • The interface is easy to use
  • Freshly formatted and damaged files can be easily recovered.


  • Doesn’t support SSD drive recovery
  • Though clean, the interface might seem to be outdated
  • While scanning, previewing function is not available

3. Puran File Recovery

This tool might be unknown to many but trust us, it can be helpful in hard drive data los situation. You can use this tool to recover your data from not just hard disk drive, but from CD, DVD, USB drive, memory cards or any other external storage media. One of the things to be highlighted in this HDD recovery tool is it prevents any bad sectors while working and recovers data perfectly.


  • It helps users in adding a partition by simply drag and drop
  • Easy and secure to use


Best mac hdd recovery software download
  • Doesn’t allow previewing of files
  • Doesn’t help in filtering the types of files to be recovered

4. SoftPerfect File Recovery

SoftPerfect is another free and is a lightweight HDD data recovery tool. It easily works with NTFS and FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and support encrypted volumes. There is no such unnecessary settings and screens associated with this tool.


  • This is a portable software and so, doesn’t require any installation
  • Easy to use and works perfect with Windows XP to Windows 10
  • Less than 1MB in size
  • Helps in retrieving multiple files at once
  • Assists in finding the files by name or the extensions


  • You can’t preview image files
  • Doesn’t let you know the condition of the deleted files

5. Tokiwa Data Recovery

Though very less know to people, Tokiwa Data Recovery also is a good option when it comes to the best HDD recover tool list. You can undelete many files simply by pressing the Shift/Ctrl key. You need to use this tool immediately after you find out the deletion of your files.


  • Very easy to use
  • Like the above tool, it is also portable and doesn’t require installation


  • You may find the program a little minimalist like there are less options or documentation
  • Only specific folders can be selected while working

6. PhotoRec

A yet another HDD recovery tool that carries a good reliability is PhotoRec. With this tool, you get good options from a wide range of data types to recover. Be it documents, photos or videos in your hard drive, it recovers anything with ease. For PhotoRec, file system doesn’t matter. It can help in restoring any kind of data from FAT, exFAT or any other file system.


  • Easily recovers partitions and files
  • Windows and Mac operating systems are equally supported
  • The tool gives you the function of adding custom formats as per your choice with the “Unformat” function.


  • A user may find this HDD recovery software more technical while using it
  • It is not available in GUI format

7. Undelete 360

As the name of this HDD recovery software suggests, this is the other way to undelete your files from hard disk drive. You get the opportunity to retrieve the data from internal disk as well as hard drives or SD cards via Undelete 360. Moreover, it enables you to recover the files that are of large size or the fiels that you have removed with the cut command.


  • Provides you great pool of search filters
  • File wiping function is also available
  • Completely free to use and works really at a good speed


  • JPEG images might not open as reported by users

8. Recover My Files

On the eighth, we have Recover My Files. As simple as the name is, the process is simple too. You can count this HDD data recovery software under one of the reliable ones. Being fairly compatible with Windows, the users can recover the files from hard drive, USB Zip drives, SD card, floppy disk and the like. The best part about this is it can help in recovering files from Recycle Bin, OS reinstallation, RAW partition or formatted disk.


  • It allows users to sort out their files by date
  • You can adjust items’ layout
  • Besides, this HDD data recovery software can assist you scanning the backup of a partition


  • You may find the interface of this HDD data recovery tool a little old-fashioned
  • The scanning may take hours, especially when you run it for complete hard drive

9. Disk Drill

Disk Drill is another trusted tool that does not want you to be tech pro to recover data from hard disk drive. With the help of this HDD data recovery software’s free version, you can recover up to 500MB of files. The tool supports Windows, Mac, iOS and even Android recovery.


  • Apart from data recovery, Disk Drill also offers features like backup drive and data protection
  • A wide range of file systems are supported
  • You can simply filter the size and data of the result
  • It brings out the files in categorized form


  • While scanning, you may feel the process a little exhausting as it is time consuming
  • Besides, setup process can be tricky

Part 3: Which Free Recovery Software Is The Best?

We offered you 10 HDD recovery tools that can help you at a data loss situation. We are not denying the fact that losing important files, be it in your PC, hard drive or even phone is a moment to not react upon. But, being calm in a problem solves half of it. Therefore, you need to be calm as well and put a light on the list. If you are still confused, we would like you to recommend Recoverit Data Recovery. Not just it helps in recovering data from Windows, but Mac comes in support as well. To get the best results, it is the one that carries enough power to be relied upon. We hope you liked this post. If yes, please update us with a feedback in the comment section. Thanks readers for your time!

Free Recover Data

Top Recovery Freeware
Top Recovery Solutions

Our personal and professional data stored in Mac, if lost, can cause serious financial & emotional damage. There are many scenarios which can lead to such data loss; some of them include accidental deletion, hard drive failure, etc. In order to prevent such mishaps, you need to regularly backup your Mac storage drive.

Having a backup of your data gives you peace of mind against sudden data loss and its consequences. Nevertheless, there can be many scenarios where you fail to keep a backup leading to permanent data loss. In such cases, only a professional Mac data recovery solution can help you recover your lost data

A data recovery software recovers lost files from any storage medium. The software scans the storage media and recovers your lost documents, PDFs, audio, video, emails, documents, etc. Let us look at the best free backup and data recovery software for Mac.

Free Backup Software for Mac

1. Time Machine

Time Machine backs all files, apps, music, photos, emails, and documents, etc. on your Mac. It is a built-in app on MacOS which when turned on, automatically backs up your Mac and performs hourly, daily, and weekly backups of your files in an external drive.


  1. Inbuilt feature on Mac systems
  2. Automatic backup feature
  3. Backup scheduling functionality



2. Stellar Drive Clone

Stellar Drive Clone can clone and create a disk image of your Mac hard drive, SSDs, partitions and external hard drives. This way, it allows you to take backup of all your important files and folders. You can use this clone of your hard drive as a backup to protect you against various data loss scenarios. The software can even clone encrypted hard drives and volumes and ensure backup of your most sensitive files.

It is one of the most comprehensive backup software, which supports multiple file systems and provides complete disk utility features, including resizing of drive volume. A complete list of features is listed below:

  1. Clones Mac HD, Recovery HD and local volumes to any other storage medium
  2. Supports multiple file systems, such as HFS, HFS+, FAT, and ex-FAT
  3. Creates snapshot of your hard drive surpassing any bad sectors and unused file space.
  4. Restores Mac HD or HFS volume to their original state
  5. Allows you to create a bootable disk image


Free to download – Evaluate features such as, Cloning, Imaging, Restore, etc.
Paid version: $39


3. Backblaze

Backblaze is a cloud backup solution provider which backs up your files in its secure servers. You also have the option to schedule backup and set an upload limit. If you need to restore these files later, you can easily download them from the Backblaze’s website.


  1. Keeps old and deleted files for 30 days
  2. Option to increase the backup limit for up to 1 year (with additional charge)
  3. Automatic backing up of all data
  4. Back-up scheduling feature
  5. Can locate your lost/stolen Mac

Free download. 15 days of free trial.
Paid versions: $6 (monthly), $60 (year), $100 (2 year)

4. DropBox

Dropbox is a secure storage platform which stores all your valuable info at one place. It offers flexible storage plans and is a global leader in sharing & storage systems. A cloud platform, The software allows faster access, storage, and retrieving of data. You can manage your files on the go and the files can be accessed from any device.


  1. Easy recovery of deleted files and restoration of previous file versions
  2. Can access any device
  3. File sharing
  4. Offline backup and recovery
  5. Third party integration with over 300,000 connected apps
  6. Remote wiping feature which allows you to wipe data from stolen/lost devices


Free download. 30 days Free Trial.
Paid versions: $12.50 per month (standard) and $20 per month (advanced)

Free Mac Data Recovery Software!

A data recovery software rescues your lost data in no backup scenario i.e. when you had failed to back your data. The list below demonstrates the top free Mac data recovery software.

1. Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition for Mac

Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition for Mac offers a free data recovery software for macOS, which recovers all types of files such as documents, folders, photos, videos, audio, etc. from all kinds of storage devices, such as Mac hard drives, external hard drives, memory cards, SSD drives, SD cards, etc. The software is designed to recover files from all loss scenarios.

The software scans your Mac systems, previews the lost files, and allows you to recover up to 1 GB of deleted data.


  1. Recover lost or deleted documents, photos, videos, audio, email & more
  2. Preview before you recover
  3. Intuitive interface, which is easy-to-use.
  4. Save up to 1GB of deleted data with the Free version.
  5. Offers Professional version for unlimited and advanced recovery

Free version offers scan, preview and recovery of up to 1GB of lost data.
Professional version: $79.99


Click on the button below to download the software for free.

Free disk recovery software mac

2. Disk Drill for Mac

Disk Drill is designed to recover files seamlessly on your Mac systems. The software comes with additional features, which enables you to also recover archived, hidden, and compressed, or encrypted files.


  1. Supports a wide range of file formats and systems on your Mac system.
  2. Additional tools such as diagnostics, cleanup, duplicate finder, etc are also offered.
  3. Offers multi-level scans
  4. Sleek user interface with a preview feature.


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Basic: Free
Pro: $89
Enterprise: $399

3. AnyRecover

AnyRecover is an advanced data recovery software, purpose-built to recover lost or deleted files from multiple data loss scenarios. The new version of the software also supports Mac Recovery with MacPE bootable media.


  1. Recover more than 1000+ file types on Mac with a single click
  2. Access multi-level scan features
  3. Recover from all loss scenarios such as emptied trash, corrupted device, partition error, etc.
  4. The tool supports APFS encrypted hard drive with password
  5. Get free technical support and lifetime free updates with the Pro plan.


Basic: Free
Pro: $49.95

4. PhotoRec

PhotoRec is a free data recovery tool, which recovers photos, files, videos and other files. The open-source tool also has a diagnostics feature, which scans the corrupted file and recommends if restoration is possible.


  1. Open Source software which is completely free
  2. The file diagnosis feature checks the device sector by sector.




In this blog, we looked at various free data backup and recovery software for Mac, which can protect your data against accidental loss, hardware/software crashes, virus attacks, etc. The first defense is backing up your data, so that you don’t lose your valuable info, even if there is fatal damage to your Mac device. In case of no backup, a data recovery software can come to your rescue by recovering your lost data from a variety of loss scenarios. Stellar Drive Clone and Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition for Mac are highly recommended products, which provide comprehensive and effective data backup and data storage services, respectively.

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